Monday, January 9, 2012

weekend wrapup.....

Yep, those kittens are pretty danged cute. They also had ear mites, so their ears looked a little slimy in the last picture. Both are pretty sweet - Caramel just purrs when mom picks him up (ok - it is more like "purrrr snort purrrr snort"). Mocha is getting better about being picked up - mom says she doesn't blame her for being a little hand shy right now but knows she will come around. For now, they are eating (though mom laughs cause she put out the gooshy fuds which they are ignoring but they are eating the dry stuff) and drinking. Not much else she can do for them except run the vaporizer a couple of times per day.
(oh - and to Admiral's mom - our mom was thinking about you last night when she was loving on Mocha....) 
Once they are feeling better, mom says they are going to get a b-a-t-h....yikes!!

Otherwise, nothing too exciting here this weekend. Mom bought some "calming" treats to try on us. Spud likes them, Tommy not so much. Figures.....

Mom also worked an adoption event on Sunday and 5 kitties went home. Now they need to "restock" the Petco tonight with new cats. 2 of the 5 were even a bonded pair - they were adopted after a week and a half in the store - mom said she was pretty amazed cause she was SURE it would take longer. And Cathie finally got to go home - her family had done the application a while ago but the pipes burst in their house and they are just now moving back in from a hotel. :) We are certainly glad to see all these kitties get their own homes - and that the adoption process at the new Petco is going so well....


  1. Hurray for the adoptions!

    And smooches to Caramel and Mocha, what dolls. ::Sigh::

  2. We just love hearing about kitties being adopted into great forever homes!

  3. Ooooh, the publicist does not like to see ear mites. Icky she says. Icky, icky icky.

    She is happy to hear about the adoptions. All kitties should have happy homes

  4. Hooray for the adoptions and I'm very happy that the bonded pair got to go together!

  5. Very happy to hear of the adoptions. Mocha looks like our Chica - hope they get well soon.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  6. What a successful adoption day! Congrats to all the kit-cats!
    Good luck to the kittens on getting a b-a-t-h today. Or good luck to your mom. Ha roo!
    My ear was all slimy from meds for a while there, too, when it got infected from wearing the cone of shame for so long. I hope the ear mites clear up fast!
    Play bows,

  7. Oh wow! Mocha and Caramel!! They are too gorgeous!! Awwwww!! Purrs and hugs to these two sweeties!

    Yay for the successful adoptions - that's always always brilliant to read about! Take care

  8. The tots look better today...we bet after a bath they are REALLY gonna fluff out! Good luck with that...

  9. Coolio that five kittens were adopted! High five!! Teehee.
    The kittens look adorable.Kisses to them-they are looking better! :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  10. Oh boy these kittens gotta get well soon while there's still a lot of adoptions going on around there!
    Ear mites... makes me shudder! At least they're usually easy to get rid of if you keep at it.
    Have to say, I love those names and I think those are two of the cutest little babies!

  11. It is so nice to read about the adoptions, especially when there is OTRB sad today.

  12. How nice that those kitties found a forever home.

  13. You should try and photo the upcoming bath incident. That will be something!!! Well done on the adoptions. Always does my heart good to hear that. x

  14. Mocha...well all of you but Mocha...tell Mommy I said thank you for remembering how much I want to give you smoochies and hold you and love you and keep you. xoxoxoxoxox


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