Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Mom has been saying that she was going to buy a cat tree. But, she was waiting to transform the other bedroom. Friday after work, she was getting groceries and saw a tree on sale at the grocery store. She didn't get it, but thought about it most of the night. So she left early on Saturday to get it and bring it back before driving the transport. Only by the time she got there, one of the two was gone and the other was broken (and not as stable as she would like). Drat....

Now she had plenty of time since she wouldn't be coming home. There was an Anderson's over there and she decided to stop. They have some pet stuff and she figured you never know. Well, they had one that was a decent height and not a bad price. It isn't quite what she wanted, but for now it seems to be working. She was going to put it in the spare bedroom but ended up moving her coffee table and leaving it in the living room.

She still plans to convert the spare bedroom into a foster fort and change some things around, but this was a spur of the moment thing....and seems to be working. :)

Not even that hard to put together

wow - and pretty tall (42")

Inspecting the finished tree

The mice are a big hit

But the box.....wow!!

Yep, Tommy approves of the box.....


  1. We give our paws up to both the tree and the box! Actually, we've not seen a tree like that around here and we really like it.

  2. That tree is soooo way cool! We love the hammock and the curved perches! Our little trees all have curved perches, which we find comforting and cradle like. The one perch we have with flat platforms, we never sleep on, just sit on sometimes...not designed for cats really. If the people who made them really thought about it...curves is better, hahameow!

  3. Hope you love your box, er, I mean tree...

  4. We like that tree - we'd never seen one the same as that before.
    The box of course is always a great toy and hiding place.
    WooHoo for boxes too!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. That sure is a cool tree, but yes, ya just gotta. love that box!

  6. Me and Charlie love your new tree - looks amazing!! But yay for the box!! What a bonus for you gorgeous kitties! Enjoy! Take care

  7. Meowza, we love your new tree.......and the box!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That is very special...Harry is helping (?) me type. The Farm cats agree that the box is always the best part.

  9. Yup, you have learned the lesson, if you see a nice cat tree, don't put off getting it. They are rarely there when you go back.. (I've lost out on a few that way)

    Although the tree you did get looks like fun!

  10. Wait a minute! Wait a minute!!! Cats grow on TREES?!?! Great. Now Zim's going to want to plant one in the garden!
    PS: Nothing personal toward you guys!

  11. That is a terrific tree for sure. When we buy stuff, we should just ask for the box. It would be so much cheaper.The box is always the hit part of anything. Have a super day. Loved your comment about the kitty that fell asleep upside down in a shoe.

  12. o that sure looks like a fun tree! The box is always the fun part : )

  13. It's two.. TWO! two toys in one! Box and tree! Whoo! Awesomeness!
    Love that tree, it's cool and looks like it doesnt take up tons of floor space! Good spur of the moment pick!

  14. Sisfur Abby LUVS her kitteh-tree. But it's not nearly as pretty as that one. In fact, mom says ours is kinda ugly and doesn't know why they can't make more attractive looking kitteh-furniture that doesn't cost a bazillion green papers.

    Anyways, we hopes your kittehs have a WHOLE LOTTA FUN on their new tree!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  15. That's an interesting looking tree... but I think the box looks even more fun!

  16. That's a cool cat tree!! Have fun with it...and that box too!!

  17. Tree, box AND mom all seem pretty terrific!

  18. I love the tree. Austin loves the box!!

  19. That is one coolio cat tree! We love it!

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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