Monday, January 2, 2012

Mom - you should really know better by now...

So, Friday night when she was at the shelter checking on George and Gigi, someone dropped off a big black cat. The cat lead person brought him into the front adoption room and mom noticed the collar and shelter tag. She asked what happened and the lead said someone had walked in, shoved the cat at a volunteer and left. Mom asked who the cat is and they said Smudge. Mom left after the kitts were adopted feeling a little heartbroken that her boy had shown back up with no explanation. She called her friend Miss DeLynn and emailed the cat caregiver as well.

Now, in mom's defense, she didn't check anything, she just took this persons word for the id of the cat. Though she told us later that her first instinct was that Garth the office cat had escaped his office.

Mom was back at the shelter Saturday evening to check on the black kitty boy. Miss DeLynn grabbed her as she came in the door.

Turns out the cat wasn't Smudge. But, Miss DeLynn called Smudge's house to check (he was adopted the Friday before Christmas and he is a bit dorky so we worry about him). Turns out his new mom thinks he is awesome, he was sitting in the middle of their living room and they LOVE him.  YEAH!!

OK - but then who is that other black cat??? They finally did what mom presumed the people did on Friday and, in hind sight, she should have done herself. They checked his tag number and microchip. It was in fact Falcon that was adopted this fall. So Miss DeLynn called his family and discovered that he had escaped Friday night when they opened the door to walk their dog. His mom came in to pick him up and our mom talked to her for a few minutes. They love Falcon but she is a little frustrated with the door jumping so mom suggested maybe an outdoor enclosure and harness/leash training him so he can actually go on walks WITH the dog. His mom loved the idea and said she would look into it.

So, Falcon was returned home, mom was reminded not to trust information without checking it first, and Smudge is doing great in his new home. We wanted to re-share the video mom took of him - we sure home Santa Paws brought him a fountain for Catmas.

This is how we spent our weekend - we hope you had a great one.

BTW - mom said that there is weirdness going on at work - which is where she reads lots of your blogs. She is going to try to keep up on our blogging and reading everyone, but her commenting may fall a little behind until things smooth over a little....never fear - we will still be here!!


  1. Oh wow!! What adventures!! But the best thing is that mum discovered that Smudge is loved and adored and that Falcon is equally loved and hopefully will enjoy walks with his woofie sibling soon! Yay!!

    Oh me and Charlie wish mum luck at work for checking the blogs. I comment mainly when at work too but mostly during break times but it's got so that I'm having to sneak in a comment or two when the boss ain't looking! LOL!

    p.s. it's my day off today so no worries! :-)

    Take care

  2. Happy New Year dear friends. Hoping 2012 brings you peace, health and joy in abundance. xx

  3. Work must come first....I am glad all the black cat issues have been sorted out.

  4. I'm glad to hear that everything was just an accident/misunderstanding and that both black cats are safely in their homes!

  5. *whew*
    We are glad it was all smoothed over, and that Smudge is happy in his new home.

  6. It's good to know that smudge is loved and that it wasn't him.

    I hope things will work out for Falcon. I constantly worry about my cats getting outside. It' hasn't happened yet and they will both be ten later this month. Guess I'm doing okay.

    If you have time stop by my blog we have chosen you for an award.

  7. Glad everything worked out. We look forward to hearing from you, but be careful - don't get in trouble!

  8. PHEW! Thank Cod everycat is in their proper houses!
    Work weirdness is the pits...maybe your Mom could do independently wealthy?
    ha ha ha.

  9. Have a big and awesome year!
    Auntie Marilia & Bavarescats

  10. oh man.....weird vibes at work for you too? They must be rampant! Dang. glad that the kitties were all accounted for too

  11. Wow! so glad the kitty is back in his home, with new information to help him, and that Smudge is still in his happy home! Every dorky kitty, every weirdness, has a perfect home. Look at my hyper, bouncy Leo, maybe not everyone would appreciate him, but we love love love him to death! I call him bouncy, someone else might call him dorky, everykitty has their fit!

  12. I'm just glad the kitty was lost and not unwanted! I hope Falcon's human takes their advice about the enclosure and/or walking.

  13. Well, wow! We're glad your mom did some detective work AND that Smudge is happy and loved in his new home. Also, a big YEA that Falcon was returned home! Have we said lately that your mom ROCKS?!?
    Play bows,

  14. Work wierdness is a hard thing to get around. I think we ALL understand..and some of us have been through it. :-)

    It is so heartbreaking thinking that someone can take an innocent animal and not do right by him or her. Woofie or kitty..any animal. It absolutely never fails to bring me to tears. But this turned out well thank heavens. Whew.


  15. The New Year always seems to bring out work weirdness...suffer through it, it is usually a temporary bump, and comment again when things are less crazy...we know you care.

    VERY happy the black kitty mixup turned out so well and no one was being returned and all are loved.


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