Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend wrap up...

THANK YOU for all the messages to mom yesterday. She is pretty frustrated by the whole thing. We know lots of you recommended a face to face meeting, but mom just isn't sure that is going to fix anything. This director lady seems to have her mind made up about she turned down the lead position and just plans to keep under the radar as much as possible. But we know the whole thing hurt her feelings and we cuddled with her to help her feel better.

She did have a transport on Sunday, but forgot to take pictures. It would have been pretty funny as she managed to get 4 medium airline crates in her Beetle!! She wasn't sure it was going to work at first - especially based on the sizes the sending rescue stated the crates were, but ends up the crates were a little smaller than stated. thank heaven....  and now 4 pups and one adult are safe in long term foster!!

The baking went....ok. Mom made oreo truffles suggested by Army of four. They turned out pretty well. But she also made 7 layer bars and isn't sure they turned out quite right - though she said they taste ok. :)

The foster monsters were out most of the weekend and up to no good. Last night Gigi didn't seem to be feeling well. She was much better for part of last week, but was moping about last night. And she is just still so bony. V-e-t appt on Thursday should hopefully tell us more....


  1. I am so sorry you are having all the troubles with the shelter. That kind of thing is why I love animals and not people. I want that kitten in front of the tunnel. Not really but that one is too cute.
    Take a deep breath and try to help the animals. Take care. Hopefully it will all pass.

  2. Please reconsider the neeting. It's an opportunity that was offered and that makes it easier. xoxo

  3. Purrs for Gigi...and your mom. Sometimes "flying under the radar" is the only way we can cope. Our mom's not good with confrontation, to be honest, so she gets that your mom wouldn't want to stir up the pot even more.

  4. Awwww please please please cuddle your mum for me and Charlie too! Awww we are so sorry she has to put up with silliness from her director! :-(

    We hope Gigi will get better too!! Take care

  5. Bummer about the shelter! I hope you will be able to clear the air with them as having it looming in the background isn't good for one's health :( Kitty cuddles can help though :)

  6. We just read your mom's post. it's really sad that bipeds have to be so snarky. We hope things get better; it's supposed to be about helping the animals, not a bunch of b.s. (Pardon my language.)
    We're glad your mom made the Oreo balls! Our mom said they're really yummy ... not that WE get any!
    Play bows to all!

  7. Whatever your Mom decides is the best for HER. However, Mommy says the next time she's back east she could stop in and flip a bird--whatever THAT means!

  8. Just hug a cat or a goat if you have one. Goat hugs are good

  9. Kisses and hugs!
    Marilia & Bavarescats

  10. Hugs and purrs! Hope everything with the shelter works out!

  11. Sending purrs and prayers your way! Sorry you're having such a hard time with all of that, and hope everything works out soon!

  12. We hope Gigi is OK, and puts a little meat on her bones.

    Sorry for your troubles with the rescue org, We have heard this kind of thing from volunteers with other groups, too. If there is an opportunity to put in a good word, and you feel it's right, step up. Otherwise, you're right to just stay under the radar and help the animals.

    Hugs, purrs, and lots of kitty cuddle,

    Laura and Taffy

  13. We're sorry things did not work out with the meeting. We are purring and praying that things get better, and that the air can be cleared.


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