Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Paws 2011

YEAH!!! We got our Secret Paws 2011 presents!!  We got our from Penny and Tippy - known as the Meow_Girls....BUT they aren't online with a blog!!!  Girls....if you are reading this - THANK YOU and get on the CB with us!!

We love the treats and the new toys. There were jingly balls and FEVVERS!!!  The kittens got in on the action as well...


  1. Oh wow!! What a fantastic Secret Paws package!! Awww enjoy your many treats and toys!!

    Take care

  2. WOW! Awesome!

    Happy Christmas dear friends ~ and a joyful and healthy new year to you all. xx

  3. what wonderful presents! we got a big laff from the second video :D Merry Christmas!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

    p.s. our mom wants Geoff! :)

  4. How exciting for all of you! You look like you had a very fun time. Maaa-y Christmas

  5. What a lot of fun presents! I am not familiar with this Secret Paws thing but hopefully by next year I will find out and can participate.

  6. Great presents! Lucky kitties!
    Love the videos, especially the kittens hopping in and out of that purple tube thing in the back of the second one!

  7. Wow what a great SP!!
    The Meow_Girls are great!

  8. Wow! You all scored big time!! Look at all those treats and other good stuffs!! Enjoy the loot!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Wow, what fun from Secret Paws! Excellent stuff! We wanted to wish all you kitties and your Mom Happy Holidays and many blessings in 2012! (PS: Kitties be on the lookout for Clooney Claus!)

  10. That was a great Secret Paws package - the Meow Girls really have great taste in toys! Loved the kitten video - they were so out of control at the end!

  11. Wat pawspme prezzies!!! Here's wishing you a furry Meowy Chrissymouse!!!

    *purrs & nosekisses*
    Slash & Bronzy

  12. Sweet videos! What a thoughtful thing to do :) Happy Christmas x

  13. Purrssss, to you kitties. We are glad you enjoyed your 2011 Secret Paws prezzies.

    We didn't know we had to have a blog to be in the Secret Paws. What is the CB? Is that a blogging group? We are on Twitter @Meow_Girls
    Penny & Tippy


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