Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Reports....

Baloo report: The vet isn't sure what is going on and we are hoping to hear more this morning. For now, he is at the vet so they can get fluids in him and everything. The problem with kittens this little is that they can go from good to ok to bad so very quickly and it is hard to get them back. So mom decided to leave him with the vet to give him the best chance possible. He was doing well last night and she is waiting to hear more this morning. One cute moment from yesterday - mom was letting Baloo wander around the exam room while they waited for the vet. He was walking around and would come over when mom called his name. He was about a foot from the door when it opened - he SHOT up in the air, spit very loudly and ran under the bench where mom was sitting. She couldn't help but laugh as she managed to get him back out and soothe him a little......   Mom did give him another bath on Sunday and got rid of the last of the fleas..... 

Gray kits report: Adoption events both Saturday and Sunday. Everyone thought they were cute, but no real interest. Someone did take an application and info on Kiari, but no word from them yet....we shall see. Another event on Saturday and then mom will probably take them to the adoption center to increase their chances of being adopted. :) There was a HUGE storm that blew through last night. The kits were playing and then there was a LOUD clap of thunder - they both shot under the sofa. 

adoption events are hard work

v-e-t report: Our vet came on Friday. Tim, Tom and Ivy were due for exams and vaccinations. Mom also weighed Maestro and he actually gained a little weight, so she isn't as worried about the old man. :)  Tim and Tom were OK about the whole thing. Ivy was her normal screaming self. Dr Taylor did ask if Ivy was sensitive on the back end....mom laughed and said only when you touch her without permission. Then Dr Taylor asked if Ivy has trouble jumping up on things or if jumping seems to hurt (the boys lost a few ounces and apparently gave them to their sister). Nope mom said, Ivy's only jumping difficulty is that she is short....  Dr Taylor laughed.

It has been nice here for a couple of days, but the weather guy says that winter is on the way......

But, our Christmas cactus has bloomed again. Grandma says hers doesn't bloom every year, but ours does. This is about the only plant mom hasn't killed. Though she does keep it at the top of the shelves to keep it away from us....


  1. Healing purrs and hugs for gorgeous Baloo!!

    And lots of best wishes for the kitties waiting to be adopted -fingers and paws crossed!

    Me and Charlie love your christmas cacti! Our blooms ever few years only - we wish it could bloom every year like yours!

    Take care

  2. I hope the little kitty continues to do well

  3. WEll at least Baloo is still alive. Those fleas really must have done a number on him. Hopefully you will get some of those other kittens adopted soon. Take care.

  4. Hopefully the little guy will pull through! It sounds as though he has a good chance now that he is under the constant care of a vet!
    Hopefully the other kittens will find homes soon :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  5. Oh sweet Baloo, we are purring hard for you!!!

  6. I am purring lots for Baloo - when kittens get sick, they need more purrs than bigger cats!

  7. Add up all the purrz from us too, sweet Baloo=^Y^=

  8. Our paws are crossed fer Baloo, and fer all the other kitties too.

  9. We are purring and praying hard for little Baloo! And we hope those other little ones find forever homes real soon.


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