Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lovely adoptable girl.....

Today we are going to pawticipate in Rescue Me Week!! (for more info, click on the tag on our sidebar)

Esmerelda is an adorable 2 year old torbie currently at CHA. She has been there since this summer and would love her own home. She is doing OK at the shelter but doesn't like it much and would do so much better in a home of her own (but then again, who wouldn't do better in a home of there own).
Here is what the shelter wrote about her:
Esmeralda is a lover through and through. She thrives on attention and loves to be pet. CurrentlyShe loves to have visitors come and spend time with her. She really likes to be softly talked to and always starts to purr when people talk to her and rub under her chin. Esmeralda likes to be held and cuddled. She loves cat treats and is very smart - She had a treat dispenser in her cage at the shelter that she quickly learned how to use. She would push it around her cage in order to get treats and would meow at staff when it was empty. Esmeralda likes to be held, but then she loves to be put down and to go off and explore. She gets along pretty well with other cats at the shelter and especially likes to roll around and play with kittens. She would make a great companion for another cat. Esmeralda loves visitors, so come see her today!


  1. Beautiful Esmeralda! Me and Charlie hope you find a good loving forever home asap! Yay! Take care

  2. Aw, purrs for this lovely girl to find her forever home SOON!

  3. What a cutie! We hope Esmeralda finds a home soon!

  4. She is a beauty...if there weren't already 4 Farm cats, 8 goats and 27 chickens.......

  5. I hope she finds a loving forever home! Bless!

  6. She is GAWJUSS! And I luvs her name - Esmerelda. It sounds like she's just bursting with luv and whoever adopts her sure is gonna be lucky. I wish I could adopt her so she could teach me that treat-trick. Heehee!

    Paws crossed that you finds your furever home soon, you luvly girl!

    Wiggles & Wags,


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