Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poor baby....

The kittens are doing very well. Still no idea what their names are - mom is going to see if she can find their paperwork tonight. :)

The brown tabby female has figured out the gate. Mom put up the big ex-pen as the gate and by Saturday afternoon, this tiny girl was up and over and out playing. If mom is in the bathroom, she will stay, but otherwise, she is out looking for attention. In fact, yesterday morning while mom was getting ready, Junior SHOT down the hallway.....with this tiny girl hot on his heels. Mom almost fell over laughing.

The biggest girl has had mom worried. She just hasn't been playful and outgoing and in fact was acting kind of "ouchy" when mom touched her. Then Sunday morning mom noticed a red spot on the top of her head. Mom checked it again Sunday afternoon and it POPPED!!! ewwwww  Mom ended up taking her into the shelter yesterday morning to get it looked at - they shaved a spot on the top of this girl's head and cleaned it out good. Appears to be a bite wound. Poor baby....
Oh, and mom walked in there on Saturday and couldn't find this girl either.....opened drawers, and almost panicked. And then she looked up.....

Yes...she is sleeping on top of the shower door.

And for some added cuteness:


  1. oh! what li'l punkins!! mommer is squee-ing fit to deafen us!!

  2. Our mom has joined the chorus with the Meowers from MO's mom. Those are some MIGHTY cute kit-cats!
    Play bows,

  3. They are SO cute! I love that she is on the shower door. Cats can find a comfortable spot in the weirdest places. :)

  4. Awww hope the girl kitty with the bite wound is healing now! awww poor thing!! These kitties are so so so so fluffy and adorable! Take care

  5. The tiny female was chasing Junior!? That must have been funny--he must be quite a bit bigger than her. I can see this is a feisty group that will keep your whole household on their toes!

  6. These little ones seem like imps! At least they keep you on your toes and laughing! Glad the ouchie is all cleaned out, she should be fine now, but we are still sending some White Dog healing energy to make sure.

  7. Own babies!!! Thans to help this sweet and little creatures!

  8. What adorable babies. Poor little one with the abscess, should feel better now that it's popped and with some antibiotics. Little door climber - how cute!

  9. Ouch. Was it an abscess? They are never fun. It's good little girl is on the mend.


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