Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally Friday.....

Another weekend.....maybe mom will crack the windows. She did the other night - it got cooler. Of course she then spent 30 minutes sneezing like mad. Can't win.....

If you live around Central Ohio, come visit Picnic With The Pups at CHA on Saturday evening. Food, beer, games and special adoption prices.

Mom is out today with grandma and the kid. 

Kitten updated: A very nice woman came in Tuesday and had been looking at Jimmy. She came back last night with her son (maybe 12?) and husband. They ended up taking Jimmy and another kitten named Linden. We talked about him being shy but I assured her that he will come around. The girls are back at CHA waiting for space - which should be available today. I met with those interested and I think one filled out an application on Grace, but the girl who had been looking at Audrey said she just can't afford it right now. Another in the group is in love with Bach who was fostered by my friend DeLynn.


  1. Hurrah for Jimmy and Linden...We hope they now have a wonderful forever home!

    We hope you have a great weekend--with lots of window whiffies!

  2. That's great that Jimmy was adopted with another kitten to keep him company and play games with.

  3. Yay for Jimmy and Linden! I hope they have a wonderful new life.

  4. HURRAH for adoptions!
    Mommy got your text late last night...she's been a working fool!

  5. YEA!!! I hope they'll be happy ever after!!!
    Windows open? We're in the triple digits with climbing humidity. And mom's popping Zyrtec like popcorn. (Well... not really, just one every 24 hours, but it's unlike her to take anything!)
    Play bows,

  6. Wonderful news about Linden and Jimmy!!! Here's to calmer weather! Take care

  7. Wonderful news about Jimmy and Linden; we are sure forever homes for the other kitties are coming shortly! Hoping the weather and allergens will cooperate with the idea of open windows. Have a great weekend. Wish we lived close enough to attend the Picnic with The Pups!

  8. Aww, Jimmy and Linden got adopted together? Thats awesome... two kitties are twice as good as one!


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