Friday, July 8, 2011

Facts on Friday....

(not bad for the cell camera - though the other pic of the other girls didn't come out)
All the girls came home OK last night. Everyone was pretty freaked out and hung over. :)  Mom put out some gooshy food and gave them some love. They recovered pretty quick cause they were playing with the jingly ball toys when we all went to bed last night.

And: Lucy actually came up to mom this morning and ASKED for love and attention. WOW!!! Mom gave her some and loves that she relaxed and purred. Mom put her down and Lucy yowled for more. :)

And before mom gets to her facts, she has to share this video from Pitter Pats of Babycats

So mom got to thinking about our fosters last night and thought she would share some stats with all of you:
    First foster group August 2006
    Total fosters: 94
         breakdown: 6 momma cats, 88 kittens
    Kitten numbers: 36 males, 52 females (and people wonder why there is a overpopulation problem - spay & neuter people!!!)

Names: groups of flowers twice (Ivy, Sage, Willow, etc), characters from books are popular (Talon, Bonzai, Scarlett), chinese food (Mooshu, Tofu, Hoisin), musical terms (Minuet & her brothers), nuts (Walnut & his sisters), spices (Chili, Curry, Nutmeg & Ginger), chickens (Malay, Sumtra, etc), alcohol drinks, states, mythical characters (Athena & Artemis, Merlin & Morgana), famous people (this group), cartoon characters (Taz, Bugs, Minnie/Mouse/Daisy), drinks (OJ & Cider)

We are comtemplating inventors for the next group - but it depends on what we get. :)

We hope you all have a relaxing weekend.


  1. I'm glad everyone did okay and I think inventor names would be cool! Have a great weekend!

  2. May you be greatly blessed for what you do for these homeless darlins'.

    How about Planets for a group...and the sun and moon could be included??????

    Then there are always the names of the cats from Andrew Lloyd Weber's broadway production of CATS....we think this would be really grand!!!!!!!!

    Again, thank you and we purr that you will be blessed for what you do for the homeless kitties. xxxxxxxx

  3. 94 fosters is a LOT of fosters! We agree, universal Blessings to you for doing this. And just think how many tens of thousands of unwanted kittens you've prevented by rescuing so many and of course ensuring they're spayed and neutered. Fabulous!

  4. What amazing stats!! Awww yay that all the girls are home and recuperating! Wonderful pics too!

    Take care

  5. You have certainly done a huge amount for foster kitties - thank you cos we were from a "house" that allowed "kitties free sex" and there were over 100 kittens at the same time as us - but fortunately we were rescued by the RSPCA, the adults were neutered and the kittens too.

  6. Inventors? There's some great names there...Edison, Tesla, Marie Curie...

    Jeanne, you are doing fabulous work, and we salute you, 13 tails straight up!

  7. So glad everything went well. White Dog healing energy that all are quickly back to normal. What an incredible track record...your family are heroes in our book!

  8. That is a whole lotta fosters! I tip my hat to you for doing such a wonderful thing for these kitties.

  9. Those are some awesome facts! Your mom is the BEST!!!

  10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done to help so many. Those stats say it all! Have a great weekend, friends!

  11. MeWowZa...when you write it all out like is impurrtant work and much good that you do! Have a loungy day!


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