Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crazy weekend....

So you can read about Zoe's adventure Friday night below to start off our weekend (Mom thinks that is Audrey in the background of the picture).

Saturday mom drove some puppies as part of a transport. Totally cute. They are all going to rescue - the little black and white is blind and going to Blind Dog Rescue.
She also was at Petsmart with Chiclet and left her there to hopefully speed up her adoption. Chiclet wasn't too happy - we had a big thunder storm that morning (remember we discovered she is afraid of thunder) and then a dog got in her face and then....you get the picture. When mom got her set up, Chiclet hissed at mom for the first time ever. Mom is feeling kind of guilty but knows this is going to help Chiclet get adopted faster - and she deserves a home of her own.

Sunday the blond child came over.  She is exhausting to watch.....she played with the kittens and then some with us.

kid & Grace

Monday was pretty slow. Mom picked up Josephine and Lucy from Miss Kelly's house. They and Grace & Audrey are scheduled to be spayed on Thursday. Of course, then there was that booming from the neighborhood Monday night (Tim was under the covers).

Josephine was re-vaccinated this morning. Zoe went along to be checked out. Mom hadn't noticed but apparently someone was doing surgery overnight and removed her staple. :)  However, she is healing up nicely and they decided to keep her and put her back in with Jimmy.
With all of that, we are exhausted and are taking the day to catch up on our sleep.


  1. it's good to chillax wif yer buds! hope you din't get TOO bombarded ofur the weekend; we dunno what's wif these beans that they gotta sellybrate wif BANGCRASHHISSSSSSSSBOOM!

  2. I am sure glad that Zoe is doing okay now. Poor Chiclet, but it will all workout, such a cutie!

  3. oh Chicklet darling..it'll be alright honey..just hold on.

  4. Poor Chiclet! That sounds kinda scary, but we know things will get better.

  5. Junior seems particularly exhausted from all this! It's nice that he's friends with the other cats, even if he's still shy with people.

  6. Me and Charlie are purring for sweet Chiclet!! We pray too that Chiclet finds a forever home asap!!!

    Take care

  7. Own!!!! Sweet post!!! Thanks for share with us!

  8. Wow! Exhausting times but you are accomplishing so much good stuff! Sending White Dog woos that Chiclet's forever family comes and gets her soon... she so deserves it! Thanks for transporting the pups, especially the blind guy, we support and love the work Blind Dog Rescue does.

  9. Of course we knew about Blind Cat Rescue, but we purred to know there was such a place for woofies, too!


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