Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend roundup

Holy moly - what a weekend....

Let's go back to Friday night. Mom planned to go to bed early since she knew she was going to have to get up early on Saturday for a transport. Anyhow, about 10:30pm she heard this kitten cry. She just listed and when she heard it again, she realized it was that "HELP" cry. So she got up to check and make sure someone in the bathroom hadn't gotten stuck. She checked and nothing was obvious. Then she checked the carrier....and there was only 2 kittens. uh oh....  She listened again and finally located the cry. Lucy had gotten out and was in the second bedroom - way back behind the bookcase. So mom had to move it and catch her to put her back.

Saturday morning she got up early and headed off to pick up Ruger. He was coming from a local humane society and on his way to Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue in Indiana. He was pretty good - but while he laid down in the car, he did bark/whine/howl part of the time and mom said he drooled - A LOT!!! He stuck his head between the front seats and when she put her arm up to block him, she got pretty damp.

After she dropped him off for the second half of the trip, she got a text from our friend Miss Kelly. She was at work and wondered if mom had plans for the weekend. Which is code for "I need a favor". MOL Anyhow, seems one of the employees where Kelly works caught a kitten under a propane tank in the morning and knew Kelly did rescue and brought the kitten inside. He was at that moment in their break room and Kelly was hoping mom would come pick him up. No problem....She brought him home and put him in a crate in the bedroom. He was kind of ticked off, but can you blame him? Come to find out, someone had seen him the day before under the hood of a car as well. He has now had a bath and Kelly says he is settling in and is much friendlier now. She is calling him Wally (she works as a pharmacist at Walgreens)

Mom then went to the kitten shower at the rescue. No kitten adoptions but 2 adults!!! And lots of donations....

Then home for a shower - mom said she smelled like stinky malamute. MOL

She spent some time working with the girls on Sunday, but we will give you their progress report tomorrow....


  1. Wow you are one VERY busy girl!!! Rutger looks very cute, but the drooling has got to go - LOL!!!

  2. Wow, what a weekend indeed!

    We're not much into dog drool, but at least he didn't barf or anything gross like that. Hahaha.

    Yep, and Wally doesn't look too happy in that photo--presume that's him in the litter box. LOL. Glad he's better now!

  3. Your Mom had a very busy weekend! We think Wally is very cute and probably will cheer up soon when he realizes he's safe!

  4. How are Annie and Oakley doing? Did they get spayed? Are they friendly enough to be adopted?

  5. Awwww lovely Ruger and adorable Wally!! Awwww your mum is such a star!! Yay for looking after these souls who would have been so lost otherwise!! Take care

  6. PS - yep, that is Wally in the box and then cleaned up. Kind of before and after. MOL

    Annie and Oakley were both spayed. We think we have caught most of the neighborhood cats. We don't see much of Oakley and while Annie is a little more friendly, she wouldn't be a good house cat - she likes where she is and she has shelters we have put up and she is fed and cared for. Both girls would be considered feral and it isn't fair to them to try to place them in homes.

  7. I am so glad to hear you say that about Annie and Oakley. I just don't approve of trying to make most feral cats stay inside. Some do all right though. Love that picture of Wally in the litter box. Can't wait to see pictures of the other kittens. One time I had some feral little tiny kittens in my bedroom and I went in to check on them and couldn't find them. They had squeezed behind the books in the book case.

  8. We loves us some Wally! He is a cutie. It's amazing where tiny kits can get to, Scouty and CC hid VERY well in their bedroom until they got too big to squeeze into the crack behind the armoire.


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