Tuesday, June 7, 2011

THANKS!!! (and more news)

Thanks for the info and feed back (especially from Alley Cats and Angels). Good to know that a little more time should help - Lucy has already made some progress in a couple of days. Mom likes the idea of a soft cube - she is going to look into that. Though the girls are fine with her reaching in the carrier.

Plus the girls in the bathroom - for now we will keep working with them. Though Wally may need some friends to avoid "single kitten syndrome" - you know, when single kittens start to think they are all that and can get away with everything (we don't get that much here cause Tommy sits on those - MOL).

Normally we don't post mid-day, but mom is kind of freaking out.....

See, she is trying to figure out how to help Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs in her current crisis (go read - it is amazing the work she is doing).

And then mom got an email from the neighbor lady helping with the TNR. Seems Annie (the girls' mom) has started eating at her house - and bringing her kittens (yes, you read that right - kittens with an S). Mom sent an email back asking for numbers, apparently she has seen 2 more.....  That Annie is a good mommy to keep that many going (especially with all the nasty weather we have had here). So we will move the trap and try to catch us some more kittens....  Hopefully one will be the calico mom saw before. Cause one more fluffy white kitten in the bathroom and it is going to look like we have been invaded by yetis!!


  1. Chrystal is amazing! But so are you, look at all you are doing too...thanks for being there!

  2. That is great that you got some good advice - that cube idea is a good one. Or they have those cat beds that are like igloos that could be good too.

    And oh, the kitties at Chrystals - I just cried when I read about them. I wish I could do something to help out (we are sending some stuff and a donation but I wish there were more - I wish we had more room at our house for someone). We adore Chrystal and her kitties are so sweet (we know from experience of course!) Though I have to say that those little white babies you have are super cute too.

    We are sending lost of purrs and prayers for you to be able to catch Annie and the kittens - hopefully that will be all of them.

  3. Hugs to Chrystal and to you for helping these sweet kitties!! You are all doing such fabulous work with them. Bless you all! Take care


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