Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mom continually wonders why we all sleep with one leg sticking out....can't give up all our secrets can we?

Kitten update:
Everyone is looking good. Momma is still pretty skinny. Mom thinks she is funny and has nicknamed her "swizzle stick". And then thought maybe call her Swizzle and name the kittens after candy....something to think about.  :) Mom gave her a can of Fancy Feast this morning - she just wants some calories in the girl.
Or not.....  MOL


  1. Oh yea, we all know why we have that paw out, but it's so simple they will never figure out why. Pretty Momma looks so very sweet!!!

  2. That arm sticking out always makes my mom come down and start that icky kissing thing!!!

    Mama is very pretty!

  3. Of course we have a paw out. Hope you can figure it out.
    What a cute idea to name the kittens after candy. What fun that will be. Which one is going to be Mint?? Keep us updated on the names. What fun. Tale care

  4. The mom thinks that perhaps the paw out lying/sleeping pose is to combine Yoga stretching with our favourit activity. We're not telling her one way or another.

    Naming the kittens after candy would be cute. Hmm, for some reason the mom has a craving for chocolate now....

    -Fuzzy Tales

  5. Yup, we have to keep some secrets from our mamas!!!!!!!!!

    We think Swizzle sounds like a really kool name!!!!!!! But then maybe the kittens should have names of drinks...Tequila, Martini, Daiquiri,
    Mai Tai, Macau, Mojito, Malibu (Breeze), Aphrodisiac, Brandy, Margarita, Calabatini, Paloma, Grenada, Firecracker, Sazerac, Flirtini,
    Mimosa, Bellini, Bambus, Sangria.....etc.

    The names would definitely be out of the norm....so maybe they would be remembered more??????

    We send you our love and purray that you will be greatly blessed for what you do for the homeless kitties. xxxxxxxx

  6. I always wondered about that arm too. Alex won't share either. Come on, one day someone has to crack!

  7. Awwww what fab pics of you gorgeous kitties with paws out!!! Yay!

    Me and Charlie hope Momma fattens up healthily asap too!! Take care

  8. Hi Kitties! We think it is smart not to let your mom know about the leg out sleeping thing. We do it too and our mom wonders too.

    And boy, we are so behind - we are excited about meeting Swizzle! We admit we are like the SAS crew and thought of drinks first - those could be some cute names, but candy could be good too (Tootsie Roll is the one that comes to mind for us).

  9. Mom is leaning toward Swizzle for the momma cat and drinks for the kittens. The list from the SAS crew was great - may all the M's. Mom is gonna study the kittens and let everyone know. Funny how you can be thinking about names and a nickname pops up and that is it (Chiclet got her name the same way).

  10. Sometimes me and Zim lay like that. I wonder if that's another reason Mom calls Siberians "the missing link between dogs and cats"?

  11. The synchronized out-stretched paw! hee hee!
    Swizzle gives a good stink eye :) We like the name too.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie
    pee ess: our mom loves the name Chiclet :) and may steal it if she ever takes in a small kitten again.

  12. Hi sweeties!!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  13. Hey, we hafta keep some secrets from the humans!!

  14. Mom and her babies could not be in a better place for now!

    Sometimes I sleep with both front paws stretched out, like Frankenstein.


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