Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday....

Mom plans to crash this weekend. She said something about feeling like she was run over by a bus. We looks for tire tracks and didn't see anything, so we aren't sure what she is talking about (though her voice sounds funny so maybe that is where is happened).

Sumatra and Phoenix did great yesterday and are back home with their siblings. Mom plans to take them to the adoption center tomorrow.  It will be sad to see them go, but they need homes of their own and that goes much better when people can see them in person.

Mom got pretty excited watching the TV lst night. Apparently those Spartan boys got it together and beat those Nittany Lions. Plus Draymond Green got his first triple double. Grandma was very excited - she likes Draymond a lot.  :)

Mom said she is just gonna hang around the house this weekend and try to catch up on some house things. Do you think that means the Dyson monster is coming out again??? Gonna have to plan our hiding spaces now....


  1. I sure will be purring for good things for Sumatra and Phoenix! Yep, I think that Dyson monster might be out, best go under the bed and protect the dust bunnies!

  2. the mom says she doesn't like the Nittany Lions either. They're cats so we should prolly like them. But the mom is a Pitt Panther so she says she can't like Nittany Lions. It's too 'afusing. We need a nap

  3. Busses can be sneaky...better keep an eye out, just in case.

  4. Awww....kitties, you look so comfy! But to be safe, I would start planning for a nice hiding spot in case the Dyson suck monster makes an appearance!

  5. Ohhh NO!! I have the Dyson monster here too!! We must band together to disable it!!

  6. Hey kit-cat pals! Wow. Our mom got run over by a bus, too. There must be a lot of that going around.
    Since you guys are cats, shouldn't you back the Nittany Lions? I mean ... they ARE cats! And I'm not just typing that because our mom is a Penn State alum. You know I live kitties!
    Play bows,

  7. Those pesky buses! We hope your mommy gets lots of rest this weekend.

    We're purring and praying that Sumatra an Phoenix find their forever homes real soon.

  8. Hope you got a little rest. I slept in and it felt wonderful.


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