Friday, December 17, 2010

Featured Friday...

Mom was debating what to post about today and then we reminded her about Miss Anna and Miss Italy at CHA that have been at the shelter for over a year now.  So, she is going to post about them...

  Anna is 3 years old and came to CHA in August 2009.  She can be a little standoffish, but after that long, can you blame her??  She does have her favorite people that she loves on.  We are sure a nice safe secure home would be just the thing to help her celebrate Christmas.

  Italy is almost 2 years old and is about to hit the one year mark of being at the shelter.  She lives in a open space room with Graco and Reba.  Italy is a nice quiet girl who enjoys a good ear scratching and loves to sit with people.  She is a big girl, but we bet running around her own home would get back her "girlish" figure.

Utah is doing very well after her surgery.  Like most kittens, mom is sure she doesn't even have a clue about what happened.  Mom did notice some swelling on the side of Carolina's face, so she has to contact the rescue this morning to see what they want to do about that.

We are going back out to adoption events this weekend.  Mom wasn't really happy with the kittens last weekend - they are big enough to get it now and when the carrier came out, they took off.  Mom spent at least 5 minutes trying to catch everyone and get them stuffed in the carrier...and then Utah popped back out and took off again.  The little girl is SLIPPERY!!!

Cross your paws we find us some homes for the kittens this weekend!


  1. What a gorgeous pair. We are sending big adoption purrs to them both.

    Our mum has been a terrible assistant lately, so we only just caught up with Bug's adoption news. How exciting! We loved the wee girl, she reminded us so much of our Lishy.

  2. We have our paws crossed for Anna and Italy, and for the kittens, too!

  3. We know there are purrfect homes out there for Anna and Italy! We hope they will find them!!

    And good luck to the kittens. We hope they will find homes too!

  4. What beautiful girls Anna and Italy are!!! We have our fingers and paws crossed that they find loving, safe homes soon.

  5. They are beautiful. We are purring and praying that Anna and Italy find their forever homes real soon.


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