Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chloe update

Unfortunately, her first adoption didn't work out so well. When she was returned, a spot opened up at Petsmart and I was able to take her up there.
In the meantime, I had emailed the family that adopted Minuet and Nocturne and let them know since they had asked about her.
Good news!! Chloe went home with her name family on Sunday. The neice of the woman who adopted Min & Noc went to Petsmart and saw Chloe and fell in love with her. She has two other adult cats and thinks it will be a good match. Plus I got to hear more about the adventures of the kids. Chloe seemed very relaxed with all of them and I am thrilled!

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  1. We're so happy Chloe has a furever home now! We know it will work out this time!


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