Monday, July 19, 2010

They are messing with me....

Those little foster kittens had this all planned out - I am convinced of it. They were due to be vaccinated on 7/17/10. I made the appointment on Thursday. Got home after walking dogs at the shelter and Pecan's green eye goop was back and all four kittens sneezed at least once in the next hour. I don't know how they know, but they did.

So, I had a plan. I took them in and mentioned to Debbie (our processing tech) about my fear of them breaking with URI (upper respiratory - kitty cold) while on the floor. Since the surgery schedule is a week or so out, I suggested putting them on the schedule for next week and then I would bring them back next Saturday. That was they would have the weekend to be adopted but not be on the floor so long that the stress would make them sick. She said it sounded good.

I grabbed Pecan and put her on the scale. And the plan went right out the window. See, surgery is based on weight in kittens. They have to be at least 2.25 pounds (I prefer to get them a little bigger if I can). Pecan now? 1.87 pounds. Pistachio? 2.17 pounds. So much for that. Hazel was big enough. Walnut was WAY big enough (2.7 pounds). As Debbie asked if I wanted to leave the boy, he sneezed on her. The vet was walking by, took a look at him and declared 14 days of antibiotics.

Yep - so much for that plan....

In other news, I discovered Chloe (the momma cat from the last group) was returned. They said she needed too much attention and was crying all night to go outside. Funny, I never had that problem. She is understandably upset by the change and let me know when I went to check on her yesterday. Fortunately, one of our cats living at Petsmart is being adopted tonight and I am going to take her up there to fill that spot.

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