Monday, July 26, 2010

Minuet & Nocturne update...

I also got a recent email from the family that adopted Minuet and Nocturne (yep - Noc will spend the rest of his life being tormented by his sister).

Thank you so much for the pictures, gifts, and background of Nocturne and Minuet. You did a wonderful job of socializing these two beautiful little darlings. I am very glad they were able to spend their first days and weeks with a loving, caring, foster mom. I was curious about whether or not you have a dog. We have an 8 year old german shepard, and minuet fell in love with him after a day of her observing him. She is all over him. He is not quite sure what to think of this yet, but she is gaining his trust everyday. For some reason both kittens have no fear or any qualms about cuddling with him. We are being careful though. He is a very big dog, and even though he is very kind by nature, we are being careful with that.

It meant a great deal to us that you sent are darlings off with a little background info., and we have never before adopted a pet at a shelter. It was quite a different experience for our family. We can not thank you enough for taking such good care of them. We are sending you some current pics of them at their new home. I am so glad there are people in the world that care about the welfare of these defensless animals. We promise to love and care for them all of their days.

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