Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poor momma cat....

Well, the kids went back to the shelter to be adopted this past weekend. Requiem, Minuet and Cadence stayed after their appointment. I took Treble and Nocturne home with me. They all made weight, but there was only one open cage. However, processing called Sunday morning to let me know another spot opened up, so I took the other two boys back Sunday morning. It is pretty quiet with no kittens in the house.

However, Chloe is the first momma cat I have had that still looks for her kittens. She was pretty good the first night. But Monday night I was passing Animal Planet on cable and stopped to watch. There was as tiny kitten that squeaked and Chloe's ear perked right up and she looked around. A few minutes later, the show came back to update on the cat and the kittens and Chloe got a little frantic looking for kittens. I wish I could explain to her that her kids are OK and she doesn't need to look for them.

Cadence has already been adopted. They were neutered and spayed yesterday, so he will go home today. Requiem has a hold and hopefully his new family will come in today for him. And I was told that a family had expressed some interest in Treble. YEAH!! I was concerned since there are so many kittens right now and these guys all look alike. I really think it makes a difference that I put up signs telling people about their personalities.

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