Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the doorstop

I know what you are thinking...how could something that cute be trouble?? I will explain:
First, Treble (in the green) ALMOST made it over the baby gate this morning. I have been putting it up to let Chloe run around for a few minutes as I get ready for work. The scrambling noise tipped me off - I looked over and 4 kittens in the bathroom and one in the hall. I showered with the bathroom door closed to make sure everyone stayed in.
But I will never understand why the doorstop in the bathroom is such an amazing toy. I mean, last night there were 5 kittens, one momma cat and at least 2 cat toys. What do I hear around 2:30am? The twanging of the doorstop. Which means there was a kitten jumping on it. I finally figured out the noise a few litters ago. And it seems every group eventually finds the door stop and feels the need to try to turn it into a toy.

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