Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday (3/20) and Sunday (3/21)

Saturday was all about the travel.

We connected through Cleveland. We stopped to get lunch and then headed to our gate. As we got there, the attendant asked if we were us. Yep. Apparently the plane was ready early and they had everyone on the plane but us. 25 MINUTES EARLY!! Which ended up getting us to Las Vegas about 30 minutes early.

Which ended up being good cause it took us 45 minutes to get the luggage and then I stood in line for over an hour to get the car.

We then got some dinner and headed for Kanab Utah. To get there, we headed north and then east. Through Arizona and then north into Utah. We passed through the town of Hurricane (pronounced Hurrikin - say it fast). Beyond this was the Hurricane Hill. Right - that was NOT a hill. They cut the road right through a mountain....with on room on either side of the freeway. I don't consider myself clostrophobic, but that was scary. I gripped the stearing wheel and drove 50 mph until we got out the other side. And then swore we were going back a different way!

Sunday we headed to Zion National Park. There is NO WAY to adequately describe this. It is about 45 minutes north of Kanab. At the first pull over at the park we got out to take pictures. What really got me after the sheer size and scope was the silence. There was NO sound....until the next car came around the corner.

We had lunch at the lodge, hit the gift shop and then drove to the end of that road and hiked the Narrows. About a 2 mile round trip hike. Then we came back and hiked the Emerald Pools Trail. I did the first part of it and Cathy went all the way around.

Back to Kanab where we had dinner at Nedra's Too.....awesome mexican!!

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