Thursday, March 18, 2010

vet visit....

I am lucky in that my vet comes to the house. She gets three of the cats in the fall and three in the spring. Mozart, Spud and Maestro were up last night.

Spud had to be caught (after running around the sofa and landing on Ivy several times). We tried to hold him but he ended up in the bathroom with the tech and the vet. Seems he settled down in there for them. He was vaccinated, microchipped and weighs 11 pounds, 10 ounces. I was amazed. That means he weighs more than Mozart and more than Ivy. She did put a mark on his chart - at least if he weighs a lot less next time we know this might have been wrong.

Mozart was being his charming self until he had to be caught. Then the squirming and complaining began. He was vaccinated too, declared healthy and weighs 9.15 pounds.

Maestro was up next. He has lost 2 pounds in the last year - not that he is skinny by any means, but being 15 yrs old, this isn't necessarily a good thing. So, rather than vaccinate him, she drew blood and we will see what is up with him - hopefully nothing more than being a little older.

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