Sunday, December 27, 2009

my favorite Tim & Tom story

Not long after their adoption was finalized, they decided to get into a bit of trouble.

I was lying in bed one night and heard a crash in the kitchen. I got up and as I walked down the hall I could hear something hit the floor, and then crunching. Hit the floor, crunching. I turned on the kitchen light to see Tim on the counter next to a bag of M&Ms that had been purchased for my sister in law. The bag had been ripped open and Tim was hitting M&Ms to the floor one at a time where Tommy was eating them. <> Fortunately, I know he didn't get that many, so I wasn't too worried even though it was chocolate.

However, about a week later, I hear a similar crash. This time I am a little slower to get up. I finally do and find my pill box on the all the pills spilled out. Tommy was crunching on something as I walked into the room. I picked up all the pills and put everything back in the appropriate boxes. Only one pill missing. A birth control pill. That's right - my 5 year old (at the time) 15 pound neutered male tomcat ate a birth control pill. Ugh....

I called my vet the next morning. I had to explain myself twice before she put me on hold. After almost 10 minutes, the receptionist came back on the line. "I spoke to each of the vets and they said he should be fine. If he starts acting funny, bring him in. Or if he starts wanted to shop or anything like that." Yep - like I hadn't been hearing that joke all morning at the office. :)

He was fine - and now I hide the pills futher up.

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