Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mo the mighty hunter

I was lying in bed last night reading when I heard Mozart. At first I thought he had gotten shut in a closet or something since his meow was muffled. (yes, his meow is so distinct that I know it is him) I listened and it got closer. I looked over and he appeared in the bedroom carrying a stuffed toy. I looked at him and he dropped it and meowed at me again. "Good boy Mo - you are the mighty toy killer." He jumped up and I scratched his ears for a little while before he took off for his next adventure.


  1. My cats who meow at me have very distinct meows, I almost always know who is talking.

    My Jack often finds "his fish" (a stuffed toy fishie) and cries the whole way bringing it to me. I often start praising him before he even reaches the room I'm in. Fleurp brings me belled balls, and Kit brings me mice - mostly so I will throw them so they can go fetch them.

  2. Clyde (One Who Came Before) used to carry a ball in his mouth and "yodel".

    All of the cats have distinctive sounds, so we can usually tell them apart without seeing who is making the sound.

    Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos


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