Friday, August 14, 2009

Aida & the girls

So I took in this mom and kittens from the humane society. They were part of a hoarding case and the mom needs some dental work that the shelter can't provide. So I "adopted" them and will find them all good homes when the kittens are big enough and mom has her dental.
Aida (mom) is about 18 months old. The kittens (from top to bottom) are Mouse, Daisy & Minnie. All dilute calicos like their mommie. Mouse is a scaredy cat but Minnie & Daisy are very outgoing and ready for action. Aida is shy but coming around to liking me. Being from a hoarding home, she is obviously undersocialized, but we are working on it. Once the girls are weaned, she will be spayed & get her dental - she will lose one tooth to a lesion and get the rest cleaned.
It is fun having them in the house. Aida, Tommy & Spud are hissy with each other, but we are working on it. Tommy and Spud are usually hissy with a new foster group, so I am not surprised. And Aida will need to learn to get along with everyone. Right now they are in the bathroom with my pen set up in front of the door - it gives them some air and extra space.

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