About Us

Volunteer, Rescue, Foster, Educate, Adopt

That really is the theme here.

If we have foster kittens, that is what we are talking about. When starting this blog, I decided that I was going to be perfectly honest about fostering. It is hard...and some days it sucks. But mostly it involves kittens, so there is a lot of cute going on around here.

But in addition to the fostering, I do other volunteer work with local rescue. From TNR, to education, to advocacy, I am in it for the long haul.

My favorite saying about rescue: I can't do EVERYTHING, but I can do SOMETHING.

Nicknames: the stalker, the orange menace, "hey knock that off"
Hobbies: stalking Ivy and Spud, avoiding the mom, playing with Daiquiri
male (neutered)short hair orange tabby.
born 5/20/10, gotcha 4/4/11

Nicknames: The Brat, Brat-towski, Daiq
Hobbies: fetch, chasing Junior, spying on the foster kittens
female (spayed) short hair brown.white tabby.
born 8/29/14, gotcha 12/19/14
(yes, we know this isn't a CURRENT picture, but dang she is cute)

Nicknames: Crash
Hobbies: chasing Daiquiri, chasing toys...you get the picture
female (spayed), short hair, black and white
born 3/28/17, gotcha 10/5/17

Nicknames: Bug, Miss Fish
Hobbies: chasing/stalking Chanel, bird tv
female (spayed), medium hair, black and white
born 5/5/18, gotcha 10/12/18

Nicknames: Boba Tea, Boba-saurus Rex
Hobbies: fetch, chasing everyone else, hiding under the covers
female (spayed), short hair, brown tabby with white
born  3/12/23, foster fail

Names: We have had people ask about names around here. Mom isn't so wild about people names. Plus groups of foster kittens must have themes - sometimes the mom cats go with the themes, some times not, but the kittens have themes.

Which leads to the obvious question: "what about Tim and Tom?". Well, those two came with their names and mom thought they had stuck and didn't change them.

Mozart was a foster with his brother Picasso.

Ivy was here with her mom Harmony and her sisters Iris, Daffodil, Rose and Lily.

Spud showed up one day, the name popped into mom's head when she needed something for his medical records (he was a very small round fuzzy blob at the time).

Junior needed a name on his medical records to be neutered...and it stuck. [anyone notice a theme here?]

Daiquiri was part of the drink kittens in the fall of 2014: Stoli, Sangria, Kahlua and Daiquiri.

Chanel was part of the design kitten litter: Armani, Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Versace

Goldfish: she was added to a foster group as she was trapped as a kitten, too small to release but pretty wild. I had just read a book where a characters nieces had named a pair of kittens and one was Goldfish. It made me laugh and it stuck.