Monday, February 19, 2018

weekend report

Well it snowed on Saturday, so mom ran errands and then stayed home. She did take Chanel out on Sunday and some kitten had a temper tantrum when it was time to leave and she wasn't done playing on the cat trees. She is so goofy.

Mom wanted to put the lid back on the Sleepypod but wasn't sure how that would go over. She spent a few minutes looking for a way to keep the top open but there are no loops or anything so she just left it unzipped.

It took a couple of days (as is becoming our new normal). However, as mom was working on the computer she looked over to see a black and white kitten climbing in (and of course mom couldn't get her hands on the camera). Yes....that white spot is a back foot.  MOL

Yep - she is comfy in there. Mom has also seen Daiquiri in there, so for now the top is staying on to get everyone used to it being that way.

Some great news: Fish was adopted on Friday (she was one of Panache's kittens). Mom actually thought she had been adopted but as the new database was updated, she realized Fish was still around. Due to her age she was out in the open adoption area and mom hadn't seen her. Her new family has 2 other house panthers as well, so she is in good company. Mom sent some baby pictures and Fish's new mom emailed back that she was fitting right in and relaxed. No news on a name change or not.


  1. Looks like the Sleepypod will be a hit!

    Congrats to Fish (okay, a name change would be nice--lol). We hope she lives a long and happy life in her forever home.

  2. Glad the sleepy pod is a hit with the top on it. Yay for fish finding a new home. That is such great news. You all have a super day.

  3. We are loving Chanel's tantrums. So funny.

  4. Chanel's need for time is rather endearing...and a bit infuriating, I'm sure! Being owned by a housepanther is so wonderful, and Fish's family must be a special place!

  5. Chanel looks pretty cozy in the Sleepypod. That’s going to be such a great home-away-from-home for her!

  6. Chanel looks purrfect in the purple Sleepypod! I love that she has kitten tantrums...too cute. (Sorry!)

    1. sure...all fun and games until you have to shove the cranky 8 pound cat back in the carrier :)

  7. Lucky day for "Fish"! Sleepy Pod looks like a fun thing to sleep in!

  8. Great news for Fish ! The SleepyPod seems to be very popular ! Purrs

  9. That is great news about Fish! I love playing on the cat trees at the pet store too - I'm a little old for temper tantrums though.

  10. Yay for the adoption! Love that sleepypod, looks so comfy!

  11. We haven’t figured out a way to keep the SleepyPod open either. The mom just leaves the whole top off so we can climb in whenever we want.


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