Tuesday, July 25, 2017

little kittens

Where does the time go? They were 5 weeks old last Friday. They are all active and have figured out the litter box (YAY). Mom hasn't seen them eating yet, but we suspect they may be. Panache doesn't care for dry but mom has started putting some out in a dish for the kittens to give them options. She has caught Panache nursing so that is still going on, though she has also gone into the bathroom and found Panache sleeping on the vanity to get away from the kittens. Mom also needs to weigh them but suspects this group will be a little older by the time they are ready for surgery. Panache isn't very big and heaven knows they came from a miserable place (OK - they hadn't been born yet, but their momma didn't get good care).

Foxy sure does seem judgy

Fish is the chicken of the family 
mom has found her hiding a few times

Mallard....is a girl
Yep - mom screwed up  MOL (though it explains the color on her face)

Mom isn't sure if or when they will move into the foster room. Right now the plan is for neuter surgery to be done tomorrow on some of the rat pack kittens, but Harlow and Rooney still have eye issues and Bacall decided to start sneezing again (argh). These ladies can't be in with the bigger kittens so it becomes an issue of who goes where. Right now this crew is small enough that they really are fine in the bathroom. Though Mallard has attempted to make a run for the door a few times.


  1. {sigh} ***IN LOVE WITH KITTENS*** {AGAIN}. They look so innocent ;)

  2. hay ewe wee onez....thiz soundz crazee... but litter box figurin out izza veree important step !!!!! N sum day, ewe mite even bee abe bull two cree ate yur veree own " art gal o ree " !! ♥♥

  3. Mallard is adorable, as are Fish and Foxy!
    HAhaha to Trout Talkin' Tabbies comment!

  4. Paws up for figuring out the litter box ! Purrs


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