Sunday, June 11, 2017

Just One Day

Just One Day was started as a way to bring shelters together to stop killing shelter animals - for just ONE day. More and more rescues are becoming no kill....the rescue we foster for is such a place. But not all shelters are - or have that luxury. We would love to see a day when no adoptable animal's life is at risk simply due to space. Awareness is the first step. According to their blog, as of June 1 there are 542 open admission shelters along with 776 no kill shelters already taking the pledge. Our rescue has.... has yours?? You can check their map.

Ironically, this year it happens to fall on the same weekend as a huge adoption event in our area. Fetch A Friend was started a few years ago to bring shelters and rescues together under one roof for a mega adoption event. These are being done more and more in communities across the country. It gives people the ability to come out to see adoptable animals - all in one place and without the stigma of being "in a shelter".

So, support a local shelter or rescue that is taking part in Just One Day. Or, if you are in the central Ohio area, come on down to the Lausche Building at the Ohio Fairgrounds today from 11am to 4pm.  


  1. Thank you for the reminder :) and I hope your adoption event is a wild success

  2. Paws crossed for a great adoption day! We were going to post about Just One Day a couple of weeks ago (so people could talk to their shelter in advance), but didn't get a chance to.

  3. We don't think our shelter has committed to this, but they have been so successful in finding animals homes that for as long as the mom has volunteered there (one year now), they have never had to make those terrible choices.

    We hope the adoption event went well.

  4. We sure hope Fetch a Friend was a huge success!

    PAWS is on the list as having taken the pledge.

  5. Surprisingly, and perhaps unfortunately, I had never heard of this day before. I had just seen it on Connie's blog. Hope there were lots of cats adopted at your local event.

  6. We love this concept!! And hope it catches on ... bigger each year.


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