Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not what we planned

Mom had planned to be part of wordless Wednesday and post a cute picture of Saffron. And then she was on facebook and read a couple of posts and had to find some tissues and decided to change today's post.

Some of you will remember in July for Blog the Change we told you about Best Friends and the Victory Dogs and Lucas.

Well, mom read yesterday that another Vicktory dog ran for the Bridge. You can read the blog post from Best Friends here.

picture from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

If you watched the show Dogtown on the National Geographic Channel, you would have seen Georgia. She was one of the older dogs rescued. She ended up being the face of these dogs at Best Friends - traveling with one of the trainers around the country letting people know how important it was to give them and other dogs from fighting cases a chance.

Two years ago Georgia passed her CGC and was adopted. So after everything she went through, she knew two wonderful years of being loved and living in a home of her own. While nothing could erase her past, we take solace in knowing that her last years were spent in complete opposition from where she came from.


  1. My human was very sad to hear this - she closely followed the fates of the Vicktory dogs.

  2. That is so sad but I will say that Best Friends does such a good job helping animals.

  3. That's so sad, but so thankful for the two wonderful years of knowing LOVE.
    Play bows,

  4. That's sad but we're so glad Georgia had a wonderful 2 years!

  5. What matters is how she ended her life, not how she began it.

    1. so very true....and that she can stand as an example of what can be gained by giving these dogs a second chance

  6. Patty's comment is wonderful, a good perspective. We're very glad her final two years were filled with love.

  7. Georgia.....ewe R and all ways will bee a beautiful girl XXXXXXXX

  8. The mom saw this too....we're glad Georgia's last years were spent being loved.

  9. Bless the folks who saw past her history into Georgia's heart and gave her a chance at a life filled with security, stability and love! May she now know peace.


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