Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things on Tuesday....

Check it out - the peep gots an award from Nerissa. We are supposed to tell something interesting about us. But, we think we will let mom take this one.....maybe tell them how you got started in rescue mom??

Let's see.....when I first moved back to O-hi-o from Texas, I wanted to get involved with a volunteer group. Get out of the house, meet new people. And I knew after spending my adult life with cats that animal work was what I wanted to do. So I checked around where we live and ended up at the humane society. I started as a "matchmaker" helping the public when they came in with questions and introductions to animals. From there I accidentally got started fostering (that started with Tim and Tom). I am no longer with that same group, but I continue to work with the public and continue to foster. Since then I have learned so much - about the plight of animals and medical issues and just plain weird stuff. People laugh when they discover I actually work in the legal field. :)

There are a couple of exciting things going on around the CB today as well:

It is KC's birthday today. She and her hu-mom do a lot of work for the CB keeping us all updated on the news. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

And....it is Jan's birthday as well. We are sure the Funny Farmers are going to do something special for her and we are sending very special wishes and meows as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. I think fostering *IS* a real job.. *shuffle foot* just not one on that is paid with green papers.. it is paid in kitten kisses..

    although I know whatcha mean. I got a job where people pay me money too..

  2. I like Connie's comment - kitten kisses are worth much more than green papers.

  3. it is funny: I TNR when needed, I volunteer and I foster... and nobody would belive me when i tell them i am an in-house-lawyer! I'd rather foster for living but the electric company and others won't accept kitten kisses (I love this comment, too!) as payment.. altough I don't know why... they are priceless!

  4. Hey... Dave's originally from Texas, too!
    You all inspired me to do a Toesday post today!
    Play bows,

  5. So good to hear from you. I've missed everyone. Thanks for the advise. Yeah food does wonders! Also my older male jude and my young male marley are helping me out. The girls won't nothing to do with them though. Tomorrow I will post some pics.

  6. so rumor has it that your looking at going to BlogPaws next year..

    *I* am looking to go to BlogPaws next year too..

  7. I love your kindness and love for all of the animals you help. And your blog makes me smile.

  8. Congratulations on your award! And we think it's awesome that you devote so much of yourself to foster kitties!

  9. And the rest, as they say, is history! We are glad for all of the kitties and pups whose lives were changed for the better because of your involvement in rescue in all of its facets!


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