Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review for Tuesday....

We got an email last week from an online pet food company. Now, we tend to buy from our local store - cause mom waits for it to go on sale (something about us eating her out of house and home). But, she was interested cause they offered her a coupon to use. And, never being one to pass up anything free, mom went to check it out.

Mr Chewy was very easy to view and to use. They just have food, treats and litter, but that is OK. The range of food was pretty impressive (at least for cats - mom didn't look at the dog food). There were only about 3 kinds of treats, but we could live with that. Ordering was easy - click and tell the amount. And the nice part was there was a running count at the top of every page with the number of things in your cart and your total - cause delivery is free over $49.00. Mom says she wishes she would have gotten an email with her purchase receipt rather than just having to save the last page of the order, but then we gots an email later that day with our order info telling us it had been shipped. So, if they continue to be able to ship the same day, that would be a good cover.

You can also set it up for a delivery on a set schedule (we like this part cause it would keep mom from looking in our food bin some mornings and saying bad werds when she realized the bin was empty). Plus, if you refer people to them, they make a donation to their partner charities: North Shore Animal League, Best Friends Animal Society and Bideawee.

Now, we don't think we would use the service - we live near a pretty big town, and like we said, mom waits for our foods to go on sale. But, if you can't get out regularly or live not near a big town, this would be a great idea. The prices mom saw are pretty comparative to the big box pet stores near us.

So, there it is - a good service. We did get the coupon, but this is still our opinion. And the coupon - we used it to send foods to Chrystal and the cats at Winnie's Wish. We think it is supposed to be delivered today, so don't tell her yet since we want it to be a surprise...... MOL


  1. That sounds like a great place. We got the same email and we are going to order the food with our coupon today. That was so nice of you to give yours to Chrystal. She really does need it. Great review. Hope you have some terrific holidays.

  2. Chrystal will be thrilled, you are so thoughtful!!!

  3. Sounds very cool. I will have to check it out for the Farm cats as they eat the publicist out of house and home and we certainly live far away from stores.

  4. That was super nice of you to use the coupon for Winnie's Wish. We will not tell!
    Happy Tuesday!
    ~ Bob

  5. That's so nice that you used your coupon for Winnie's Wish! I haven't had much luck with online cat food sites but this one seems pretty good.

  6. I bet Chrystal will be thrilled! Sounds like that may be a good plan for her if the prices are good since she lives so far away from.. well anything! lol
    God bless you for being so sweet!
    We know the biggest thing that would help her would be adoptions! So if you know anyone who wants a good kitty... Send them her way!
    (sorry to kidnap your comments for a plug for Chrystal, but somehow I dont think you'll mind too much lol)

  7. Wow...that sounds like a really neat place! Thank you for telling us abouts it. (And guess what? My mom says bad words too sometimes when she opens our bin.)

    That's very, very sweet of you to donates the coupon. I'm sure that it will be Most Appreciated!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. You all are VERY kind to share!

  9. That is very cool that you sent the food over to Chrystal!

  10. Oh we is so glad that you gave this to Chrystal! She needs every bit of help with all she does. Thank you for doing that for her.

  11. that was so cool of you to share :) We'll keep this place in mind if we need to order food on line.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  12. How nice to paw forward your coupon!

  13. That sounds wonderful for those who can especially use it.

    xoxo Mom Carole


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