Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Clementine and Tangerine

Sorry this is a little late going up - wanted to make sure they were both cleared to have surgery today before we started celebrating!!

Mom let the oranges out Friday evening and then again on Saturday for the weekend. Tangerine is a little more skittish than her brother, but they had a blast running around like nuts.

Clem may have runny eyes for a while. No matter what drugs he gets, they tend to run a bit. But his new mom and dad are aware of it and don't mind at all.

Tangerine is super sweet and we know she will come around once she is home and comfortable.

Good luck kittens!!! We are glad you and your mom were pulled from a kill shelter and were given a chance to grow up here and find your forever homes. They are being spayed and neutered today and mom will hand them off this evening.

And they should be easy to round up - they have already learned the sound of the canned food opening. :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mo's big adventure

Last week we had a big bug in the house. Mom couldn't manage to smack it and says we are pretty hopeless when it comes to bug catching.

She had read somewhere that if you open a door or window and turn off the inside lights and turn on an outside light, the bug will go out. Must have worked cause we haven't seen the bug since. After a while mom turned off the light and shut the door.

However, mom got up the next morning and there was no sign of Mozart. She fed everyone, shook the treat container.....nothing. But she had to go to work. No open windows or doors...he wasn't under the bed or anywhere she could check quickly.
Mom worried all day. What if he was sick? What if he was stuck somewhere? What if, what if?

Finally she got out of work (it was Friday so thankfully early). She came home, ran upstairs....and there was Mo - standing outside on the balcony.
In all fairness to mom, she did look out there before going to work. He must have been behind one of the plants when she looked outside. Fortunately, he was fine....though kind of clingy for a while.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Adopt A Less Adoptable

Every year Petfinder makes an effort to get the word out about those that SOME PEOPLE consider less adoptable. From seniors, to color of their fur (usually black but we think torties get a bad rap too), to physical differences, to FIV or FeLV.

Here is our grandparents' dog Izzo's story:

His previous family brought him into a shelter and just handed him off with no information or anything. He is a nice little dog...but tested heartworm positive. This is a time consuming and expensive thing to treat. Some shelters won't treat for it. Izzo got lucky and the shelter where he ended up put him in foster care and treated him for the heartworms. Once he was ready to go, he came back to the shelter.

As you can see from this picture, there were spots shaved on his back by hips due to the treatments. When our grandma and grandpa got to the shelter, they saw him and fell in love. However, when they went up to the adoption desk to ask about him, there was another couple asking about him. But the lady was asking about the missing patches of hair. As the adoption counselor explained, the lady said she didn't want any dog that had been sick and had missing hair. And thus Izzo came to live with our grandma and grandpa. See, for them, it wasn't about previous illness or hair that will grow back. It was about his sweet disposition and size. His furs have grown back and he is healthy...and will remain that way since they are being responsible and keeping him on preventative medication.

Lesson here: it shouldn't be about appearances....it should be about saving a life and adding joy to your family.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Remember Me Thursday

Sadly, we are not yet a no-kill nation. Animals die everyday in shelters....people don't spay and neuter, they buy rather than adopt, they have negative connotations regarding shelter animals....more reasons than we care to count. We know we are preaching to the choir here, but if we can impress on even one person that 3-4 million adoptable animals are killed every year just for lack of homes, then this makes a difference.

Remember Me Thursday is an event to put into the forefront of minds that this occurs every day around the world. Click on the link to light a candle on their website.

We talk about this all the time - adopt....foster....volunteer....spay/neuter....donate

Hopefully one day we won't need events like this, but until then we are joining in to remember those that don't have the chance to get a home of their own.

Help us spread the word.....  use the hashtag #LightForPets today on facebook and twitter to share