Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Texas kitten update

Well, we are hoping (knock on wood, cross your paws) nearing the end of the snot. It was pretty epic though. Bless those kittens - they stayed friendly and purry the entire time. The meds helped though they disliked the nebulizer (we think it is probably the noise).



Marfa apparently had other places to be that didn't involve the kitten room. And check out the behind in that last picture over by the food dish. Yep - Chanel has figured out there is kitten food in there and makes a run into the kitten room every time mom goes in. Which is hilarious considering now that they are feeling better, the Texas kittens run OUT of the kitten room every time mom goes in. Thankfully they come right back either for attention or for canned food.

We wish all of our US friends a Happy Thanksgiving. Mom decided not to travel again this year, so she will be around most of the weekend. However, she got a new laptop AND is working on the database for the rescue, so we doubt we will get as much attention as those two things. MOL

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

calendar review

This month we got a request to review a calendar from They are starting to have stuff for pet people on their website and wanted mom to take a look.

Disclaimer: we did receive the book and calendar at no charge, but that doesn't affect our review. All opinions expressed are our own (or mom's in this case). 

The Mom here....

I love me a good wall calendar. I hang it up in the entry to the kitchen and it helps keep me on track. Look - for me, if it isn't written down, it doesn't happen. So...payday, volunteer days, rescue events. Those are all on there. Plus...kittens arriving, vaccine dates, spay dates. The whole thing tracks what is going on in the house.

Of course, cute factors in as well and this one is adorable. The spaces are big enough that I can write in my notes and whatever and sturdy enough to hang on the wall. LOVE IT!

As a bonus, I also got a book with a similar theme. It is a small size and the pictures are adorable. I do love books like this - something cute to flip through and take your mind off of things.

So, next time you place your pet food order, get something for yourself.  

Monday, November 20, 2017


Seriously, could he get any cuter??

He is off to be neutered today and then will go up to the adoption center. He really has come out of his shell being loose in the house for the last couple of weeks. He and Chanel have a blast playing and he sleeps on the bed with mom. Some family is going to be very lucky to adopt him.