Friday, January 30, 2015

Random Friday

keeping it clean

Not much planned for this weekend....  Except the KITTEN BOWL and The Lucy Bowl commercial on Sunday!!  Woohoo!!!

Speaking of commercials - the Today show debuted the new Budweiser commercial with the puppy from last year.

Rescued the book written with stories by some of our blogging friends and edited by Summer's human comes sure to get your copy and support a rescue!!

Cattime did an article on the top 50 weird cat and dog names. We aren't on the list - thank heavens.  :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rescue adoption center things

older kittens hanging out in the kitten room

Some of the volunteers decided to add some vertical areas for the kittens and cats to hang out on.
shelves and stairs in the kitten room

the stairs lead up to a shelf on the far wall

another volunteer had her husband make shelves and hang them through the entire center

And check out this news from Colony Cats - the rescue we volunteer for:
Our adoption numbers for 2014 are 26% above the previous year of 2013.  Our 2014 adoptions were as follows:

327 Adult Cats (over 1 year) - this included 5 FIV positive cats and 6 cats over 10 years of age :)
151 Juvenile Cats (6 to 12 months)
496 Kittens (under 6 months)
 45 Adult Dogs (over 1 year)
 20 Puppies (under 12 mo)

Yep, those total over 1,000 adoptions....1,039 to be exact

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

D'Art the art cat

We heard that a local town has an art center and it's own office cat. We sent mom out to get more information.....
Meet D'Art. He lives at the Dublin Art Council.

The council is located in Dublin Ohio in a house built in 1941. It was a residence until the city purchased it in 1999 and the Arts Center opened to the public in 2002. It is located on riverfront property and is open free of charge to the public. They have displays and put on special programs.

those back two windows look into D'Art's office

Mom arranged to meet with Janet Cooper, the marketing and public relations manager. She was SO welcoming and took mom on a tour of the center before they settled in to talk about D'Art. Normally D'Art meets visitors at the front door and joins the tours, but apparently heard the pawparazzi was coming to see him, so he got out his nip cigar earlier in the day and was sleeping off a nip high when mom got there.

mom brought him a toy

D'Art has lived at the center for 5 years this coming February. 
They think he was about 4 years old when he moved him, making him about 9 years old now.

Janet had gotten a phone call from a friend that this big orange boy had been found on a farm and the barn cats were not being very nice. TD as he was called at the time needed somewhere else to call home. Janet went around to her co-workers hoping someone would be welcoming. To her joy and surprise, the executive director said to bring the cat to the arts center and make him their office cat. The director christened him D'Art and he is a permanent staff member, attending meetings and greeting visitors.

In an interview on WOSU, (click to see their video) a local public tv station, the executive director David Guion states that when people come in they are greeted and then asked if they are allergic to cats. But he also says that having D'Art at the center keeps it from being a stuffy art gallery and gives it that homey quality that welcomes everyone.

That being said, if people are allergic or have fears or if there are installations going on with the door being open, D'Art is shut in his office. Don't feel bad...he shares it with two co-workers and it used to the master bedroom of the house. He is living in luxury.

Janet said there really has been no down side to having D'Art on staff. There have been many upsides however: from comic relief to stress relief for staff and artists to greeting kids and helping give tours. D'Art makes sure everyone coming into the art center is welcomed. He is also sure to attend all staff and board meeting. He is given free rein of the first floor that houses the galleries and the second floor that was converted from bedrooms to office space. Janet said the only time recently that he was kept upstairs was when there was a glass exhibit and they wanted to make sure he was safe and nothing was accidentally knocked over. Did we mention he is a big boy - weighing in at over 18 pounds?

Janet mentioned that he was wonderful when he arrived. Her friend tramped through the snow to get him in a carrier then drove him along with herself and her child to Ohio to bring him to the center. He walked out of his carrier and made himself right at home.

D'Art seems to be an equal opportunity love for the staff, but he has a special routine with Christine who is their program manager and runs the front desk. He will come into her office and sit and stare at the water cooler until she fills a small cup for him and then holds it for him to drink from.

Speaking of artists, D'Art has been using the office iPad to create some art of his own and donates it to local animal charities to be used as fundraisers. And international photographer Richard Bailey did an exhibit at the center and spent some time photographing D'Art - and then sent the pictures in a book to the center. While they haven't notice D'Art inspiring many artists, they have noticed that he helps them set up and inspects the art once it is installed. He also makes sure to be present for the art camps that are put on in the summer for local school kids.

Mom expressed to Janet that she love the idea of having an office cat and that more places should get on board with the idea. Janet couldn't agree more. She said D'Art has been a joy to have around and they love him dearly. He had to have elbow surgery last fall and then spend time being crated to avoid jumping and she said that it was nerve wracking for all of them not to have him all over the building.

Overall, what a wonderful experience. D'Art got a new home. The arts center got a fuzzy welcoming committee. If you are in the area, we strongly suggest you stop over to see the art and meet D'Art.You can find them on facebook as well.

Monday, January 26, 2015

a new tree

 We got a mystery box the other day. Mom has seen an article on Hauspanther about a tree. Normally mom doesn't like spending a ton on trees, but she has been trying to get new things and after doing some math about putting up other shelves, this made some sense to her.

 It was pretty easy to put together. It comes with an allen wrench so you don't need any tools either. It took a little time (maybe over an hour or so) but it doesn't have a deep foot print.

And here is the other pretty great part. It tensions to the screwing to the wall or the ceiling or anything else. 

Got the shelves on. Mom says the only thing she really wishes is that the covers on the shelves were removable. These covers are glued on and won't come off, so it could be a little harder to clean. And there are no other options - leopard print it is.

So far there have been some cats checking it out. Mom moved the other cat tree into the back bedroom. She needs to move some things out of there and wants to create a "super highway" back there that includes the tree to give us, especially Spud, a way to get up and around the room off the floor. But that is a project for another weekend.

Though mom says this plan may have backfired....Daiquiri has taken to sleeping on the tree in the other room.  MOL  This is pretty sturdy. Mom has had to tighten the screws at the top, but she doesn't think she had it quite right the first time. Sunday morning Tim and Tom were both on it so it is pretty sturdy too. We give it 4 paws up.