Monday, July 24, 2017

weekend report

Yep. Miss Millie was adopted on Sunday afternoon. She will be living with a mom and her two daughters. They bought trees and toys and dishes and brushes and a nice carrier for her.

And....they adopted another cat from the rescue who was also at the store. So she will get a new home and a new older brother named Calvin all at the same time. Best wishes to our girl and Calvin.

Mom did talk to the adopter this morning. They are new cat owners and both cats are a little growly as they figure out their new environment and another cat. Mom did tell her that if something bad was going to happen it would have and they are just trying to figure things out. Keep your paws crossed.

As we mentioned, Romero gets his stitches out on Wednesday. His brothers Flynn and Bogart will go along and be neutered that day as well. Romero went with mom to an adoption event on Sunday and got to spend some time on her lap with the cone off. He got a good ear scratching and gave himself a nice long bath.



Friday, July 21, 2017

Random Fridays

There have been requests for a Romero update: he is doing well and while he is VERY bored in the crate, he is behaving for the most part. His eye was leaking a little bit last weekend and was swollen but that has cleared up as well. He has to wear the cone and be restricted for his own protection - even if he wouldn't actively try to mess with his eye, he could accidentally scratch it and pull out stitches and then we are right back where we started. He is managing to play some with the toys in his crate, though between figuring out his new vision limitations and wearing the cone, his accuracy leaves something to be desired (though he is fun to watch).

Mallard is being hilarious. He loves to wander over when mom is in the bathroom with them and just stare at her. Mom says she is beginning to get a complex. They are 5 weeks old today and have started showing some interest in the food Panache is eating. Mallard walked over the other day to her dish, sniffed it, back up, came up and sniffed again, put on his stranger danger suit and walked away. Of course mom didn't have her camera, but she laughed at him. Their teeth are starting to come in so Panache will more than likely start encouraging them to eat on their own more.

Chanel really is headed up to the adoption center today. Hopefully she will find her forever family over the weekend.

Romero gets his stitches out next Wednesday and there will be 2 boys going with him to the clinic to be neutered.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Panache update

Holy moly can that girl eat!!! She is putting away between 3-4 5 ounces cans per day. Mom tells her at this rate, once those kittens start eating on their own, Panache is going to have to get a job. MOL

Foxy (with her foot on her sister), Fish and Mallard

Panache still one one runny eye, but is doing VERY well. She is also very curious about life outside the bathroom but seems respectful of any cat she happens to see when the door opens. The kittens are also growing like mad. Weight wise they are about a week behind based on their age (estimates that kittens gain about a pound a month and they will be 5 weeks tomorrow).
Foxy and her momma - judging you

Ignore the cat litter all over. If there was a gold medal for kicking cat litter ALL OVER THE PLACE, Panache would win, paws down.

Mom noticed the other day when she was holding Mallard that his has a white stripe around his middle - almost like a belt.