Tuesday, June 27, 2017

an adventure

Since the adoption of Cupcake (aka Dior) was being kept under wraps, mom couldn't tell you about the other fun things she did with Miss Julie while the kitten was being delivered.

Thursday afternoon they went to the Orlando Cat Cafe and got to hang out with the adoptable cats there. It is a VERY nice set up and while mom couldn't get too many cats to give her any love, it was nice to see them in a "home" setting.

that door leads to a back room where there
are litter boxes and they can be away from the public

mom can't remember this cat's name, but he was very sweet

On Friday night they went to see the Acro Cats and the Rock Cats. If you ever get a chance to go, mom recommends it. Samantha Martin and her helpers do such a great job of showing what you can do working with cats to keep them social and using their brains. Do all the "tricks" work all of the time? No, but it is still fun. This time they still had a foster kitten with them that was adoptable and already learning some tricks. She wobbled on one of the jumps and the lady next to mom let out this scream....has she never been around cats? sheesh.... It was all good - the kitten stuck the landing and no cats freaked out due to screams. MOL

Pudge is a "pet me" cat at the end of the show. 
Everything is under purple lights, so the gray cat appears purple. MOL

Jax on a skull
Yep - he is a one trick wonder 
(other than wandering through the crowd)

Mom and Miss Julie spoke at length about keeping up with Cupcake's social skills. The goal is to keep taking her places and expose her to different things. Cupcake was wonderful the couple of times they took her out while mom was there and Miss Julie is going to try to keep up with it and keep taking Cupcake on adventures. On Saturday before mom left to come home, they stopped at a couple of pet stores (to find Cupcake a harness - though that wasn't all they bought) and then saw the Ben and Jerry's ice cream store in the same strip. So of course there had to be ice cream. Cupcake sat on the table and watched people go by and chattered at the birds. Be sure to follow Sometimes Cats Herd You on facebook to watch her continued adventures. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

weekend report

Holy cats it was nice this weekend. It was in the 70s (F) and mom opened the windows and sliding door. Fortunately the kittens behaved and only climbed the screen a couple of times before deciding to find other things to entertain themselves.

The rat pack kittens and Chanel are all still pretty snotty and just not feeling great. Some are bouncing back faster than others, but it is slow going for the moment.

Panache is doing well and is being a great mom. She isn't overly in-your-face friendly, but she doesn't mind affection from mom and loves the petting. The kittens continue to grow and do very well - they were a week old on Friday.
little girl loves her momma

check it out - an eyeball

these are mine

Mom did invest in some light weight collars for the smaller kittens. Plus there is now a chart in the foster room. (the kitten on the far left is Chanel)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cat World Domination Day

large Cat World Domination Day graphic
Summer at Sparkle Cat is once again leading the charge for Cat World Domination Day.

We would like to participate, but it is HOT here and we just can't seem to get motivated.....