Thursday, July 28, 2016

throwback Thursday

There are some things going on with the tree kittens that we will talk about tomorrow, but it got mom thinking about an Ivy story that makes her laugh (it shouldn't but it does). After some checking, she realized she never shared it on the blog (since Ivy was adopted before we started this), so for today's post, we are telling on the princess....
Ivy is the one in the middle

Ivy came to our house as a foster kitten with her sisters and her mom. When they were ready to go back to be adopted, mom decided (for reasons she still couldn't explain to you) to bring Ivy back home and make her a permanent resident. (this is when mom was still with the humane society....way back when)

When Ivy got to be about 6 months old, mom noticed a bump on her abdomen that was squishy. She asked the vet at the humane society to check it out and they decided it was an abdominal hernia - her internal spay site must have come open. So they agreed to do the hernia surgery and fix it since they had done her spay.

Mom dropped Ivy off one morning and then came that evening to check on her. As the story was retold, the vet students interning there tried to check her prior to surgery and came back out saying they couldn't touch her. Seems she then had to be caught in a net to be knocked out as she was one angry torbie. (and bear in mind that she was about half the size she is now....)

When mom stopped to check on her, Ivy was in the back of the cage, hissing, growling and all sorts of ticked off. Everyone agreed to just leave her for 24 hours and mom would return the next day to pick her up and take her home.

Day two mom stopped back after work and Ivy was still in the back of the cage cursing at anyone who came too close. Except mom had to get her to take her home..... what to do???

Mom screwed up her courage, tucked her fingers into her hand and stuck her fist in the cage for Ivy to smell. Sniff....sniff sniff..... And mom swears you could see something click on in Ivy's head....she climbed up mom's arm and perched on her shoulder (she was obviously MUCH small then - MOL). The other two people standing there - including the vet - were shocked. But Ivy knew her momma.....  Mom grabbed her quick and put her in the carrier before she could change her mind about being held.
don't even THINK about scritching that belly

And too this day, Ivy is NOT a happy girl about getting her nails done or going to the vet or any other such nonsense.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

patriot kittens

Last Thursday mom stopped at the adoption center to get some things and saw a pair of cuties that needed to go into foster. Since the boys were going for surgery on Friday and the girls were planned to go this week, mom said she would take the little ones. A lady had found them and said she would foster them for the rescue, but called back after 24 hours and requested that she be able to bring them in to the rescue. They tested negative and have had their first shots. They are a little jumpy and hissy but we suspect they will get over that pretty quick.

Mom set up the tower in the living room and that is where the new girls are staying. The lady who found them named them Liberty (brown tabby) and Freedom (brown and white tabby). Mom couldn't come up with a good hashtag for instagram and facebook, so she asked other bloggers for suggestions and Miss Jenny from As the World Purrs suggested the patriot kittens.
Daiquiri isn't too sure about the newcomers


check out Daiquiri in the gingerbread house
she thinks no one sees her in there

Liberty and Freedom

For now they are going to stay in the tower. They are pretty little and they don't like being caught, so this gives mom a better chance to get her hands on them.

However, with Cedar being adopted and Sumac and Hemlock staying at the adoption center after being spayed yesterday, mom is thinking maybe rolling the tower into the foster room.

Oh and speaking of the foster room, mom checked the camera a few times yesterday and didn't see any kittens. She knows Alder can get OVER the doors (yep - up, onto a shelf, onto a chair and then out). She didn't think Birch or Juniper could do it, but apparently everyone has made a break for freedom. Ugh....
    **edit - as of this morning, if you check the webcam, the door to the foster room is actually propped open. The patriot kittens are still in the tower, but as mom was leaving for work Juniper got stuck on the top of the doors and Birch was howling and it just seemed an easier (and safer) solution to leave the doors open. Keep an eye out - you may catch a permanent resident on camera. MOL