Friday, September 30, 2016

Random Fridays

Well, the little kittens seem to all be doing well. Mom is weighing them every couple of days and while Russell is still the reigning heavy weight champion (OF THE WORLD - so he would like you to believe), everyone else is steadily putting on weight and looks good. Monroe crossed the one pound mark and the brandy kittens aren't too far behind. Now if the girls will just get big enough that mom can put collars on them so she can tell them apart....they are even just close enough in size that there is no help there.
Monroe and the girls

Wheat and Saldano are still doing well. Saldano is so active and playful that it is hard to get a good picture of her. We actually have an application on Wheat, so once she makes weight and gets spayed, she will be going home with a retired couple that have another cat.
Saldano loves that tunnel.....she even naps in it

Liberty and Freedom continue to be snotty. The rescue has their big fundraiser/garden party on Sunday so next week once things settle back down, mom will talk to the head of the rescue about meds and spays and all that other stuff. Liberty still cringes when mom tries to hold her, but Freedom is a little bit better - she even came up to the bars the other morning and sniffed mom's finger. Mom thinks it helps that while she will still pick their noses, she has stopped medicating them and they are beginning to understand that being picked up doesn't always mean something bad tasting.

Liberty would like you to know she is still suspicious of that foster lady

We hope you have a nice and safe weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

chewy review #Influencer

We part of the Blogger Influencer Group. While we got the food for review for free, that does not influence our opinions. All opinions herein are our own.

This month mom wanted to try something different, so when she saw that there was something from Stella and Chewy's, she jumped at the chance to for us to try it.

However, she neglected to read about the product first. bad mom.....

We have tried freeze dried foods before that need to be rehydrated. And no one liked the first attempt a couple of years ago. Mom realized what she had done after she opened the box and thought - let's give it another try. was a bust. The brandy kittens and Monroe and Russell got first shot at this....even mixed with lots of KMR, they wouldn't touch it. Mom then mixed some for us and nope....not a chance. Mom isn't sure if it is texture or taste or what, but there was some sniffing and everyone walked away.

Don't get us wrong...we think this is a great option for those who are looking to feed a raw diet and this come freeze dried so you just have to rehydrate (directions on the package)....but no one here seems to want to give this type of food the time of day (the other we tried was a different brand, so it must be something about the texture).

Nice try mom....maybe next time.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

not so wordless Wednesday

Both Tommy and Daiquiri like to get up and sit on top of the tower. Not sure if they like it because it is high or because it drives the patriot girls NUTS! Maybe the driving the kittens nuts part is just a bonus....who knows. As you can see, the girls know someone is up there and are trying to get Tommy's attention.