Tuesday, September 27, 2016

keeping us on our toes

Mom took the little ones to the v-e-t on Friday just for a general check up since they are so small for their age. The v-e-t was busy (they squeezed us in) so we didn't get a whole lot of time (though one of the girls was cat-napped and carried around by a tech in her pocket for a few minutes) but the general consensus was keep on eye on them, make sure they are eating and bring them back if something pops up.

Marilyn is becoming less interested in nursing, so it became a little more imperative over the weekend to get the monkeys to eat something else. In fact, she has discovered she can get up on the vanity in the bathroom, so she does have a spot to escape. haha

The kittens are eating the kibble left out, but the brandy kittens are so tiny that the concern is how much are they actually eating. Mom tried several different kinds of canned food and FINALLY found one they will eat. It isn't her first choice, but hey....they are eating and they love the stuff (the girls growl at each other). So mom decided going for calories over content for the moment. MOL

snackin' time

(mom still can't tell the girls apart)

(says Monroe)

(says one of the girls)

Russell likes to throw his weight around which makes the girls scream. Of course, they tend to give as good as they get, but since he outweighs them (by about twice), mom tries to get him to back off.

The hope was to move them into the actual foster space, but until they are 100% with the litter box, mom is leaving them in the bathroom. That being said, she had to turn the lights on around 2am the other night as someone made an escape when she tried to get in there.

They are certainly bright and active and playful, so for now mom is just continuing to do what she is doing and we will see what that gets us.

Monday, September 26, 2016

weekend report


he's getting excited....space heater season is coming

Quick update: mom's football team lost, it was still hot on Sunday but it supposed to be much nicer starting today so mom left the window's cracked. Liberty and Freedom were supposed to go with mom to an adoption event on Sunday but are once again VERY snotty. Russell was being a bit of a bully on Sunday morning however, so mom took him along to give everyone a break....he freaked out a little bit in the new environment then took a nap. Everyone is doing well and mom thinks she has found a canned food that the little kittens will eat (YAY!).

Friday, September 23, 2016

random friday

It has been a long week. The brandy kittens were not feeling well over the weekend so mom has spent a lot of time awake and being worried. Chambord (who is the smaller of the girls) was doing pretty badly and while we aren't out of the woods just yet, she is eating and nursing. They have all lost some weight and are on an antibiotic to help with their guts. Please send them some positive energy if you can. Oh...and if they could learn to eat canned food, that would be great too....

Marilyn did finally growl at Daiquiri the other night. Daiq went over the gate and all 3 brandy kittens freaked out. We think what set off Marilyn was the HOWL that one of the girls let loose at Daiquiri. Daiq, along with Ivy and Tommy who weren't even involved, all came slinking down the hall looking pretty guilty before mom could get back there to check on everyone.

We won a blogoversary prize from the ladies at Sweet Purrfections. Mom FINALLY got everything out and put this bed in one of our favorites spots. It has been pretty popular and there is usually someone sleeping on it.

We still only have one board up on the doors in the foster room (don't get mom started). However, she wanted to do something to break up the stark whiteness of it. She asked around, got some suggestions, and found Wordy Bird Studios and ordered the decal above. It is vinyl and sticks right to the panel on the door. Pretty easy to put on and is 24" by 24". The green bird is their logo and a test but mom thought it was cute and left it.

Once the other panels are up and the camera is back online (technical issues still), we are going to see how it looks. Mom is thinking something else on the panel to the right (the panel to the left can't be seen on camera and is half covered by storage). And she is also thinking about maybe getting our blog url and that of the rescue made up to put on the doors too....you can never have enough advertising to get kittens adopted. :)

Mom says she doesn't care what the calendar says about fall....we still got the hots here and we want them to GO AWAY!