Friday, February 16, 2018

Random Fridays

Still too early for kitten season here. However, if you need a fix, visit some of our friends on facebook: Fellmeth's Fosters who have a tortie mom with 2 orange kitten boys and Cathy's Foster Kitties who is currently raising a tiny bottle baby.

No really hot plans for the weekend. It is supposed to be nice on maybe open windows? If not then, the computer said it could get up to 60 degrees on Monday so hopefully mom will open one a little before she leaves for work.

It was nice here on Thursday too and as mom was leaving for work, she saw Allie pouncing on this bush. No idea what was in there, but it does make mom smile to see Allie out and about. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

well, we did it

Well, it happened. If you follow Cats Going Places (and you should), you would have seen the article mom wrote about to get a stroller or not.

After much thinking and crowd sourcing, she decided to go ahead and do it. The biggest factor for her was safety - she wants some way to continue to take Chanel out in public but keep her safe.

After much deliberation, mom sucked it up and ordered one. It arrived and mom put the wheels on and it was ready to go.

For now it is sitting up in the living room where some weird tuxedo kitten can get used to it. As you can see, she has been checking it out at her own pace.

No - not THIS cat. Daiquiri wouldn't go out in that thing for all the cat treats in the world. However, she does like to jump up there and snooze. She was the first to check it out.

Finally a certain kitten managed to get up there on her own. Mom put her in it a couple of times but she would immediately jump back out. The first time she found a box and climbed in, the second time she actually jumped up into it herself.

Mom is still doing mental gymnastics about using it, but is hoping to get it out for a test run this weekend. It does fold down, but not as flat as mom was hoping for. It has a basket underneath for Chanel's "stuff" and the top zips closed as well. You can see at Chanel's feet that there are straps that will clip to her harness too.

Mom will say the only thing funnier than HER hang up about this is the reaction she got from her friend Miss Kelly. She was all "you DID NOT!!" and mom laughed since Miss Kelly used to take her dog Bailey to daycare on a regular basis. Mom said once the weather gets nice she is going to force Miss Kelly to meet her and Chanel for coffee.   MOL