Friday, April 28, 2017

Random Fridays

Armani says - enough with the camera
(actually mom was tickling his belly - MOL)

Miss Connie asked (a while ago) where we got our " C A T" art. That is a genuine, one of a kind, original art work from the kid (aka mom's niece). She made it for mom for Christmas last year.

Also, last Friday there was a comment about the window screen inserts.
The comment was that the window was up and not flush with the insert and the insert could be pushed out. While it does look that way, what isn't really apparent in the picture is that the screen extends and fits side to side into the window rails themselves - meaning the screen is actually pushed into the window frame and has to be maneuvered to get them back out. That is a terrible explanation, but let's just say we appreciate the concern however no cat is getting that insert out themselves.

It is supposed to be nice here this weekend, though maybe rainy. Mom discovered the other day that Daiquiri is actually afraid of thunder. One big BOOM and she is GONE! Poor baby....  Otherwise nothing too exciting. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

toy review #ChewyInfluencer   #ChewyInfluencer  #sponsored

We received this product from in return for our honest review. Receiving the product doesn't affect our opinions and we only share information and products that we feel is relevant. Chewy is not responsible for the content of this review.

This month there was a neat looking toy being offered. Since we can't pass up something new to play with (seriously...we only have a bazillion toys here), mom requested this and opened it up as soon as it arrived.

Mozart of course was a little more interested in the box that the toy came in:

The toy is an interactive treat and puzzle toy from It came flat in a package and required some assembly, but went together very quickly. There is a video on their website, but mom figured it using the information in the package.
Some cats were a little TOO helpful in the package opening process.
Tommy on top, Daiquiri chewing on the package

left to right: Diaquiri, Ivy and Spud (with his head in the hole)

The outside of the box has various holes in different shapes and sizes. Inside the box is an insert that waves up and down creating barriers.

Everyone was interested at first, but mom got this figuring that Daiquiri would be the one spending the most time figuring it out. To add to the fun, mom found one of Daiquiri's foam soccer balls and put that inside the box as well.

Spud watched as Daiquiri tried in vain to get the treats and toys out.

So far the biggest "fun" has been everyone pushing the box around the living room as they try to use their faces to get treats out of one end or the other. Daiquiri did manage to get her toy out though mom didn't see it happen. She and Spud spend the most time with this and mom has put more treats in every day.

The biggest concern mom had was that the box is cardboard and Daiquiri is a certified cardboard destruction expert. However, other than getting in one good chomp on the box as mom was putting it together, she has left it alone. How long remains to be seen....  :)

The toy is priced at $14.99 on Chewy's website and remember shipping is free over $49. The puzzle has been a big hit here and we give it 6 paws up! While some play with it more than others, everyone has checked it out at least a couple of times and tried to get those treats to come out.