Friday, December 2, 2016


This was supposed to post on Wednesday. Somehow it got posted back to November 5th - and some of you saw it....technical difficulties  :)

Dandelion LOVES the girls. Freedom was the first to warm up to him and Liberty has since decided that he is fun as well. Though poor boy - Freedom kept climbing back INTO the foster room (and mom would put Liberty in there who would let herself back OUT). It has been a few days now and the girls seem to be very content living in the foster room with Chambord and Cassis. Mom gives them the opportunity to come out but they don't seem that interested. These pictures are from last weekend.

the expression on Freedom's face cracks us up

enough of that

Everyone is doing pretty well. We were hoping there would be an opening at a partner store for Freedom and Liberty, but nothing at the moment. They are fine here and they are on the website as well. Mom needs to weigh Cassis and Chambord is getting over a mild cold. Once they are big enough (Chambord already is) and ready to go, they can be spayed. We suspect with all of the adoptions last week they will go quickly.

Speaking of last weekend, the rescue did 109 adoptions in 4 days.....28 adults, 76 kittens (which includes juveniles) and 5 dogs. WOO HOO!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Mom realized late on Wednesday that nothing posted yesterday....we had everything set up but POOF no post. very those pictures will go up tomorrow.

Anyhow, Dandelion is still pretty sneezy and snotty. Mom called the vet last Friday and they had her drop him off at the office on Monday so they could check him out when they had a chance. Dr B wanted to test him for Bartonella (and mom would love to give you a link to a great article about it but had a hard time finding anything that was specifically about cats and not about spreading to humans). Anyhow, it can be caused by fleas (which he doesn't have but may have been exposed to somewhere else) and can show up as stomatitis or upper respiratory in cats. Mom cleared it with the rescue and should have results later this week. Luckily, according to Dr B, if it is positive, it would take a longer course of a different antibiotic but it should clear up and not come back. If it is negative, they are back to square one. Mom worries about screwing up his immune system and wants to get some serious answers before giving him anymore drugs.

His limp is mostly gone and he is having a great time hanging around the house. He loves Daiquiri and the patriot girls and is quite the people cat too.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

patriot girls

Mom adores these girls. They have come so far. They are out in the house now and having a blast. Freedom has been climbing up on the bed and even sleeping with us part of the night. Liberty is still skittish but coming along. Mom really does want them adopted together and feels very lucky that the rescue supports her decision.

Liberty had been spayed a while ago and Freedom finally was spayed on Monday. The goal is to get them into a partner store.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in the girls, please let us know. They need a quieter and patient home that will give them a chance to blossom. Mom is more than willing to work with someone and arrange transport too.