Monday, June 27, 2016

weekend report

Juniper disapproves of mom's late posting....

Just a quick update. Mom spent the weekend with the kittens but also helped drive another bloodhound for rescue on Sunday morning. Ellie Mae is 11 years old and super sweet....just left behind by someone. She dozed for most of the hour trip with mom and landed safely in a foster home by early Sunday afternoon.

The kittens are all sneezy, so the spay and neuters mom had planned for Cedar, Alder and Juniper for today are being delayed. Silly is like they know those words and do it on purpose.

Mom did take those 3 to an adoption event on Sunday afternoon. Juniper freaked out a little at first but relaxed. Alder wasn't too sure about the whole thing but was eventually wrestling his sister and playing with a toy. Cedar was mr social butterfly....until nap time caught up with him. This is the store where Amaryllis is available for adoption but she is SO over kittens that she didn't even look in their direction. MOL

Friday, June 24, 2016

Random Fridays

Mom has checked on the flower kittens a couple of times now. As of Wednesday night, no applications, but the rescue does more on weekends, so we suspect they may go then. (paws crossed) Orchid was being very social, Muscari was WHINY (and he sounds like a rusty hinge - only louder) and Dandelion has come out of the corner and was being very friendly. Since space is limited, they did put other kittens in the tower with the flower is a cute snowshow/siamese mix male who is ORNERY...he growled at both Muscari and Orchid (and is about half of Muscari's size). Being well behaved kittens, but of the flower kittens backed off.

Mom has given up on the bottom shelf of the large cabinet in the foster room. It remains empty and the kittens love playing and snoozing there. Mom keeps trying to leave a bed or blanket on the shelf, but inevitably, it gets shoved off.
Cedar (maybe) and Sumac



Birch and Sumac

Mom is helping move a hound on Sunday and then has an adoption event. It rained a ton here on Wednesday night so we just hope it dries out some and no more rain for a few days. A lot of our friends are at Blog Paws in Phoenix this weekend. Mom just couldn't make the finances work this year but certainly hopes they are all having a good time (and drinking lots of water and staying in the a/c).

Thursday, June 23, 2016

take two....

**FYI - we seem to be having some camera issues. We are also having some nasty weather here, so that may be it. Sorry for no kitten tv

Well, mom dropped of the flower kittens at the adoption center (take two) on Tuesday. Orchid seemed ok, Muscari was whining about being in a tower, and Dandelion hid in a corner. Poor babies....  There are kittens up there, but we suspect these 3 (paws crossed) will go quickly.

Juniper fell asleep like this

Orchid couldn't believe that position was comfortable

It is a little quieter in the foster space without the 3 bigger kittens in the room. The little ones don't seem to make quite as much noise without the flower kittens in there. The tree kittens are doing well. A little snotty but nothing serious. Birch - the newest orange tabby boy - has come around pretty quickly and while he is hesitant to approach for attention, he will sit near mom and doesn't mind being held or pet. Hemlock and Sumac seem to be a little tougher to crack. Mom is thinking this weekend she may take them into a smaller space and work with them using something high value as bribery. None of them are at 2 pounds yet though, so we have time to work with them.