Friday, October 18, 2019

new friends

Hey look - that mysterious orange cat that lives here
Hi Junior!!

We aren't fans of single kittens. They need friends to learn how to "cat". We know some places don't mix litters of kittens, but we will with caution.

Since Gargoyle is by herself and kind of....needy, mom reached out to the rescue and we now have these newbies:
 Both are girls. The tuxedo is a little smaller than Gargoyle and the tabby is pretty tiny. They are all eating pretty well, though the tuxedo is stuffed up and mom is having to clean her nose before meals. She is getting nebulized so that will help her breathe better as well.

Names you ask?? We are going with a #mythicalkittens theme. Gargoyle. The tuxedo girl will be Dragon and the tabby will be Gryffon.
 Gargoyle would like you to know that she thought she was lonely, but she might want to change her mind. She hasn't been terribly friendly yet with the other kittens, but it has only been a couple of days. Hopefully they will come together as their own little family in no time.

Fate would just like access to the kitten food....

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

wow he was little

We are giving you a little throw back today....back when the #dangernugget was still a nugget. Yep - that is Fate getting his butt kicked by Cipher.

In contrast, this is Fate now being stalked by an itty bitty Gargoyle

Monday, October 14, 2019

weekend report

First things first - Cricket was ADOPTED on Friday!!!

the picture isn't great, but she's still cute

The goal is to get her a couple of friends. Some rescues won't mix kittens and we certainly respect that. We will on occasion and in this case she needs kittens her own age to play with and snuggle. Fate goes in there occasionally but mainly for the buffet not the company.

Speaking of Fate, he is being *mostly* a good boy and has a couple of weeks left on his meds before he can go back to the center. Unfortunately we currently have a TON of black kittens and juveniles so keep your paws crossed.