Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Goldfish and Chanel

no idea how that is comfortable Miss Goldfish

It is a joy to watch Chanel and Goldfish interact. It is like Chanel got her own mini-me. They are having a blast. The other nice thing is that Goldfish seems to be taking more of her cues from Chanel now and is a little less jumpy - sometimes. haha

Chanel certainly does love that kitten:

Fortunately for everyone else here, these two having such a good relationship means that they tend to leave the older girls alone. Chanel still will try to be all lovey with Daiquiri - who puts up with it for a short period of time and then tells Chanel to take a hike. Ivy will put up with the full body rub from either girl and maybe a little laying next to each other. But thankfully with them being so close in age, they tend to keep each other busy.

Oh - and Goldfish found Chanel's peep toy the other day too:

Monday, November 12, 2018

weekend report

Guess who got adopted and went home on Saturday??



Well, the first of our boys were adopted. Once Kilkenny and Sapporo were neutered, mom got them up on the website (which loads out to several different adoption sites) to let people know they were available. Considering how sick they had been, mom was reluctant to send them right back to the adoption center.

An application came through online and mom met a couple on Saturday and sent Sapporo home with them. They have our information, so hopefully we will get updates.

Marzen is doing very well after his neuter. The nice part about young males is that they really have no idea anything had been done to them and recover very quickly.

Next step is to take them up to the adoption center. Marzen is online but they really will get adopted faster if people can see them in person.

Also, November is Adopt A Senior Pet month. Mom wanted to do something to bring attention to it when people came into the adoption center so with the help of a friend, she had a banner made for the front window:

Friday, November 9, 2018

Random Fridays

Balashi is going for the cute award...and OMG is his fur soft

the tiny mighty Peroni

poor Marzen....he always looks so concerned
(also, he was neutered yesterday, so he is ready to go)

Guinness wants mom to STOP with the pictures

OMG - there are BIRDS outside the window!!!
Goldfish on top, Chanel in the middle, Junior on the table

tails - best cat toy ever
Peroni is playing with Guinness' tail while Sapporo is playing with hers
the picture must also be a weird angle cause Sapporo is MUCH bigger than Peroni

OK - so mom thought she fixed the Nest camera. Only....not so much. She thinks maybe it is a link thingie....but she has tried erasing the code and replacing it and that doesn't work either. Surprise, surprise, mom is in over her head. Sorry about that.....