Friday, January 20, 2017

Random Fridays

Still no news from the v-e-t about meds for Dandelion. Mom is MORE than a little frustrated. She did some research on her own and found some information but not much and she is sure that is slowing everything down. Hopefully says having had a bad cold herself, she has a new level of sympathy for our orange foster boy.
though his life doesn't look too hard
that is his most favorite place to sleep behind the cat ladder
and yep - Cassis is right behind him

Sometimes the best toys are the cheapest ones. There are a couple of empty toilet paper rolls around the house and the other night Cassis found one and was playing with it. Dandelion just layed on the floor and watched her play.

Cassis is scheduled for her spay surgery on Monday and then will go up to the adoption center. She is a sweet girl and considering the time of the year, the rescue doesn't have too many little kittens, so we suspect she will go quickly. Mom has an adoption event on Sunday afternoon and will take Cassis along to that as well. We suspect the big orange kitten is going to miss having her to play with.

We wish you a safe, warm and relaxed weekend.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Housewreckers R Us
Work cheap
Results may vary

Mom still has our gingerbread house from 2015 in the living room. The castle is in the foster room and will probably stay there. After this adventure, we aren't too sure how long the gingerbread house is going to survive....though mom plans to leave it out since someone is usually sleeping inside it.

roof inspectors

doesn't look sturdy, does it?

inspector's boss lady says - you are doing it wrong

ok kid - get outta there

It is amazing how well this has held up over time. Of course, with the foster room, there aren't marauding kittens that cause more destruction than we do around here.