Monday, November 24, 2014

weekend update

It was a pretty quiet weekend. Jericho is now with our friend Miss Beckie. Mom is abandoning us for the holiday weekend and was concerned about leaving Jericho for the weekend with just the pet sitter coming in. And he was pretty snotty and mom wanted to be sure someone was watching him. Of course, that means she has to clean the bathroom....he has some projectile snot. MOL

Otherwise, mom decided to do some reorganizing in the kitchen. She cleaned out the pantry and put down some lining and then put things back....for some reason she kept saying non of us were a whole lot of help.

Otherwise, it warmed up a bit here - not enough to open the windows, but the snow is gone.

 hanging in the tree....waiting for someone to walk by to pounce on

even tipped over that basket isn't getting any love
check out Daiquiri's racing stripe - mom loves that white stripe down her back

 Kahlua found some sun on Saturday

Friday, November 21, 2014

Random Fridays

In addition to the gingerbread house, mom bought some snowflakes to put on the window. So far we have lost 3 - Mo took two down and one fell off cause the window is so cold.

Our friends at the White Dog Diary are part of a charity call Paws to People ... set up charitable funding to help find cures for cancer in pets along with other diseases through comparative studies as to how diseases effect everyone - people and pets. They have an auction going right now on their facebook page (click here) - you need to like the page so they can contact you if you win. The click on an item you want to bid on and leave a note. We have bids on a couple of things.

Our friend Miss Andrea of Celestial Kitties - mom to Leo, Glitter and Cashmere, is having another FUNdraiser to help Miss Chrystal and the kitties of Winnie's Wish. This year it is beds and they look awesome!!

We've had some questions about the "magic" microchips. Here's the deal - Tim, Tom and Mo were not microchipped when they were adopted. Some time after that, a local vet with the university here was doing a study on cat collars (you can read the study here). As part of the study, the boys had to wear collars for 6 months and were microchipped for free. No one said anything about them taking temps. The first time our mobile vet came, she scanned one of the boys and couldn't figure out why the number was flicking back and forth...then realized one was the chip number and the other was a temp for the cat. How cool???  Only, she said later she checked with the chip company and they claim to have no idea and don't market the chips that way..... which sounds weird to us. In case you want to check, the boys all have Home Again microchips.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

our new house....

Last week mom saw a post from the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee about a gingerbread house available at Target (she tried to find a link and couldn't find it online). For $10 she decided she had to do it. was easy to put together (though she suggests using some tape to reinforce the inside corners so that somecats don't wreck the house).

Sangria checking out the interior - deciding if it needs some work or not

Mo and Tim check out the front door, Stoli decides to use a window

 So far everyone has checked it out. 
Daiquiri and the rest of the kittens like to go in and out of the windows.

roof inspection
(appears to hold up under a 2 pound kitten - adults not approved)

Some kittens have even tried to get in from above. 
Hey you guys - only Santa is supposed to climb down the chimney!!!

Mom ended up getting some stickers from the store and decorated the front and sides. She has a bazillion pictures and we have only had the house for a few days. MOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a new basket

At BarkWorld, Miss Amy from Sebastian's blog won a prize. It was in a nice basket, but Miss Amy was flying, so she gave the basket to mom. Mom brought it home and put a blanket in it for the kittens. umm....yeah, about that.....

Mo checks it out first to be sure it is OK
snoopervised by Daiquiri and Kahlua

Sangria and Stoli come over to check it out

Uncle Tim supervises

 Stoli making the first entry attempt

entry fail....

Stoli climbed in and it flipped - no one has been in it since. MOL  Mom says she wants to find a smaller blanket to put in and see if the kittens will sleep in it then.