Wednesday, August 16, 2017

on the loose

With her siblings all off at the adoption center or a partner store, Miss Bacall would have been in the foster room by herself. Except we needed that space for Panache and the kittens. She could have gone in the crate, but she is big enough to be out and honestly after listening to her brothers howl in the crate, there is no reason for it.

As of Saturday morning, Bacall had free run of the house. She came right out and made herself at home - no hissing, no nothing with the permanent residents. Of course, none of them got too bent out of shape about her being out either. She did get up in Mozart's face at one point and he gave her the paw of doom so she has learned decided to leave him alone.
It has been a while since there were kittens on the loose in the house. Mom wasn't too sure how it would go overnight. Saturday night Bacall found somewhere else to sleep - mom thinks most likely on the back of the sofa since that is where she was Sunday morning. However, Sunday night Bacall got up on the bed and made herself right at home. Luckily, she picked a spot right next to mom's pillow once the lights went out and she didn't move all night except to occasionally get more comfortable.

Of course, there are always toys to play with....and a Daiquiri to get interested.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

change of space

Let us out....

Saturday afternoon the foster room was cleaned and Panache and the little kittens took up residence. Panache sniffed around, found the food and water, then fell over for a nap.

The kittens sniffed everything, Fish hid for a while, they started to play, then decided to hide for a while just in case.

Fish isn't so sure about the open spaces

Mallard and Foxy have found the incline scratcher

Momma Panache

yep - more kittens find the trackball fascinating

yes, she is sticking her toes in first

Mallard is the most outgoing of the bunch. They are still a little jumpy in the new space and checking things out. Mom is a little scary for them but they will come over and see her after a couple of minutes. Hopefully with more space to run around and mom able to spend more time in there with them, they will come around and be more outgoing. Mom hasn't had a chance to weigh them but they will be 7 weeks old on Friday, so at least a couple more weeks.

Monday, August 14, 2017

weekend report

Mom took Rooney and Harlow to an adoption event on Saturday morning. They did great - interested in the store and all the people and generally unfazed by the noise. After that, there was an opening at the partner store where mom cleans, so they are now up there looking to be adopted. Paws crossed. Mom did get a text from her friend that also cleans that they were all lovey on Sunday though some kitten did try to escape. MOL



Hanging out at the event

Mom came home from the event and cleaned the foster room, transferring Panache and the kittens into there. Bacall was released into the house and we will tell you more about that later. So far the little kittens are seeming to enjoy having more space....and so is Panache. Bacall just can't seem to figure out why she can't get back INTO the room.