Friday, April 29, 2016

Random Fridays

We hope you have a nice weekend. It isn't supposed to be very warm here, so no open windows for a while. Mom tells us to suck it up since she prefers this weather over the hots.


(not sure why she looks gray in that picture - she is a brown tabby)

snack time
left to right: Trillium, Orchid, Muscari and Dandelion

Mom thinks she may take a kitten out into the living room on Saturday so Daiquiri can see them. The other night mom was in with the kittens and the door wasn't completely against the wall. Orchid seemed fascinated and as mom looked over, a white paw shot through the opening and was flailing around while chirping could be heard. Amaryllis doesn't seem overly concerned about Daiquiri hanging around outside the door, but mom is playing it careful and won't let Daiquiri into the room until the kittens are a little bit bigger (and Amaryllis may get a spa afternoon in the bathroom when that happens).

Mom put canned food out on the chip tray and lined up the kittens. Trillium tried to bury it and the other three walked away. Hopefully they will see Amaryllis eating and follow her example. For now, when Amaryllis has had enough, she gets up on the chair in their space.

Once again, mom has noticed the wi-fi being wacky and the camera going offline during the day. She doesn't have enough technical skill but may call the cable company and ask if it is a speed thing (she isn't even sure what our current speed is and if that is the issue). If anyone has a clue, let us know. We think we are currently 30 mbps and wonder if an upgrade to 60 mbps would make a difference (and need to see how expensive that would be). (and if you are all impressed by that sentence, don't be...she found it on the cable company website)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

4 weeks old - flower kittens

4 weeks old....  we  will warn you now....there is some serious cuteness going on here

mom loves Orchid's one orange stripey sock
Weigh in: 1 pounds 1 1/4 ounces

Trillium always seems to be giving mom the eye
Weigh in: 14 1/4 ounces

our Dandelion boy seems confused - by everything
Weigh in: 1 pound

Muscari - large and in charge (until one of the girls beats him up)
Weigh in: 1 pound 3 1/4 ounces

Muscari is still our resident heavy weight. Trillium is the lightest but gaining weight and still on track for her age.

Wednesday morning caught Trillium and Dandelion peeing near the litter box. She set up a smaller box and Trillium was the first to use it. Mom is going to start putting out canned food for everyone and see what happens. Amaryllis gets canned but mom doesn't think they've seen it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Cute ain't he??
and kind of monster weighed everyone on 
Sunday morning and this beast weighs over a pound already

We mentioned last week that mom had some concerns about the structure of his chest. Our v-e-t took an x-ray on Friday afternoon and did make the comment that he does seem to breath more rapidly than normal. Mom had noticed this when she was watching him nurse and that prompted her call.

Dr W had a friend who is an orthopedic doc look at the x-ray. He didn't see a hernia or anything like that. He did say that baby bones are tough to see on x-ray since they don't have as much calcium as adults and therefore don't show up quite as well. He did think say he thinks Muscari's heart looks enlarged but also that that is above his pay grade. Dr W is going to ask a favor of a cardiac vet she knows and see what he says. However, she did mention that most kittens with heart defects tend to lag behind in growth and tire easily. Ummm....we don't think he got that memo. Though mom agrees that he does sleep awfully hard - she has freaked out a couple of times walking in there and he is out cold. :)  We think he is just messing with her.

For now there isn't much that can be done but keep an eye on him. They will be a month old on Wednesday so no real rush unless he appears to stop thriving. Until we have a prognosis, mom says she isn't going to freak out about it since he sure seems to be doing well.

Notice toward the middle Amaryllis starts leaning into the camera - the strap was swinging around and she thought it was fascinating  :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

weekend report

We hope you had a nice weekend with open windows. Mother Nature still can't decide what season it is here, so ours were closed since it was a little chilly.

We are all doing well and the kittens are growing like mad.
Amaryllis is a good mom - though she disapproves of 
your shenanigans (kitten shenanigans are fine though)

Orchid is a cutie - love her one front sock

Trillium tends to have lots of complaints
Usually about the milk bar being unavailable

Muscari and Dandelion LURV their momma

Someone asked in the comments after seeing the kittens on the web cam if Dandelion (he has more white for those watching) walks funny. His back legs do tend to splay out a bit and we are going to talk to our vet about that. Lots of times kittens will do this though as their bones and muscles are growing. He gets around ok and it it continues we may just have to splint something to "reteach" his legs where they are supposed to go.