Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Mom says there is nothing much more fun or a better way to de-stress than for her to go into the foster room and play with the kittens. They sure do know the meaning of fun....and everything is a toy.

Russell - king of the trackball

If you look close, you can see they both have a paw in the game.

Pictures taken when Wheat was still here. She ended up in another foster
home and mom heard over the weekend that she has made it to 2 pounds.
Hopefully her toes will clear up and she can head to her forever home soon.

That incline scratcher is a big hit. Not sure how much longer Saldano is going to be able to fit in the hole however. One of the brandy girls climbs up to the top, digs in her claws and then hangs on the incline. 

Monday, October 24, 2016


We have great news from the weekend:
Sumac made it out of foster care and was brought the to remote store adoption where mom cleans. Friday night a nice gentleman came in and was talking to the volunteer cleaning that evening. She got Sumac out and it was love. He filled out an application and Sumac went home on Sunday!!!

And one of the adults in the store went home Sunday as well. A very good day indeed.

Dandelion - resting up from all his adventures
Daiquiri has thankfully stopped hissing and growling at him. No idea if she thought she was being replaced as the baby or what her problem was with him, but she is over it. At least until he stole her toy.....

Russell is all: what the what is this??

This is Kirsch.
Mom has no idea why the brandy kittens are getting white hairs,
but it is making the girls easier to tell apart in pictures.
Calvados has more white than either girl, but
Kirsch looks like she stuck her head in a can of paint and has a circle on her face.

Mom broke out the flower collar again. The participants were particularly unwilling to cooperate. MOL

The patriot girls are getting better by the day. 
Hopefully they will clear up completely and can be spayed soon.
They do act like they want out of the tower and could certainly 
use more space to run around. But mom is afraid they might freak 
out and then she would have to catch them again.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Random Fridays

Great news: the technical glitch is fixed and the web camera is working again. Mom created a tab at the top of the page that shows it. You can see it (on your computer but not mobile) on our facebook page too!! THANKS to Wayne from MeShare for getting us set back up.

Back in June we posted about a call the rescue got from Calgary Canada about one of our cats being surrendered to them. Mom got a call from the head of the rescue and got on social media asking for help picking up the cat and then trying to get her back to Ohio.

Mom got a response from Miss Jill on Twitter and they went back and forth. Jill went and picked up Tora (the cat) from the humane society and agreed to foster her until we could somehow arrange transportation. Which is almost 2,000 miles....quite a journey.

As time went by, Jill and mom conversed about how Tora was adjusting to Jill's home. Jill does have another cat named Clover who came from a pretty horrible background until Jill adopted her. Jill talked about maybe adopting Tora, but everyone knew it had to be on Clover's terms.

Over time, Tora came out of her shell and loved on Jill more and more. She came out of "her" room into the condo more and more and the girls, while maybe not in love, were interacting. There were emails about vertical space and play time.

Jill finally told mom that things were going well enough that she wanted to finalize the adoption and make Tora an official member of her family.

And then over the weekend she sent mom this picture of the girls sitting together watching cat videos on the tablet.
Tora on the left, Clover on the right

To anyone who shared or retweeted the initial request for help back in June - THANK YOU!! Tora was saved - the shelter had deemed her unadoptable and would have euthanized her if we hadn't been able to get her back out. From there she found a safe landing space and a new forever home....

Nothing much happening here this weekend. Have a safe and happy weekend!! Mom says the fall weather is back and she may shut the windows. Mo is hoping that means space heater season is finally here.