Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Fridays

Yes, that is a full size kicker from the Celestial Kitties. And yes, that is Coral beating on it.....

Have you heard about the Catastic Event being held all this week over at the Maaaaa of Pricilla???  And the publicists blog too??  You HAVE to go check it out....there were guest blogs and giveaways and everything hosted by the farm cats!!

Ash will go up to the adoption center this weekend. We hope his new family finds him and he can go home very soon. Good luck sweet boy...and we hope they have a kitty just like Uncle Tim that will love on you.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

moving around

On the 11th, mom came home with three little old lady-cats that she was watching for a friend. They are in "retirement" with the rescue (and have medical issues) and are living with our friend Miss Karen (she watched Jade and the littles when mom was in Utah). And while she was on vacation and her cold air blower was being fixed, the girls were staying with us. Which meant there had to be some rearraging of the kittens. The girls got the bathroom and everyone moved from there.....

Oh, and come to find out it is Winston the ORANGE and Miss Mona can't remember the black kitten's name so we are calling him Calvin. Now, Winston is very very shy and Calvin was very very snotty. Since they were bigger, they went in the playpen since the top zips shut (mom has visions of not being able to find Winston).

Which meant that the little girls - Jet and Quartz were moved to baby jail. Coral and Ash have been out 24/7 for a while now.

Only here's the problem - Jet figured out how to get out of baby jail. And she is freaking out being loose in the house. So.....

Calvin was released from the playpen (and is doing much better...though still snotty). He is very friendly and very playful. When he was neutered he was eartipped as the lady who brought him in has a colony that the rescue is helping TNR. The original plan was to send him back and he was going to be indoor/outdoor. We think the plan now is that he will go back to the adoption center to find a new home.

Winston and Jet are in the playpen 24/7. Quartz (who is so friendly it is kind of pitiful) is out during the day but in the playpen at night since she is still pretty little. The old ladycats went home Monday night so mom needs to clean that up and then decide what is next......

Did you get all that???  MOL

And stay tuned....the bathroom is inhabited again.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

not so wordless Wednesday

 what is going on down there?

 Coral and the stringie

 making sure the toys know she is the boss

but apparently she isn't all that interesting

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Opt to adopt - Ash

Well, with Captain Dingbat (Ash) getting his stitches out last week, it is about time for him to go up to the adoption center since no one showed any interest this weekend at the adoption event. He is on Petfinder, but being seen in person makes the adoption process happen much faster. Mom is probably going to get him up there this week.

Ash is now 15 weeks old and just sweet as can be. He LOVES to play and loves his sister Coral, the other kittens and the adult cats here as well. He would be great with another cat, a slightly older kitten or even by himself (though we love seeing kittens getting adopted in pairs and there are LOTS at our adoption center that need homes that are about his age).

Ash on Sunday

so tiny.....and eyes still closed

shocked I tell you, just shocked

Monday, July 21, 2014

weekend update

Keep watching Coral's weight page - remember that we want her to get to 2 pound 4 ounces (at least) to be spayed and that is the weight that will win. HOWEVER - she cracked the 2 pound make on Saturday when mom weighed her at the Petco store.  snicker.....

Saturday morning was a transport:

Willie is a 10 month old male bloodhound. He was bought from a pet store at 2 months old and then his family didn't want him. A nice lady took him in but with three other big dogs knew she couldn't keep him. She didn't do rescue and not knowing any better, placed an ad on Craigslist...and ran into a couple of scary people. Someone pointed her to Ontario Bloodhound. She continued to foster him and the rescue put him online and did the adoption work. And Saturday he started his journey to his new home. He arrived there on Sunday.....

The kittens went to an adoption event on Saturday as well:
No takers, but our petsitter Miss Rita and her sister happened to stop by not even knowing that mom was there....  :)  Oh, and mom put Coral on their scale: official weight 2.04 pounds. 

Sunday mom ran the sucky beast and did some laundry and the rest of us took it easy. Mom told us to enjoy the open windows cause Sunday is probably the last day we will get open windows for a while. Back to the hots......