Thursday, May 26, 2016


No mama - I don't need a baff...I'm a big boy...I can do it myself.
so says Muscari

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Solid Gold food review - #ChewyInfluencer

We are part of the Chewy Influencer Group and receive no monetary compensation for our reviews. All opinions are our own. We did receive the food for free but it did not influence our honest opinion. 

Oh look - our first volunteer

This time we got the Sunrise Delight flavor of canned food to try from Solid Gold. At the rate the kittens are beginning to eat (especially that big guy above), mom was more than happy to add this to their rotation.

Come on lady, hurry up

Mom likes that it is grain free. And this variety is chicken, duck and pumpkin for those that are avoiding fish.

Crack a can of food and that momma cat will appear.


That being said, Amaryllis has made it clear on more than one occasion that she won't eat just anything. She sniffed this, tried a bite and walked away. (actually she walked over to mom to try to demand something different for dinner)

However, Dandelion and Muscari - the two kittens who are regularly eating canned food (Trillium and Orchid seem to prefer the dry) - LOVE this stuff. It was gone pretty darned quick.

Thanks to Chewy for giving us a chance to try this out on our current tiny taste testers. Of those willing to try it, this got 2 out of 3 paws up. And Daiquiri said from the other side of the door that she would be happy to try some too, but no such luck. MOL

Remember all orders over $49 gets free shipping. And we use their auto ship for our regular food as well.

Monday, May 23, 2016

some fun facts

We have some interesting news:

This big headed monkey is official foster #

Mom thought it would be fun to go through her list and give you some facts about our fosters:

started fostering 8/06

70 litters or different individuals
17 momma cats

128 females, 122 males
27 medium hair, 223 short hair

  51 black or tuxedo
  68 brown or brown/white tabby
  6 buff or buff/white tabby
  13 calico or dilute calico
  14 gray
  37 gray or gray/white tabby
  12 siamese/pointed mix
  24 orange or orange/white tabby
  11 torbie
  7 tortie or dilute tortie
  7 white

Friday, May 20, 2016

Random Friday

Who knew, so many years ago, that the blue track ball would be such a great hit with so many litters of kittens? Mom says it may be the best $9 she has ever spent.

Trillium hasn't quite figured it out yet

Dandelion and Muscari contemplate where the ball has gone

Dandelion almost has it

Orchid and Trillium DARE you to touch their toy

Have a great weekend....we hope you find your own great toy to play with at your house.