Wednesday, December 17, 2014

a nice surprise

Kahlua and Daiquiri are still here with us. There isn't space at the adoption center but mom took them to an adoption event on Sunday and they are on Petfinder. They have had all access to the house since last weekend and are having a blast. Running all over and playing like mad. They have even been well behaved at night.

Daiquiri has always been very lovey and looking for attention. Kahlua not as much - she is ok if mom would pick her up to love on her but wouldn't come looking for attention. Well, on Saturday Kahlua was sitting on the arm of mom's chair and mom scratched her head. Kahlua thought about it and then moved over and sat on mom's lap for a while. Daiquiri came up...and then a wrestling match broke out. MOL

Since then, Kahlua has come up to mom asking for more attention and has even slept with everyone at night. Those breakthroughs are wonderful to see....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HAPPY Gotcha Day

Ivy and Spud

Hard to believe this was 6 years ago.

Don't let the pictures deceive you - they don't spend time together anymore.

Ivy was here as a foster with her mom and her sisters and Spud had been found by a neighbor of our grandparents. Spud fit right in with the girls. While there was no intention of adding to the family, Spud and Ivy never really left.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa Kitty Toy Hop

Cats across the blogosphere this year are doing something a little different. We are each picking a local charity and giving back. Summer from Sparkle's blog is organizing it and has a link set up for all the blogs participating.

We thought long and hard about who to donate to around here. We live in a large with with lots of rescues but wanted to pick a smaller one that may not get a lot of support.

We decided to donate to Hospets. (they are on facebook too) They are a group that does several things:
      1. Provide food and vet services for elderly and hospice patients
      2. Provide transportation to vet appointments
      3. Provide respite care for those individuals that are going into nursing care and need short term placement of their pets
      4. Help find homes for animals displaced by the death of their owners or for owners that are no longer able to care for their pets on their own or with help

 Mom took food, litter, treats and toys.

We have a dog park near us and they were set up on Saturday and Sunday taking donations. Mom checked their facebook page on Sunday and it appears to be a huge success. We think this group is doing good work helping those that need assistance to keep their pets.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Random Friday

This is how WE plan to spend the weekend......

Mom said something about taking the kittens to another adoption event on Sunday.

And mom said something about cookies....we feel we should warn the fire department just in case....
       oh wait - she said there is NO baking involved....good, we are safe

Oh - and Savannah's mom is having something done to her she asked for some guest posts. We wrote one about Uncle Tim and him helping mom socialize kittens. You can read it here today!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Mom was going through some pictures and found these of the state kittens from September of 2010 and they cracked her up.....

Nevada in the back
left to right: Bug, Carolina, Utah, Georgia, Main and Dakota 
(and yes, mom had to refer to her foster list to get that right)

 Maine sleeping on top of Utah

Utah was the tiniest of the bunch so mom would give her extra canned food
Bug was the clean up crew 

this cracks mom up every time....
Chiclet and some of the kitts

Remember, mom found Bug under some steps that Labor Day weekend and then took in Chiclet and her kittens in hoping that Chiclet would adopt Bug. No such luck, but at least Bug had someone to grow up with. Hard to believe it has been four years.....