Friday, April 20, 2018

Water faucets

The bathroom at the house is usually closed so open doors at Blog Paws has been interesting. Someone discovered water from the faucets:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Blog Paws

Our posting this week may be a little sporadic. However, be sure to follow our links to facebook or instagram and you can see mom and Chanel over there. That's right - mom took Chanel with her to Blog Paws!!

Good think mom has that new bigger car....geez between her stuff and cat stuff, the back of the Escape was pretty full. Chanel traveled in her Sleepypod for the first hour and then mom moved her to the crate in the back seat. It was a long trip....made longer by a bad accident in Indiana that stopped traffic and then just slowed it down. Mom wasn't sure how Chanel would do for that long in the car but she did very well. She was a little chatty for the first 30 minutes but then settled in for the haul.

Mom also wasn't sure how she would do in the hotel room. Mom got everything to the room and then set up the stuff in the bathroom before letting Chanel out of her carrier. She climbed right out and wandered around checking everything out. She found the food and the counters and the bed and the hotel window. What a good girl.