Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Fridays

We mentioned the new door that went in last weekend. It doesn't LOOK much different, but mom says it doesn't leak as much cold air and that the door guy fixed some other stuff too. Also, mom had him help her put the cabinet back and it is now right up next to the wall and gave the room another few inches on that wall.

With these monkeys gone, it will certainly be quiet around here. Though mom saw the head of the rescue on Monday at the clinic and was told that she would get a call when the next momma and kittens comes in to the shelter. We suspect it won't be too long.

Mom got home from the rescue adoption center Wednesday night after dropping of the kittens. About an hour later, she got a text from another volunteer that Coyote had been ADOPTED!! Young couple, one other cat....he will be a great fit.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

food review #ChewyInfluencer

We received the product at no charge from All opinions expressed are our own and are not influenced by receiving the product.

This month there was canned food from Taste of the Wild on the list and mom decided to try that. (the link leads to a 5.5 ounce can but we got 3 ounce cans) It is grain free which is what mom is trying to keep all us on.

Daiquiri heard the can open in the foster room and wanted in

the chunks are a decent size with a good amount of gravy
that said, if the kittens were any smaller, mom would have 
to mush up the chunks

starving kitten (not)

action shot

The kittens loved it. The first couple of times mom tried to get Mozart to eat it by himself in the bathroom. He licked off ALL the gravy. Fortunately the kittens don't care and were more than happy to play clean up crew for the house panther.

Then over the weekend mom knew we would have to be locked in the back bedroom so our sliding door could be replaced on Saturday. Mom split a can on Friday night and we all thought it was wonderful. She did it again on Saturday morning, and while we were all chowing down....she SHUT THE DOOR!! Dang...busted by the allure of canned food.

This does have a few weird vegetables and fruits in it, but they are pretty far down the list of ingredients. But all in all it seemed to be a hit here with everyone!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

new guy

Last week we got a big box in the mail. Mom opened it up and it was a present to put in the foster kitten room from our Fairy Cat Mother.
cute isn't he?

"who is this strange new creature?"

Neither kitten was too sure about this guy. Mom only got the picture of Coyote by putting him there and clicking quickly. There were a couple of pictures of Roadrunner, but upon inspection, they were all blurry as mom must has screwed up something on the camera (go figure). So while the duck hasn't gotten much love from THIS pair of kittens, we hope he will from future kittens.