Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Turkey Day


(mom is gone for the weekend so no post tomorrow - have a great holiday - or a safe weekend)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

thankful for....

A great rescue that does so much for animals.....
Lille is at the rescue for now.....
Mom discovered a huge abscess on the side of her face
She will be there getting medical care and then be spayed and ready for adoption

Almond and Nashville are back at the adoption center ready for their forever homes.

The rescue is having a big adoption event this weekend - we hope LOTS of kitties (and dogs) get their forever homes.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

three ninjas and a tortie

Kind of sounds like the lead in to a bad joke, doesn't it??  MOL

There were some great suggestions for names - thanks!! We tend to steer away from people names. Mom searched "french pastries" and discovered she couldn't pronounce or spell most of them, so those were out.

But....she searched "french cities" and got some interesting hits. That being said, meet the French city kittens:

mom: Lille
She is super sweet and kind of chatty.
She has seen Daiquiri outside the door and seems pretty unfazed.

Of the kittens, the tortie and one black kitten are girls - they are now Calais (the tortie) and Avignon

The boys are Lyon and Marseille.

Calais is totally friendly and outgoing. The boys are getting there, though one is more skittish than the other. Avignon is a total scaredy cat and mom is going to have to work with her. Hopefully they will settle in more as time goes on. (it's only been a couple of weeks) They are doing well and playing.

The little orange girl is Orleans.
Some sad news however: Mom got home from work last Thursday and the orange baby had rushed her to the vet but the kindest thing to do was help her over the Bridge. Based on her size and eye color, it was evident she wasn't related to the other 4 kittens. Lille is a good mom but not overly into the whole idea. Mom had bought kitten milk and was going to be supplementing Orleans but it got bad before she had a chance.

Monday, November 23, 2015

weekend report

Mom didn't know the top of the tower could hold three cats - 
Nashville in the back, Ivy to the right and Daiquiri in front.

 You would never guess that Almond was neutered on Wednesday.
He and Nash and Daiquiri were wild over the weekend.
Despite it looking like Nash is kicking Almond's butt, generally Almond starts it.

Daiquiri is still fascinated by the TV.

Nashville and Almond went to an adoption event on Sunday. Mom is hoping to get them up to the adoption center on Tuesday so that they have a chance of getting adopted over the holiday weekend. Nashville is super sweet and healthy now. Almond has personality to spare.

Acorn is still snotty. Mom is getting her into the vet on Wednesday to see about maybe a different round of meds. Acorn's right eye ulcered at one point and has healed but is not clouded over. Mom thinks she sees some things in bright light but has definitely lost some vision. But it doesn't bother her so they are going to leave it and just talk to potential adopters.

Friday, November 20, 2015

play time #sponsored

**as part of the Blogger Influence Group, we get a free product once a month to review for but that does not influence our opinions. The product review is our honest opinions. is not responsible for the content of this review.

This month we got the Kong Triangle Play Mat to try out. Mom didn't read the dimensions before she emailed that we wanted to try it. On the website it says 14.5" by 12". We gotta say - its small. In fact, even the nuts (who weigh about 3 pounds each) barely fit in there.

That being said, any toy with something dangling from it is a hit around here. And since the sides are pretty tough, it stays upright and we haven't banged it over yet. However, with the other toys around here (especially our crinkly tunnel), even the little kittens lost interest faster than mom expected.

The really nice part is that it is held together with velcro and folds flat. Mom is going to fold it up and then break it out again when the newest group is a little more active and ready to play. They should be just the right size.
Nashville checks out the toy

Daiquiri attempts to see if she fits inside 
(for the record, she doesn't)

Almond does fit (sorta) and gives the toy a good whapping

Overall score - meh. The adults lost interest quickly once they discovered they won't fit inside (if you are going to have a good hiding spot, inside is best). Nashville and the nuts find the toy pretty interesting, but otherwise don't seem too interested either.

On a side note, the mat came out Sunday afternoon. Monday night mom heard a thump in the hall. She checked and found the mat halfway down the hall....and the mouse removed from his string. Not a cat in sight. Oh well.....