Friday, August 1, 2014

random Fridays posted 20 cat facts to share with your was interesting and mom printed it off to send to the kid.
Saturday is another adoption event. Mom will be taking Ash and the girls. Calvin and Winston are just too danged snotty. And then up to the adoption center.....

Thanks for all the suggestions from yesterday. Mom is gonna have to do some looking around - and then find a handy man. :)

Coral and Quartz are right now at the clinic being spayed and mom will pick them up after work. Jet was WAY too snotty to have surgery.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

need some ideas

Some of us don't get along quite as well as mom would like....  Junior bascially causes a lot of havoc around here. In fact, last Friday he went after Ivy and managed to remove some furs. Which of course results in some serious Ivy screaming. Keep in mind that Junior is there is no way drugs or collars or anything else is going to work on him since that would require actually CATCHING him. :)   But there has to be some sort of solution to get some peace for Ivy and Spud (Junior's other favorite target - he generally leaves the older three alone).

She got to thinking that maybe it is long past due time to do some catifying around here. She won some shelves from Contempo Cat and Hauspanther and those will be coming soon. And here is the thought:

The wall you see in the top pic is at the top of our stairs (pay no mind to the Ivy tail). Our front door is at the bottom - you walk up 8 steps, turn around at the window and the up 8 steps to the living area of the house. Mom had grandpa put in the half wall at the top of the stairs to replace the fugly iron railing that was in the house when she bought it.
Here's her thought - install a pretty wide (12 inch at least) shelf along the top of the window that stretches from the half wall all the way across. It would still be about 7 feet up in the air, so it could in fact be a little wider even since there wouldn't be any real concerns about getting under it to get upstairs.
Or maybe put the smaller shelves up here.....
But then what about escape? Mom knows Spud would love to be out there - when the entry was being painted there was a huge scaffold put up and Spud would sleep in the far corner. The nice part is that Junior would NO WAY go out there - so Spud would be safe from the orange menace. But there should still be more than one way to get down. She is thinking cut a back corner out of the far side of the shelf (think over by the wall hanging) and then install our new shelves along the wall as a way down. But she isn't sure it would work....or look right. And while Ivy hangs out on the half wall, mom isn't sure she would go out that far, so it doesn't so much help Ivy. 

Plus mom worries about some cat hanging out that far up and maybe falling off - or some unsuspecting foster kitten. So put a "side" up on the long shelf?  But would anyone then go out there??? Mom is hoping for some help before she puts a lot of work and/or money into this (since she would have to hire someone to put the shelves up).

Any ideas?  Suggestions??? Anyone want an orange menace?? (just kidding)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Calvin T

Calvin is about 4 months old....neutered, negative FeLV/FIV test, up to date on shots.

He has a mild URI which is why he is here with us, but can stay in foster until healthy but would be ok to go home with a family that can keep him separate from household cats and medicate him until he is healthy.

The rescue was contacted and was helping a woman with cats that were multiplying. She was willing to care for the colony but needed help to control the population. So the rescue stepped up to help with TNR and the woman agreed to care for the group once everyone was returned to her. Calvin was part of he was neutered and eartipped though the woman did say that she was working to get some of the cats to be indoor/outdoor. But better to have the ear tip. However, Calvin caught an upper respiratory infection and stayed at the rescue to get better. And then he ended up here.

He is super sweet and people and cat friendly. Mom calls him Calvin T as in Calvin The Black (a good pirate name).
 Calvin and Quartz

 Calvin and Ash

Calvin and Junior

Monday, July 28, 2014

the newbies - orangies

We interrupt this post for:

We have a winner in Coral's weight contest. Mom weighed her last night and....

drumroll please.....

Coral weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces

Our winners are Kintaro and TT. Please email us at randomfelines at hotmail dot com

And mom made another decision: we are going to make a donation to Feline Rescue in the name of Glorgirly, Katie and Waffles since they were closest to when Coral hit 2 pounds.


What is in a name??  Well, around here it is a way to know who everyone is and keep them straight. And as we have said before, we love a good theme, no people names (except for that one group, but they were named after famous actors), and mom doesn't have to have a name related to the group.

Sometimes the names come quick and sometimes it take a little longer. And sometimes you stumble across the name. In this case, the mom cat kept trying to get out the bathroom door. At one point mom said "I don't think so sunshine" and it stuck.

Meet Sunshine
She is probably about 9 months old. She came into the local humane society and gave birth to her kittens there. The family didn't have much a chance and so someone pulled them and we are going to keep them safe.

Sunshine had two kittens. One male, one female. The boy is a brighter orange than his sister (though it is tough to tell in these picture). He is also twice her size. MOL  Going with the Sunshine thing, mom named the boy Clementine and the female Tangerine. (aka Clem and Tangie)

They are about 12 days old give or take. Eyes open and a little mobile. Sunshine is being a good mom though she is more interested in mom when she comes in than in the kittens. We suspect once those kittens get old enough to eat on their own, Sunshine will lose interest pretty quickly. She has made it out the bathroom door once and was fine with everyone here - no freaking out or anything.