Friday, June 14, 2019

Random Fridays

Ummm - so a quick note. Mom was playing with the kittens last night and noticed something about Fate. Well, to be blunt, 2 somethings. Yep - she screwed up and Fate is a boy. So he is now wearing a blue collar and we will be dropping the "Miss" from his name. But he will forever be the #dangernugget

Yep - mom gave us another paper bag.
You all can go away - important private meeting here.

That Roomba - so judgy
There is a kitten shower tomorrow at the rescue (if you live near central Ohio, come visit - baked goods, cat stuff and KITTENS). Since Roomba is spayed and ready to go, she will go with mom. She even has a new pink collar with a bow tie to wear (don't tell her - we don't think she will approve). The rescue is hoping for a good turnout with lots of donations and adoptions.

"something touched me"

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

oh Cipher

Mom seriously loves this boy. He is seriously goofy though. Over the weekend he raided the storage bins and found this jester hat. He was playing with it and mom decided she was going to put it on his head. He was not amused. MOL

His cold is clearing up so hopefully he can be neutered next week. He has definitely hit that long and lanky stage. He is super sweet, very purry and just a goofy kitten. He will play by himself but would probably do much better in a home with a young cat or another kitten to keep himself busy.

Monday, June 10, 2019

one of these things

First, Roomba was spayed on Thursday. The head of the rescue dropped her off at the clinic with other kittens and mom did the pick up. In the Escape was Roomba, 4 other carriers and a live trap with a feral boy that had been neutered. Makes mom glad she got the bigger car.

Roomba was going to go up to the adoption center on Saturday but we have a TON of kittens and the cages are full. Mom put her up on the website and will take her to the kitten shower next weekend (or to the center sooner if space opens up) and she will hopefully find her forever home quickly. The rescue has lots of available kittens - as does every other rescue out there.

As with every rescue out there, we are up to our eyeballs in cats and kittens. Our director finally had to say we can't do intake for a few days unless it is an emergency due to lack of space and foster homes.

Some rescues and fosters won't mix litters. We absolutely respect and understand that. Our rescue will and mom is OK with it once kittens are tested and have a vaccine on board.

That said, a single kitten came in mid week and mom agreed to take him home on Saturday morning. He was a little scared when he came in so it will benefit him to be with other kittens that are super friendly. Someone found him in the exhaust pipe of a car and brought him to the rescue. He is about the size of Fate and skittish. He has hissed at mom a couple of times but she catches him and loves on him and the last time he relaxed and purred for her so we have no doubts he will be fine.
Meet Mopar

friends already - Mopar and Fate

Ciper and Roomba do tend to treat the little kittens like cat toys. Fortunately they also like the beat the daylights out of each other. Fate seems to take them both in stride but Mopar isn't really sure what to do with the two bigger kittens right now.

Oh and as for the title of today: we had originally anticipated getting more black kittens (sensing a theme here) but another foster home opened up on Friday and they went to that home. So we now have - one of these things is not like the others. MOL