Friday, September 21, 2018

Random Friday


Kiri (the tuxedo)
We have some sad news....starting Tuesday night, the kittens REALLY weren't feeling well. When mom got up Wednesday morning, she found that Harp had died overnight. The kittens all started on new medications and got fluids on Wednesday, but unfortunately Kiri died sometime early Thursday morning. 

We hate giving you all bad news....but if you could, please take a second to send some purrs and prayers for the rest of the kittens. Sapporo is very thin and Peroni is just so dang tiny. Kilkenny and Marzen seem OK, but then again so did Harp.

Whatever is going around doesn't seem to be bothering Goldfish and thankfully the kittens have been kept separate so no adults here are at risk. 

he is still a little unsure about the mom


Goldfish - being very skeptical (as always)

*on a side note, Carling it doing well at the store. The manager even said she is chatty with the public and was great with some kids that had come in to visit.

There was a lot of banging around here on Wednesday. Mom had to have our front door replaced - it leaked air and wouldn't open correctly (you basically had to body slam it to get it to open or shut). A nice man came and replaced it and the new one works great. But he sure made some serious noise. The permanent cats got locked in the back bedroom of course.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

paper bag

cat in a bag (Marzen)

carefully inspecting the alien object

giving it a taste - just in case

Mom took a paper bag into the kitten room over the weekend. They checked it out, but have been less than impressed over the last few days. Mom actually had to put Marzen in the bag to get that first picture. Apparently these kittens missed the "playing with bags" gene.

The kittens still have some intestinal issues (let's just leave it at that) and are on meds. Mom also found some flea dirt on one of them, so everyone got flea treated last night...even Goldfish. Mom had the meds in her pocket and snuck up on Goldfish while she was eating.

Hopefully once their meds are done and the fleas are dead, the kittens will start being more and more playful. They are obviously pretty tiny for their ages but then again Carling is pretty little and was supporting 6 kittens, so it is to be expected. The upside is that with the exception of Kilkenny, the little kittens are pretty friendly and seek attention. Harp will kind of sneak around but doesn't mind being held. Kilkenny can be held, but you do have to actually catch him first.

Monday, September 17, 2018

weekend report

The hots came back here this weekend.  Dang it. Mom had to shut the windows and the air thingie got turned back on too. Mom says that Mother Nature must have forgotten to change her calendar to September.

 Goldfish loves to sit on this birdhouse. We think she feels safer up there. You can see the towel is still stuffed behind it to keep her from completely hiding.

Chanel had been sleeping in the Sleepypod all curled up and then came out and sprawled on the floor. Check out her crossed back feet. Mom was hoping to get her out this weekend, but with it being STILL hot, that didn't happen.

Carling has gone to one of the rescue's partner stores - luckily the one where mom cleans. Hopefully she will adjust quickly and her forever family will find her soon too.