Friday, September 13, 2019

Random Fridays

he is cute
but he is giving mom heartburn
There seemed to be some....poop issues....going on in the kitten room. Everyone had been dewormed so mom was baffled. In an effort to change course, she switched them to raw for about 10 days (leaving out kibble since she is gone all day and they are still little). After about 3 days, things seemed to get better. Then the raw food supply ran out (bound to happen - it ain't cheap, mom ain't rich - and honestly they can't be on it forever and go to our adoption center). The older kittens still seems fine but SOMEONE is having issues again. So, back to meds. Mom did renew our supply of panacur with the rescue. The head lady said she didn't think it went laughed and said it was so old it was partly solid (why no, that couldn't POSSIBLY be the problem).

these 2 on the other hand

Goldfish LOVES toys. But she found this one and carries it around the house - mom has taken to calling it her baby. She will occasionally announce that she found it and has brought it to bed on occasion as well.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Overnight visitors

Goldfish is all "wait...what??"

well make yourself at home already

You may recognize those kittens. That is Lane in the first picture and Fate in the second picture. Mom loves our partner store, but she (jokingly - sorta) says that she can't GIVE kittens away away at that store. She grabbed them Friday so the cage could be cleaned. At that point they didn't have a landing space - either the adoption center or another store. So she brought them back here. Keep in mind they are just about 5 months old at this point.

Lane LOST HER MIND. She walked around for the evening and most of the night growling at every cat she saw. Mom was concerned about the big kittens and the little kittens, so Lane and Fate were out in the house rather than in the kitten room. Fate on the other hand was fine with the other cats. But when mom went to bed....he discovered we have BED MICE. Mom didn't get a ton of sleep as he spent most of the night jumping all over the bed and stabbing mom's feet. (note to self - next time trim their nails in the evening)

Fate toe beans 

The rescue had an event at a local home and garden show on Saturday and the volunteer who was going asked to take these two. Mom met her Saturday morning and handed them off. We got a report that the kittens had a blast.

There ended up being open spaces at the adoption center, so after the event, mom set them both up there. They are now in a cage with another kitten (black of course) and neither Lane nor Fate was too happy about the change. But no doubt they will be fine after a few hours to figure it out. Now we cross our paws they get adopted quickly. It's tough since they are getting to the "teenage" stage and are black.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Random Fridays

Hopper wants you to come JUST a little closer

Cricket on the move

one white spot on his back

yep - size is relative
The big kittens are weighing in as of last weekend at just under 2 pounds. Firefly weighed it at just about a pound.

They all continue to do well. Mom changed up their food a little and them seem to be more active for the change. Oh - and Hopper found his inner "lion" and insists on growling at anyone and everyone that comes close to his meals. Weirdo.

Firefly is keeping up with the big kids for the most part. They are certainly faster than he is, but he seems to be having fun. Though, like certain orange foster boy kittens before this, he does seem to walk around with a ? over his head quite a bit. (he cute, but he not overly bright)

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

what a weekend

With some nice weather, we've been able to have the windows open. In order to enjoy a little bit of a breeze through the condo, mom will open the slider in the kitten room and then set up the baby gate and open the door into the foster room. The kittens think this is great and Chanel likes to lay there and stare at the kittens. 

 Saturday and Sunday were busy for mom. There was an event at the partner store where mom cleans. Lane and Fate are currently there as well. We have partnered with them for 4 years and have done 99 adoptions. We were hoping to hit 100 before the event but no such luck.

Sunday was an adoption event at a local dog park. Mom took the bug kittens. They made it about 2.5 hours before the weather took a turn and everyone packed up to avoid getting wet.

Check this out too.....this little guy was found by himself in a parking lot of a convenience store. Mom saw him on Friday night and volunteered to bring him home and have him make friends with the bug kittens. It was funny though as mom was sure he was about the same size as the bugs but apparently size is relative and when he walked out of the crate she realized he is smaller than she thought. But he is holding his own with the bigger kittens and eating fine. Something happened to him at some point as his tail is about 3/4 length and missing the hair at the end and his one  back foot looks like it was injured at some point. But he isn't limping or anything, so no doubt he is fine and no lasting damage.

In keeping with the theme, mom decided to name him Firefly.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Friday, August 30, 2019

Random Fridays

In case you missed it on social media, yesterday we celebrated Daiquiri's 5th Birthday.

Mom is in the process of replacing all the "litter" boxes with new ones (we don't use regular boxes - she cuts the sides down on large storage containers). Two more to go and Daiquiri is currently using them as a fort.

That is one relaxed Goldfish.

Mom will be out and about most of the weekend. Fortunately Monday is a holiday plus she decided to take Tuesday off as a "mental health" day.

Saturday she will be local with one of the rescue partner stores to celebrate 4 years together and (hopefully) 100 adoptions:
If you are around central Ohio, stop by the Graceland Pet Valu. And if you know someone in the area looking to adopt, send them our way.

Sunday is another adoption event, but the rescue isn't expecting big things from that one.

We know it won't last, but it has been nice here for a few days and mom has had the windows open. It gets a little warm in the condo by late afternoon but nothing terrible.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


We have a couple of these and they continue to fascinate the kittens.

They continue to do well. They were a little off of canned food for a few days, but mom got some dewormer in them and that seemed to help. She needs to get the scale out and weigh them again. But the next surgery dates she could get were the end of September, so we have plenty of time. For now they are doing well, had their first vaccines and are complete lovebugs.

Monday, August 26, 2019

weekend update


The weather got REALLY nice here starting on Friday, so mom opened our windows. Since she was home most of the weekend, she opened the screen door in the foster room and propped open the foster room door while using baby jail as an air lock to keep the kittens inside. Fortunately the kittens haven't figured out how to climb the gate yet, so there were no escapes. It was nice to have some fresh air and a cool breeze through the house. Supposedly it will be nice most of the week so we will have open windows for a few more days. Of course, it is August in the mid-west, so we know it won't last forever.

Of course, if the foster room door is open, some cat will have to go check it out. Daiquiri was in there a couple of times. The first time the kittens put on their stranger danger suits - we think more that they weren't expecting her to drop out of no where. After that, she went in a couple more times but as always there wasn't anything very interesting so she came right back out. Of course, this one time Ivy saw Daiquiri in there but can't defy gravity enough to follow....  MOL

Friday, August 23, 2019

Random Fridays



Check out the background of this picture. Our friend Miss Connie of Tails from the Foster Kittens posted a while ago about redoing things in her foster room. Part of what she did was take adhesive shelf liner and put it on the walls. Mom read that and was all.....THAT IS BRILLIANT!!

Of course she then realized it was not a one person job, so thankfully Miss Zamion came over on Saturday and helped her put it up on the back wall behind the food dishes and litter boxes.

Beetle rarely holds still long enough for a decent picture. This was isn't great, but it is as good as it got. MOL

These three are just awesome kittens. They will run around like lunatics but then also come up and climb into mom's lap for a nap. She got to thinking and really none of the kittens from this summer were lap kittens except for this crew. They are a little small for their ages, but are a good weight. Mom weighed them on Sunday and they were all about 1 pound 10 ounces (and they are about 8 weeks as of last Monday - give or take).

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

cute videos

Miss Lane - we don't believe you are supposed to be playing with that

Turns out the fountain works again - SORTA. Our friend Miss Z came over and messed with it. Mom can put water in it but can't fill it. Over a certain point and the dumb thing leaks out the back. Of course, as you can see, a certain tuxedo cat won't leave it alone either.

Actually....she spent the first half hour messing with it and lost interest. She will drink out of it but only tries to play with it after mom adds more water.

Who me??

Monday, August 19, 2019

weekend update

Well last week certainly sucked. Mom got a text on Thursday evening that the couple that had adopted Enigma came in that night and wanted to let the rescue (and mom) know that he had been euthanized on Monday for FIP. We hate that stupid disease.....  RIP Enigma/Anubis. We know your mom and dad loved you very much and miss you terribly.

Wait? Where we going??

Mom took Lane and Fate to the local partner store where she helps clean. Normally they would go up to the adoption center but there was an opening and mom wants to see if they could get adopted from the store. The cage isn't very big so if they are there more than a couple of weeks, mom will move them to the adoption center. They would probably go in the juvenile kitten room and there are quite a few kittens there are the moment and mom is afraid they will get overlooked.

Lane and Fate are both 4 months old, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, fully vaccinated and microchipped. They don't have to go together but would do very well together or would need to be in a home committed to keeping them busy or with another younger cat as they are both very active. That said, they are also so very very sweet. They are in central Ohio.

We had these two for quite a while and this was a hard one for mom leaving them up there.

The bug kittens continue to do well. They are wild and crazy but also so very sweet and love to come up and climb on mom for some love when she is in there with them.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Random Fridays

Thanks for all the comments about Mopar. It is part of fostering, but it never gets easier (and if it does then we should probably find something else to do with our time).

mom walked into the bedroom last weekend and saw this
pretty sure she doesn't even WANT to know what those two were plotting

Lane adores that fish shaped kicker
which is good since her newest habit is to chew on mom

the face of the very smug (Fate)

Fate and Lane are recovering really well from surgery. Like most kittens, they came home, rushed out of the carrier, demanded a meal and ran around like they were on fire. Weirdos.

Luckily there is a spot at the partner store where mom helps clean so they are going to head up there tomorrow morning. There hasn't been a ton of luck with kittens out of this store, but mom would love to see it happen.

The bug kittens continue to do well. Mom put the happy duck from Miss Dee back in the foster room and they can be found curled up on him napping (btw - Fate tried this and mom saw him on the web cam....he didn't fit so well - hahaha).

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

break out

As it was left on Monday, Mopar had broken IN to baby jail twice Saturday night and Sunday morning. Mom decided to surrender since the last time (Mopar wasn't going OVER - he was pushing the gate) resulted in Cricket getting out and wandering around the room.

Mom took the pen done Sunday morning and let everyone mingle. There was some name calling, the little kittens bounced around and occasionally put on their "stranger danger" outfits. All in all however, it went fairly well. Meal time is taking longer as mom has to stay in the room to make sure that everyone gets to eat....some of them aren't very good about staying in their own spots.

Lane leans over to give a little kitten a good whacking

same little kitten yells at Lane that she wasn't done with her just yet

Beetle checks out the track ball.

Considering that the bug kittens are less than half the size of the single kittens, it has been going pretty well. Luckily Fate and Lane have decided that the little ones can be fun, but bouncing on each other is MORE fun.

In other news: the single kittens went yesterday for their spay/neuter surgeries. Fate and Lane are doing well and are now ready for their new homes.

Mopar however was having some issues. We had been treating him and hoping for the best, but he looked bad at the clinic yesterday. They tapped his belly and pulled out yellow fluid which is a sign of FIP and the director of the rescue authorized them to euthanize him. Mom is heartbroken. He took a while to come around but once he did he became a wonderful and lovely boy. Mom spent some time in the kitten room on Monday night and gave him lots of love.


Monday, August 12, 2019

weekend update

If you have been following us on instagram and facebook, you will have seen these faces before now:
Hopper, Cricket and Beetle

They had been taken in by a young local vet as bottle babies. She got a call asking her to take more bottle babies and since these three are eating on their own, the rescue agreed to take them and mom picked them up last Tuesday. They were tested (negative) and came to the house. Mom was told they were 6 weeks old (now about 7 weeks) but they were smaller than mom anticipated so she put them in the bathroom rather than the foster room.

That didn't last very long. They were rowdy and mom wanted the bathroom back. Saturday morning she took the smaller exercise pen and set it up in a corner of the foster room as their own section of the room. Bets were placed as to how long it would take for the bigger kittens to break in.

we didn't do it and you can't prove anything

By Sunday morning, Mopar had broken in to baby jail - TWICE. (to be honest, mom's money had been on Fate being the jail breaker, so she was rather surprised the first time she found Mopar inside the pen) Mid morning she gave up and took down the pen and spent some time in there supervising to make sure that the big kittens didn't beat up the little kittens....  More on that Wednesday.