Monday, July 15, 2019

weekend review

Mom says it was a relatively quiet weekend. She ran some errands on Saturday - including adoptions from one of our partner stores. YAY!!!

Otherwise it was lazy or goofing off....

that track ball is pretty popular

Fate haz complaints

Lane haz complaints too

Mopar is complainy too. This whole crew has opinions about EVERYTHING and every reason to yell at mom every chance that they get. Especially for breakfast and dinner.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Random Fridays

If you live near central Ohio and are free Tuesday night, the rescue is doing a fundraiser at Platform Beer Co from 3pm to midnight. Mom is going to try to sneak out of work early, grab Chanel and head down there to show our support since Chanel is an alumi.
last year sitting at the table in the bar


If you aren't checking the webcam into the foster room, you should be. Mom pulled out a crinkly tube for the kittens. After a couple of days on the balcony to air out, it came back inside yesterday morning. Fate was a little freaked out by it at first, but mom checked on them throughout the day and found them playing in it quite a bit.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Life with Goldfish

**a post by the mom

When I agreed (ok - admitted) that Goldfish was staying and becoming a permanent member of the house, I knew it would be a challenge.
but look at that face!!

That girl had some serious trust issues. And honestly, I didn't want another situation like we have with Junior - where he lives here and is fine with the other cats but runs from me even if I just walk within four feet of him.

I was willing to accept her limitations if that is what it came down to, but I was hoping for more. I did get lucky in a couple of circumstances - she was younger than Junior when they both came here, and I know more about cats and ferals and behavior now than I did then. 

Crash and her minion

Without realizing it at the time, I got lucky on another front. Goldfish started to really learn how to be a cat once she was released into the house. OK - so she was learning from the resident weird cat (Chanel), but she was still learning. much as Chanel is a little weird about some things, she is mostly fearless. She isn't afraid of people coming in the house, she isn't afraid of noises, heck she isn't afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Now if people come over, Chanel comes out and Goldfish will venture out slowly. I don't call Goldfish the "minion" for nothing.

Fairly quickly Goldfish developed a habit I have come to love. She followed Chanel up on the bed at night and then got pretty friendly with me so long as I was laying down. Then she started sleeping right NEXT to me. Now she runs into the bedroom when I head in that direction and jumps up on the bed looking for attention. I have even been able on more than one occasion to actually pet her while standing next to the bed.

I take it in baby steps and completely at her speed. I tried sitting on the floor this winter and offering her treats. She was pretty took her about 20 minutes to come very close and even then she wouldn't come closer than my ankles. I am going to keep trying though. The nice part is that she is food motivated so I have that in my favor.

But there was something new this past weekend. She came over and rubbed against my ankles. I reached over from the chair where I was reading and she rubbed into my hand (that is the routine - she has to bump my hand and then I can run my hand down her body - one hand only thank you though). She came over and we went through the routine for several minutes - until Daiquiri batted the toy out of the kitchen and then she was off and running. Check it out:

In case I was afraid it was a fluke - she did it again this weekend. She had been asleep on the cat ladder by the window. She woke up and when I called her name, she chirped and came over for some attention.

I doubt she will ever be a lap cat. No one here currently really is so she isn't going to learn that from anyone (Ivy will occasionally but not on a regular basis).

The one big concern I have with her is her annual vet check due in October. I don't want to grab her from the bed since that is our safe space. I do have gabapentin on hand and plan to put that in some food. Hopefully that will slow her down enough that I can catch her and get her in a carrier (without losing a finger). Hopefully she will forgive me for it fairly quickly. And yes....the vet will get fair warning.  haha

Monday, July 8, 2019

eat it or wear it

**sorry we are late - mom screwed up (again....we may have to look into getting new help around here)

The kittens have been getting canned food in the morning and evening now for a couple of days. Lane and Mopar were feeling a little skinny and they need to be putting on weight for the amount of running around they do all the time. They will eat the dry, but break open a can and they act like they haven't eaten in days. Heck - this morning Mopar launched himself at mom and hung off her shirt as she got breakfast ready.

Lane and Mopar can get a little growly with each other (and poor Fate - he has no idea what to do with those two). Mom won't put up with it, so the offender gets picked up and moved off for a minute.

hey Fate - you have something on your head

Mopar guarding his meal

yep - good stuff

little clean up after meal time (Lane)

clean up crew
**only if mom opens a large can - otherwise the kittens eat EVERYTHING

Friday, July 5, 2019

new scratching post

Mom was asked by Art of Paws if she would be willing to do a review of their tall scratching post for a reduced cost on the purchase. Mom loves their products and was happy to get in on the deal. (disclaimer: we didn't get the product free but we did get a very reduced price. the savings does NOT affect our opinions. everything expressed here is our own thoughts)

It comes in pieces in a box but was very easy to screw together - it took mom all of about 20 minutes. Once assembled, she took it in to the foster room to let the kittens have a try with it. The base is fairly wide making it very stable but it was lighter than mom was expecting when she picked it up. 

Fate was the first contestant to check it out. Mom had to set him up to it but once he realized he could climb it, he was pretty entertained. 

The top of the post is wide and comes with a bed that velcros to the post itself. Due to their size, the kittens weren't able to climb up the post and then get up on top. Mom put Lane up there to check it out and made sure it was sitting next to the storage boxes for an easy exit. However, Lane did decide at one point to jump from the top, so it won't be staying in with the kittens. 

a good vantage point for surveying his kingdom

yes kittens - it IS further down than you think

Of course once the kittens gave it a try, Goldfish had to give it a good sniff too.

Mom is slowing upgrading our furniture in the house to make it look a little nicer. This piece is certainly cat furniture, but it is VERY nicely done and looks nicer than our old carpet covered pieces. Plus, this is super tall and the base wide enough so that it won't tip over.

If you are looking for a nice tall scratcher, this is a good piece to add to your collection. We give it 5 paws up!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

that banging time of year

Well...summer is here and along with it comes the need by some to light off fireworks.

Mom knows she is lucky in that most of us don't freak out about loud noises. Goldfish is afraid of the trash truck (every freaking week) and Daiquiri doesn't like thunder and thereby doesn't like fireworks. She hides under the bed and won't come out until it is over. But it could be much worse.

However, in addition to pets, there are people out there that can't stand the banging noises. It startles wildlife and causes accidents. Not to mention the number of animals that escape and end up in shelters every year - and if they are lucky manage to get caught before they get injured.

We know that people think of fireworks as a form of celebration. Just PLEASE if you want to enjoy them, find a local city or municipality and enjoy their shows. No one in your neighborhood needs fireworks going off near their houses (not to mention it is illegal in most areas to let them off close to residences).

Some tips from the ASPCA about keeping safe over the 4th.

And more from the AVMA:
  1. make sure your animals are microchipped (you should do this anyhow)
  2. make sure your information is UP TO DATE with the microchip company
  3. register microchips with the manufacturer and also
  4. have additional id for your pet - tags with your name & phone number (Chanel's also has our email address)
  5. have a safe space available - a crate or a spot in a closet or bathroom

Be safe....

Monday, July 1, 2019

weekend report

Quick note: mom discovered who is fostering the A kittens. They have been renamed but are doing great with the bottle feeders and are growing like mad.

Mopar is making great progress. Mom left him by himself for a day last weekend when she was at an event and it has made a lot of difference. He is still a little shy but he is coming over and looking for attention and not running as much. He is more eager to come over when mom is sitting down rather than when she is standing. She still has to grab him, but he then relaxes and purrs while she pets him.

 Lane has lots of opinions about EVERYTHING! She is doing great and has no issues telling those boys exactly what she thinks of them.

so judgy

Lane is a shoulder dweller

Fate is harder to get pictures of since he runs around the room like a nut or is snuggled up to mom trying to get all the attention.

Mom did weigh everyone yesterday. Mopar is 1 pound 12 ounces, Fate is 1 pound 9 ounces, and Lane is 1 pound 7 ounces. Everyone is gaining weight - plus they were all dewormed again so that will help as well. They have been getting canned food once a day in addition to what they have available all the time. But based on size, they will be with us for a few weeks anyhow.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Random Fridays

At the event last weekend, one of our favorite photographers David Brown was there taking pictures for rescues and adopters (he has taken several of Chanel that we have posted before). Mom took over Cipher, Roomba and Fate for pictures. As always, they are awesome:


aka danger nugget

(she looks like she is in training for the next serial killer movie)

Also, since this is the time of year when we are up to our ears at the rescue with mom cats and kittens, but also with single kittens, mom took in another single and she is in the foster room with Fate and Mopar.
Meet Lane. She was left at one of our rescue's partner stores in a carrier all by note, no nothing. She has been tested (negative) and vaccinated and met the boys on Tuesday. They spent a good deal of time getting up in her personal space and she spent that same time telling them to get lost. She is a little bit smaller than Fate and Mopar but definitely holding her own.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

in other news

Before we go too far, let's start with this: everyone is FINE!!!

However, last Wednesday, Anastasia started acting like she wasn't hungry. Thursday she didn't eat anything, Friday ate a couple of bites. Mom contacted the rescue and took her and the kittens over Friday evening. Anastasia got fluids and a good looking over. Mom took home some meds along with a bottle and formula to supplement the kittens (oh joy).

With the adoption event this past weekend, mom made arrangements to drop Anastasia and the kittens back at the rescue on Saturday morning. They would get looked at again and at least someone would be able to monitor them during the day.

Friday night was....long. Mom worried and didn't get much sleep. Anastasia was cranky and didn't want anything to do with the kittens. The kittens wanted less than nothing to do with the bottle thank-you-very-much. Luckily they were still bright and alert and active by Saturday morning.

Mom dropped them all off and close to the end of the day sent a text to see if she was picking the family back up or what. Well, turns out they tried removing the kittens to see what Anastasia did when she was alone. She immediately started eating and acting like the sweet cat mom took home a week ago. Based on that, the kittens went to a bottle feeder and Anastasia will get spayed and moved to the adoption floor. She came to the rescue after her owner passed away. She was home, then at the rescue then with us and mom thinks the stress of all that along with having kittens was just too much for her. No worries Anastasia - we understand and you and the babies are in good hands.

We will keep you posted if/when we learn more about them, but for now, they aren't with us. Fostering is about remembering that no matter how attached we get, change is necessary some times for the best thing for the animals. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Big weekend event

Sorry this is a little late going up - mom was gone all weekend at a large adoption event both Saturday and Sunday. The event was 11-4 but of course as volunteers, that means set up on Friday, getting there early both days, not leaving until 4:30pm on Saturday and packing everything up on Sunday. Makes for a long weekend. Mom came home Saturday, had a snack and was asleep by 9:30pm. MOL

But there were lots of rescues, lots of local vendors for shopping and food trucks!!!

these are Miss Sarah's kittens having a good time 
on Saturday in our pop up play pen

Cipher and Roomba were both there
mom bought Cipher a rainbow bowtie for the event

cats and stuff to buy at our booth

adoption events are hard work - but this looks
a lot like sleeping on the job

We didn't get any cat applications though we did get a couple of two of the dogs that we had there. Mom says events like these are sometimes more about exposure for the rescue and getting our name out there. Plus it is a great way to socialize kittens to dogs and loud noises and everything else. Sunday morning before they opened, there were sparrows flying around (the event was in a big arena building at the county fairgrounds) and the kittens were mesmerized. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Random Fridays

If you are anywhere near Ohio, there is a big event this weekend at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. Fetch A Friend and Shop Local got together for a huge shopping and pet adoption event. 11-4 Saturday and Sunday. Mom will be out there both days with Colony Cats and is hoping to take Roomba and Cipher.

Mom is a little concerned about Anastasia. She is taking good care of the kittens but certainly isn't eating much to keep herself and 3 kittens going. Mom gave her some canned food Tuesday night and she ate it, ate most of another can Wednesday night but wouldn't touch anything Thursday morning. Mom spoke to the rescue and they may try an appetite stimulant just to jump start her.

what? mini panthers are tasty

Good news: Cipher is now neutered!! So he can be put on the website and we can start searching for his forever home.

In other news, Cipher seems to think it is a giant game to see if he can get OUT of the foster room before mom gets IN the foster room. The other night he made it out and mom gave up and left him out for a while as she spent time with Mopar and Fate and cleaned and fed everyone. She came back out and he was having a blast so she let him run around for a little longer. He headed down the steps and must have stopped a couple of steps from the top. Goldfish wandered over (keep in mind she did KNOW he was loose in the house), his head popped up over the edge of the steps, and Goldfish went FULL Halloween cat on him - though no hissing, just all fluffed up.

Mopar is still kind of suspicious of mom. She is thinking about maybe moving him to a smaller crate in the living room for a couple of days. It tends to work with scaredy/feral type kittens to help them friendly up some. Not sure WHY it works, but it tends to. Of course that will leave a very whiny Fate in the kitten room by himself if Cipher goes to the adoption event all weekend. Oh well - mom says she won't be home to listen to him complain about it. MOL

you really going out looking like that?
(honestly we never know quite what that girl is thinking,
but she sure looks like she has opinions about everything)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

the other kittens

Mopar and his tongue
He is doing....OK. He is out a lot when mom isn't home but still
isn't too sure about being held. She has started giving them some 
canned food in the evening and is going to use that as bribery.

The boy is a lover. Once he makes weight and is available for
adoption, some very lucky family is going to get a great kitten.

yes - there is a cat on the other side of the door

so concerned about everything

no Fate, you really can't fit through that opening

Darth Cipher
That boy and his snot. He is on a second round of antibiotics and has been nebulized a few times to help him breath better. Seems to work for a few days and then we are back to hearing him breath across the room. However - he isn't sneezing green snot and heaven knows he is active and eating and being his dorky self. The rescue is concerned it may be a polyp but the only way to really know is knock him out and stick a scope up his nose. We aren't there yet, but that may end up being an option. Of course, he hasn't been neutered yet and therefore can't be adopted yet either. In the meantime, he is very BORED in the kitten room with the littler boys and will happily howl his complaints in the evening.

Monday, June 17, 2019

weekend report

Mom was at the rescue's kitten shower on Saturday. There were lots of donations, baked goods and of course kittens for adoptions. They raised over $1,000 and there was (mom thinks) 13 adoptions, including 2 kittens at the shower and applications for 3 other kittens. Roomba went with mom though she didn't get an application but some good attention. Since there was some space, mom left her at the adoption center and we will keep you posted.

Of course since mom was there, she went wandering through the intake section of the rescue and saw these nuggets. And brought them home. They are about 2 weeks old so it was easy to take them as she can put them with their mom in the bathroom and they are easy care.

This is mom. She is very sweet and pretty calm. She did get a look at another cat at the rescue when she was in the carrier with her kittens and got pretty mad though. Since mom isn't sure what she is going to do, there is an "airlock" system in front of the bathroom door to keep us from sniffing too close and annoying the momma cat. She came with the name Anastasia the Third.

Mom decided to go with "A" names for the kittens. They are all girls and the one in the back looks like a meezer. The others are gray and white like their momma but only one has tabby stripes. You can see their names in the first picture, but mom went with Arctic (the meezer), Alaska (the tabby), and Alsace (white with gray spots). The kittens are very calm and don't mind being handled, which is great.

Cipher seems to be doing better though she had him nebulized again on Friday as he sounded really congested. Fate is his friendly self and Mopar is slowly coming around.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Random Fridays

Ummm - so a quick note. Mom was playing with the kittens last night and noticed something about Fate. Well, to be blunt, 2 somethings. Yep - she screwed up and Fate is a boy. So he is now wearing a blue collar and we will be dropping the "Miss" from his name. But he will forever be the #dangernugget

Yep - mom gave us another paper bag.
You all can go away - important private meeting here.

That Roomba - so judgy
There is a kitten shower tomorrow at the rescue (if you live near central Ohio, come visit - baked goods, cat stuff and KITTENS). Since Roomba is spayed and ready to go, she will go with mom. She even has a new pink collar with a bow tie to wear (don't tell her - we don't think she will approve). The rescue is hoping for a good turnout with lots of donations and adoptions.

"something touched me"

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!