Friday, November 15, 2019

in case of emergency

**a post from the mom

After a certain "incident" this spring involving Chanel, I got to thinking about plans in place for when I am out of town and the pet sitter is caring for the cats. I reached out to the owner of the pet sitting service that I use and asked her some questions about how they handle different situations. They just recently updated their policies and I updated all the cat info online with them as well.

Q: Do you have emergency plans in place for clients? 
We do have emergency plans in place for all clients including vet release/permission to treat forms, emergency contact information for each client, a section in our handbook and training manuals on how to handle various situations which include contacting myself or Jandi (her assistant) immediately. We also have various training classes in addition to the hands-on training and pet first aid classes each sitter takes upon being hired.

Q: How often do you review emergency plans?
As for how often we review those plans with clients, it is on an individual basis mostly. We do ask that clients make sure all information in the system is updated for all pets before traveling which is in our policies signed upon becoming a new client as well as asking for updates when we know a pet has a medical condition that we have already cared for. We do have our software set to where a client isn't able to schedule services if certain things in the pet info section has been left blank and I am able to filter accounts by things such as not having a current signed policy by client, not having a vet listed for a pet along with various other filters.

Q: How do you handle emergency situations?
Any emergency situation is really a case by case basis. In 12 years, there have thankfully only been 4 situations where we have needed to get a pet into one of the emergency hospitals immediately and we have had a couple of times where a sitter noticed a health issue that hadn't been caught yet including two cases of cancer where the pet got treatment and lived several years after.

Our policy is for the sitter to contact the office first unless it is an absolute emergent situation where we have them contact us on the way to MedVet or OSU. We have a couple of vet techs as sitters who have also helped determine the severity of something, including Lynn, who worked for MedVet for 16 years. We do try to reach the client before any decisions are made and if we know they will be unreachable/out of the country, we ask that they leave a signed release just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately both OSU and MedVet have policies now where they require speaking directly to the owners over the phone for permission to treat but most vets still accept a written release. We do suggest to all clients who will be traveling that they contact their vet ahead of time to leave permission. All of this is something we go over on a yearly basis to make sure we stay as informed as possible on changes from others. We do have a spot where clients can pre-approve emergency treatment up to a certain dollar amount if they are not able to be reached. We have clients who have written anything from zero to unlimited. I always prefer to talk to a client not only for permission but to let them know what is going on, what steps we are taking and anything else we need to know.

Q: Have you ever encountered anything strange?
You would be surprised at some situations we have walked into without being told ahead of time or being told after they have already left. The one that stands out the most is a clients’ new kitten who was several months old actually *ingested* part of a foam bathmat before they left town. They did take the kitty to their vet before they left that day but I did not learn about it until they had already gone. Their vet thought the kitty would be ok and it didn't seem like there was any blockage but there was. We ended up going to check on him shortly after learning about it and thank goodness we did. He was not shut up in a room as he was supposed to be and did have a blockage. It took Shiloh close to an hour to find him and he would not have survived the night without emergency care. This is also one of the reasons we don't accept every other day visits- so many things can happen in a short amount of time. Cats are especially adept at hiding illness until it's bad- very much a worry all of us have on our minds often.

Q: What is your policy for client contact?
Sitters are never supposed to handle an emergency without contacting myself or Jandi. If anything is out of the norm, even something simple like runny poo for more than one visit, they are to contact us. We want to be proactive vs reactive!! I would rather have 10 calls a day just being paranoid than not be informed and something happen. Our #1 priority is the health and safety of the pets in our care and we can't do that effectively without communication. This is why we have a FB group as well as a group text chat in addition to our phones and email.

I feel pretty lucky to be using this business. Ingrid (the owner) fosters so she understands that my house can some days be a little bit of chaos and that I don't own your "typical" house cats. There was an incident where a sitter went to my place and found that a foster kitten had passed away unexpectedly. Ingrid called and we went over the next steps and they were great.

What she did express in her email to me was that she had no idea about the incident with Chanel and Bissell. Apparently the sitter broke their protocol (he is no longer with them as he took another job) and he never contacted her. Fortunately I was on my way home and it wasn't very serious at the time so there wasn't anything to be done, but she was glad she found out and advised me that this would be brought up in their next meeting.

The best advice we can give you - find a service that you trust. Have conversations with them about how your household runs, what to expect, your expectations of them, and any changes that come up over time. Know what their policies are for everything that might come up while you are gone. Make sure they have contact information and pet information - I actually have a sheet in one of my cabinets with cat names, descriptions, microchip numbers, last rabies date and my phone number and vet information.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Christmas Village

we have our own Christmas village

Mom didn't intend to buy another scratcher from Target, but the camper was just too cute. The picture on the box shows kittens so she wasn't sure about the size, but as you can see, it fits one adult cat just right. Chanel has tried to fit 2 cats in there, but it isn't big enough for that.

The middle ski chalet is from last year. The blue one was a gift from some friends that apparently mom put somewhere for "safe keeping" and forgot about until she stumbled up on it this past weekend.

Chanel may have been the first one inside, but Daiquiri quickly took over residency after that. One of the houses is usually occupied at some point during the day.

Monday, November 11, 2019

kitten update

Dragon in her lair

Selkie thinks he is hiding

you have offended the Wyvern

Gargoyle acts like the code inspector
Selkie's choice of hiding spot may not pass

The kittens are doing pretty well. Gargoyle is still being....herself. :) She is 14 kinds of opinionated - about everything. You are combing her wrong. She hasn't been fed in a timely manner. Those new kittens showed up without her permission. On and on....

And now she is mad at mom too - it seems that Dragon decided to share her cooties and now Gargoyle has them. So they are both being medicated. And no one is happy about it (including mom - she is tired of being stabbed by Dragon). Fortunately Dragon is feeling much better and it out of the cube most of the time and playing.

Selkie and Wyvern are a little shy which is understandable. But they LOVE toys and food, so mom is using those as bribes. We bet they come around in no time.

Friday, November 8, 2019

New kittens

Mom had sort of been on the hunt for additional kittens for a little while. Gargoyle needs some friends and Dragon just doesn't feel well enough yet to put up with her shenanigans.

Wednesday night mom was volunteering for her shift at the rescue. The director walked by and said "would you like more monkey?". Well of course.....

Mom cat is feral and has been spayed and returned to her territory. They were hanging out at a muffler shop. Since they are joining the #mythicalkittens group, they got appropriate names. They just came into the rescue yesterday and a little worse for wear. They have big bellies so most likely worms as they are also thin around the ribs. They are acting mostly scared though not "feral" - just freaked out (go figured - caught, caged, transported, then released into a completely strange place). 

brown tabby and probably long haired
not sure about gender yet

short haired and a boy

her poor nose....
Mom doesn't think she cares so much about new kittens

yes - getting a picture of that kitten is a pain

oh hey look - she can sit still (for about .2 seconds)

The kittens tested negative and have had a vaccine and started dewormer medication. Since we know their tests are negative, mom put them into the foster room. Dragon was more interested in dinner being served (OK - we are glad she is eating, but it is funny). Gargoyle on the other hand was TOTALLY offended at new kittens being in HER room. She growled, hissed and raised the paw of doom (can you really call it that if she weighs less than 2 pounds?) and generally acted like a bad hostess.

Mom gave the kittens overnight and Thursday morning to settle into the house. She is spending Thursday afternoon with them to help them settle and try to comb out Wyvern. The faster they get used to mom, the faster they will get all lovey and be ready to get adopted. They aren't 2 pounds yet so we have some time. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

more kitten video

Mom can't help herself - Gargoyle is so full of beans that the videos are pretty hilarious.

Dragon is doing better and eating pretty well but still not wanting to play much which leaves Gargoyle to entertain herself. Mostly she is fine though every once in a while there is some complaining from the foster room as she tries to "play" with Dragon and Dragon yells at the top of her lungs.

Poor Dragon's nose is still kind of stuffed up. She has a scab over one nostril and mom has stopped picking it off since it bleeds some. So Dragon can mostly only breathe out of one side of her nose for the moment until everything heals up. But she seems to be putting on some weight which is good to see as well.

However, for your entertainment.....Gargoyle:

Monday, November 4, 2019

Weekend report

There was an adoption event on Sunday at the partner store where Fate is staying. Mom stopped by to spend some time and see him.

Moro and Skittles
Moro actually was adopted
and went home



Friday, November 1, 2019

Random Fridays

a girl and her favorite toy

Ivy LOVES this bed
mom moved it to a different spot (this one)
and Ivy spends a lot of her time on it now

We have mentioned on social media that Miss Dragon wasn't feeling so well. She has a virus called calici - which makes her stuffed up and also causes lesion (sores) in her mouth. She wasn't eating for several days and mom was having to syringe feed her. Despite not feeling well, Dragon has some serious ninja skills and mom has been sliced up by the baby claws (yes Dragon got a manicure - no it doesn't make much difference). Thankfully Dragon has started eating again on her own and we seem to be over the hump with her. One side of her nose is pretty swollen so she whistles while she breathes and HATES getting her nose cleaned. Her mouth is still pretty sore but it is being managed. And she screams like a lunatic when Gargoyle jumps on her trying to play.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

a Fish tale

**a post from the mom

yes, she learned to cat from Chanel

If you have been following along, you know that Fate was here for about 3 weeks getting over a cold and left last Thursday.

While Goldfish seemed to have fun playing with him while he was here, there was a not so fun turn of events. Fate LOVED to sleep on the bed snuggled right up next to me. Normally Goldfish will get up on the bed as I am reading and ask for some love and attention and then settle in and sleep at least part of the night on the bed. After the first night of Fate being in the house, she stopped coming up and was sleeping elsewhere.

I was a little heartbroken. But more than that I was worried that having broken this pattern with her, it would step back any progress I had made being friendly with her. The bed really is her safe place. I can touch her sometimes on the cat ladder, but more than a few seconds and she will leave or hiss at me. She will sometimes walk by me when I am watching TV and let me pet her. But the bed was our spot.

After Fate left, I held my breath. There was no sign of her on Thursday night. But Friday night, she got up and, after carefully looking around, came up for attention and flopped over next to me most of the night.

Thank the cat gods - I hadn't broken her.

However, another strange thing happened on Saturday. I drove a dog transport and a friend went with me. We stopped for dinner and then she came over to love on the kittens. We were sitting in the living room (she was trying to convince Ivy to come over for some love - Ivy wasn't buying it). Goldfish came down the hall - casually stretching out and then walked over to me. I rubbed along her back. And then it happened....she walked over to my friend (who was sitting on the floor) and asked for attention. Goldfish rubbed back and forth and leaned in to her. I don't think either one of us dared to even take a breath. After about a minute, Goldfish just as casually walked back down the hall.

You know - no big deal..... 

Geez I love that girl. We will have to see if it ever happens again, but it was a wonder to see her so relaxed. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

Weekend report

you comin' in here or what??

Dragon isn't feeling very well. She has a virus and her nose is very stuffed up. She is getting nebulized and fluids. The biggest part is making sure she eats which is tough when her nose is so stuffy. Of course, right now she kind of hates mom a lot. She sees mom and is convinced she is going to be "tortured" by being medicated or getting her nose cleaned off. Mom grabbed her yesterday just to hold her for a little bit and Dragon laid there like she was playing possum.

Gargoyle on the other hand is doing very well. She is active and on the go all the time. She has opinions about everything and feels there is no reason that she can't be right all the time.

Fate moved to a partner store on Thursday. It is kind of weirdly quiet around here. We have gotten a couple of reports and he seems to be doing great. He is hanging right at the front of the cage and being all flirty with everyone that walks by so we are hopefully he will charm someone pretty quickly.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Random Fridays

a Gargoyle in a bowl

Dragon watching Fate eat her dinner

The two tinys are doing well. If you missed it on social media, Gryffon passed away on Sunday. She was fine Saturday morning but started going downhill. She made it through the night but passed away in mom's arms Sunday morning. This time of year is especially hard - kittens are part of second litters and it is getting colder and it is just harder.

Gargoyle and Dragon are doing fine. Dragon still has a cold and is all sorts of stuffed up, but she is playing and eating great. She is getting a little hand shy with mom since mom is the bringer of meds and nose pickings right now.

Um Fate - are you supposed to be up there?

Yes, that is a certain black kitten on TOP of the doors to the foster room. He goes in and out to mooch the canned kitten food. Mom swore he was in one day and then saw him out and figured she just let him out and forgot. Until he let himself back in...and out...and in...and out. You get the idea. Mom isn't very happy about him jumping all the way up and down from that height. And the other night he landed ON her.... He is over his cold, so back up to the adoption center or off to a partner store for him. He is a sweet lovey boy and we are hoping someone picks him quickly. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

You can't handle the nip

Miss Connie sent us a grade-A catnip toy. Mom figured that Daiquiri would be all over it.

Turn out she was wrong. Ivy grabbed it first....

Then a certain teenager got his paws on it

Just as an FYI....Fate is a mean and slappy drunk.

Friday, October 18, 2019

new friends

Hey look - that mysterious orange cat that lives here
Hi Junior!!

We aren't fans of single kittens. They need friends to learn how to "cat". We know some places don't mix litters of kittens, but we will with caution.

Since Gargoyle is by herself and kind of....needy, mom reached out to the rescue and we now have these newbies:
 Both are girls. The tuxedo is a little smaller than Gargoyle and the tabby is pretty tiny. They are all eating pretty well, though the tuxedo is stuffed up and mom is having to clean her nose before meals. She is getting nebulized so that will help her breathe better as well.

Names you ask?? We are going with a #mythicalkittens theme. Gargoyle. The tuxedo girl will be Dragon and the tabby will be Gryffon.
 Gargoyle would like you to know that she thought she was lonely, but she might want to change her mind. She hasn't been terribly friendly yet with the other kittens, but it has only been a couple of days. Hopefully they will come together as their own little family in no time.

Fate would just like access to the kitten food....

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

wow he was little

We are giving you a little throw back today....back when the #dangernugget was still a nugget. Yep - that is Fate getting his butt kicked by Cipher.

In contrast, this is Fate now being stalked by an itty bitty Gargoyle

Monday, October 14, 2019

weekend report

First things first - Cricket was ADOPTED on Friday!!!

the picture isn't great, but she's still cute

The goal is to get her a couple of friends. Some rescues won't mix kittens and we certainly respect that. We will on occasion and in this case she needs kittens her own age to play with and snuggle. Fate goes in there occasionally but mainly for the buffet not the company.

Speaking of Fate, he is being *mostly* a good boy and has a couple of weeks left on his meds before he can go back to the center. Unfortunately we currently have a TON of black kittens and juveniles so keep your paws crossed.

Friday, October 11, 2019

$3 fun




Mom found this bowl at Walmart. It is supposed to be a candy bowl for trick or treating, but she thought it would be cute to keep our toys "contained". Then she thought it might be cuter to let the kittens play with it and see if she could get some cute pictured. They weren't overly cooperative, but some of them were cute. Mom left the bowl in the room until they left on Wednesday and she could hear them playing with it from time to time.

Left you ask? Yep - they are ready to go and went up to the adoption center on Wednesday. No one was very happy about vaccines, nail trims and new accommodations, but we hope they get adopted quickly. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Fate wants to know what is in the box

Mom had taken a vacation day this past Monday. About 10am she got a text from another rescue volunteer asking if just maybe she had some time. Seems someone left a fuzzy nugget in a box outside one of our partner stores and they needed someone to come get her.

Mom drove over. The original text said the kitten was covered in fleas and smelled like smoke. Turns out the fleas weren't bad, but she did smell like smoke and was pretty filthy.

Wait - you are going to do WHAT to me in here??

Sorry kid - but you are MUCH cleaner now

She is set up in the crate in the living room. The bug kittens are ready to go back to the rescue and are WAY bigger than her anyhow. She is friendly but has no idea how to play so we may look into finding her some friends. Either way, she is clean, eating, vaccinated and tested. And safe....

What mom thought was a little hilarious is how much she looks like another kitten we had a couple of years ago:
Yep - the kitten above is Dior - now Cupcake. Even down to the spot on her back. Mom and Miss Julie were messaging back and forth and Miss Julie said "the last thing the world needs is another bathroom gargoyle." Mom laughed until she wheezed.....and guess what the new baby's name will be. MOL

Monday, October 7, 2019

Microchip clinic

Saturday mom spent 3 hours representing the rescue at a free microchip clinic. They teamed up with another local non profit PetFBI that works to help get lost pets back home.
A local vet office loaned us a vet and tech to insert the chip. We owe them a big round of applause...especially the tech who ended up getting scratched by a fractious cat.

There was a really good mix of cats and dogs. Over 90 chips were implanted and we will do the registration so we know it will get done. Participants got a back with info on the groups involved and how to keep their chip information updated.

It was a long 3 hours but so rewarding to know those pets can get home if they get lost. Only 2 animals didn't get chipped - the fractious cat and a very uncooperative dog. And we had one owner pass out when her little white dog bled a little after the chip went it.

People were very patient and cooperative which was great. Guess we need to start planning another one....