Friday, September 21, 2018

Random Friday


Kiri (the tuxedo)
We have some sad news....starting Tuesday night, the kittens REALLY weren't feeling well. When mom got up Wednesday morning, she found that Harp had died overnight. The kittens all started on new medications and got fluids on Wednesday, but unfortunately Kiri died sometime early Thursday morning. 

We hate giving you all bad news....but if you could, please take a second to send some purrs and prayers for the rest of the kittens. Sapporo is very thin and Peroni is just so dang tiny. Kilkenny and Marzen seem OK, but then again so did Harp.

Whatever is going around doesn't seem to be bothering Goldfish and thankfully the kittens have been kept separate so no adults here are at risk. 

he is still a little unsure about the mom


Goldfish - being very skeptical (as always)

*on a side note, Carling it doing well at the store. The manager even said she is chatty with the public and was great with some kids that had come in to visit.

There was a lot of banging around here on Wednesday. Mom had to have our front door replaced - it leaked air and wouldn't open correctly (you basically had to body slam it to get it to open or shut). A nice man came and replaced it and the new one works great. But he sure made some serious noise. The permanent cats got locked in the back bedroom of course.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

paper bag

cat in a bag (Marzen)

carefully inspecting the alien object

giving it a taste - just in case

Mom took a paper bag into the kitten room over the weekend. They checked it out, but have been less than impressed over the last few days. Mom actually had to put Marzen in the bag to get that first picture. Apparently these kittens missed the "playing with bags" gene.

The kittens still have some intestinal issues (let's just leave it at that) and are on meds. Mom also found some flea dirt on one of them, so everyone got flea treated last night...even Goldfish. Mom had the meds in her pocket and snuck up on Goldfish while she was eating.

Hopefully once their meds are done and the fleas are dead, the kittens will start being more and more playful. They are obviously pretty tiny for their ages but then again Carling is pretty little and was supporting 6 kittens, so it is to be expected. The upside is that with the exception of Kilkenny, the little kittens are pretty friendly and seek attention. Harp will kind of sneak around but doesn't mind being held. Kilkenny can be held, but you do have to actually catch him first.

Monday, September 17, 2018

weekend report

The hots came back here this weekend.  Dang it. Mom had to shut the windows and the air thingie got turned back on too. Mom says that Mother Nature must have forgotten to change her calendar to September.

 Goldfish loves to sit on this birdhouse. We think she feels safer up there. You can see the towel is still stuffed behind it to keep her from completely hiding.

Chanel had been sleeping in the Sleepypod all curled up and then came out and sprawled on the floor. Check out her crossed back feet. Mom was hoping to get her out this weekend, but with it being STILL hot, that didn't happen.

Carling has gone to one of the rescue's partner stores - luckily the one where mom cleans. Hopefully she will adjust quickly and her forever family will find her soon too.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Random Fridays


Harp and Peroni

Carling is doing much better being NOT with the kittens. In fact, she would like out of the crate thank-you-very-much (yeah...that isn't going to happen).

Thanks for the feedback on Monday's post. Especially this time of year it can be frustrating. We wish we had a magic wand for Goldfish, but no such luck. There were a couple of suggestions:
1. Keep her completely separate from the other cats in the house and completely dependent on mom. Unfortunately the only place that would be possible would be the bathroom and there are too many places for her to hide or get into trouble.

2. Find a no other cat foster home short term. Unfortunately again, this just isn't possible. Due to a second wave of young kittens, our foster homes are full. Plus they all have pets of their own.

Hopefully the little ones can show her that being friendly is a good thing and that will rub off on her. For now mom will keep trying to make friends. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

kitten update

Marzen - our brown tabby boy

Sapporo - he has longer white socks on his back legs

the orange collection
Peroni (our only girl) is eating
Harp is the one on the bottom with more white
Kilkenny is the one with more orange

Kiri - notice the french manicure on his back toes

Mom mentioned the names to a friend the other day who pointed out that it might be funnier to name the orange/ginger kittens after the Irish beers. Ummm...yep. So, since mom has just started using names anyhow, she switched the oranges and tuxedos. The orange boys are pretty easy to tell apart immediately. The tuxedo boys take a second as their faces are very similar.

Peroni and Kiri are by far the friendliest of the kittens. Kilkenny and Sapporo are coming around. Harp and Marzen are playing hard to get for the moment.

Carling is actually doing better in the crate. She is much calmer and friendlier. Mom got her in yesterday to the clinic to get her spayed. The clinic thinks she is about 5 years old and she weighed 5.5 pounds. The good news is her life gets better from here.

So, for now it is all about spending time with the little kittens and get them friendly and bigger. They are doing pretty well otherwise. The two tiniest - Peroni and Kiri are screamers though which is fairly funny.

We do have weights:
Peroni 13 3/8 ounces
Kiri 14 3/8 ounces
Sapporo 1 pound 5 3/4 ounces
Harp 1 pound 1 3/4 ounces
Kilkenny 1 pound 8 ounces
Marzen 1 pound 3 7/8 ounces

Monday, September 10, 2018

weekend report

**a post from the mom
This is one of those weekends when I wonder if I know what I am doing and if I am doing this right (or should be doing it).

A friend had taken Goldfish about a week ago to help me run a social experiment - see if a change of environment would help her adjustment or social skills. She did....OK. However, she is still growling and scared and will not come forward seeking attention. My friend was headed out of town so I ended up picking her back up on Saturday morning. She put herself in a corner and hissed and spit at me and I had to put a towel over her head to catch her again. It's so frustrating. The problem is if we can't get her social, what are her options?
I ended up setting up a big crate to see if having her in a limited space would force her to interact. She growled at first and then got flirty with Daiquiri and Chanel.

However, things kind of imploded later that night. Carling (the momma cat) figured out how to climb one of the cabinets in the foster room....and escaped. She cornered Chanel and was pretty ornery about it. Thankfully Chanel is so laid back that I was able to grab Carling. The problem is that if Carling could get out, I had to have another solution. She was still be pretty aggressive with the kittens as well.

I made a decision - I pulled Goldfish out of the crate and put Carling in it. Carling was pretty upset overnight, but she had dialed it back overnight. But there is no way I am going to let her out of the crate. I am going to call the clinic today and see about at least getting her into get her spayed. Hopefully it is a hormone thing....

The good news is after 24 hours in the crate, she is MUCH calmer. She does a little growling at Ivy and Daiquiri when they walk by the crate but nothing serious at all.

Here is the other problem - Goldfish is now in the foster room with the beer kittens. She isn't being overly polite either....she is considerably bigger and is kind of pushy. On to of that, a couple of the kittens are pretty friendly and the rest are a little jumpy. Having a growly mom and now a growly kitten isn't helping get them friendly.

It is just frustrating....I don't have an answer as to what to do about any of them and I don't know what the solution is to "fix" them. I'll move forward and figure it out, but it has been a long couple of days.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Random Fridays

In case you missed the announcement on social media on Tuesday,
this little booger went home with his new mom. Concats Annatto!!!

places to go, things to do

OK - so it LOOKS like he is coming right toward you
In fact, he was backing away from the camera 

killing it with the cute

So....names. This gets harder all the time as mom keeps trying to be creative. However, she wandered around the internets and decided on beer from around the world. Meet the #worldbeerkittens

Mom will be Carling (England)

Our girl kitten will be Peroni (Italy)

Tuxedo boys will be Harp and Kilkenny (Ireland)

Brown tabby boy will be Marzen (Germany)

Orange tabby boys will be Sapporo and Kiri (Japan)

The kittens are all pretty friendly. Marzen is a little shyer than the rest. And Miss Peroni took herself on a tour of the condo the other night when mom opened the door to go into the foster room. Just marched down the hall right past Daiquiri and Chanel - tail straight up in the air all self confident. Mom is going to try to remember to break out the scale this weekend to get some weights. She is curious how much the little girl weighs and the differences between the boys.

Have a safe weekend and be sure to get in an extra nap. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


the one in the scratcher is the only girl - and the runt

the tuxedo boys and the brown tabby boy in the back
*if you look close, their markings are similar but one
has "bigger" white marks than the other

running over their sister for a snack

the other orange and white boy
*looks like he is telling the bear secrets

Mom has to be honest here....the momma cat of this crew is giving her heartburn. Momma cat is better than she was Saturday, but still weirdly growly. She finally let the kittens nurse on Sunday. Yesterday when mom was in there she wanted some attention though wasn't seeking it out. She nursed the kittens and even chirped at them to get their attention. Mom left and about 30 minutes later the momma cat was growling at them again.

Mom looked at the pet store yesterday when she was cleaning, but the only diffuser they had was for marking, so she is going to have to look around. For now at least she isn't hurting the kittens and is letting them nurse, so we are willing to put up with her weirdness. Plus as mom says, us permanent cats don't seem too concerned about the momma cat's racket in there, so that makes it a little easier.

Mom is having problems picking names for this crew too. She thought she had a theme but isn't committed to it. With a mom, 5 boys and 1 girl, it's a little hard.

The kittens are fairly friendly. The orange boy with more white and the brown tabby are jumpier than the others, but they are fairly curious and will come over and check mom out. Fortunately we will have them for a while so mom has time to get them all friendly and sweet. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

change of plans

Our rescue is up to its eyes in cats, so a flyer went out on Friday about a sale over the weekend. Based on that, mom knew it was time for Annatto to go back. As she was thinking on Friday, she thought about taking Soda back as well. The more mom thought about it, the more she realized that taking him back wasn't freaking her out. So it was a good decision.

Since the foster room was going to be empty (Goldfish is participating in an experiment to test her social skills), the rescue sent mom home with a mom and 6 kittens that had been left late one night in a carrier outside the rescue.

Momma cat is a calico and her tail is about 3/4 length of normal. She is giving off mixed signals and mom isn't sure quite what to do with her. She is very growly and has made some very "pissed off cat" noises and has smacked the kittens. We suspect is is partly hormones and partly lots of change and partly she may be able to smell Soda in the room. By the time we are typing this, the family has been here about 24 hours. The momma cat has settled some, but not much. Though she has calmed down enough to nurse the kittens. Fortunately the kittens are about 5 weeks old so they are eating on their own.

Mom did a quick check and it appears we have 5 boys and 1 girl. Mom is going to have to work on a theme for this group. There is 1 brown and white tabby, 2 tuxedos (because of course....hahaha), and 3 orange and white tabbys. The girl is one of the orange tabbys and the smallest of the group. In fact, the others have eyes that have changed from blue but she still has a ring on the outside of her eyes.

The kittens are pretty jumpy too but even in 24 hours have come around pretty quickly.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Random Fridays

Mom has been using canned/pate food to bribe Goldfish. Mom sits on the floor and puts the dish right near her lap. When Goldfish comes up to eat, mom slowly pets her and talks to her. She is a little jumpy at first and then relaxes and keeps eating. Unfortunately, Goldfish is still pretty scared when mom tries to reach out and grab her while mom is standing. We have an experiment lined up for the weekend and hopefully that will help.

Soda is still here. Mom still isn't sure he is the exact fit she wants for a kitten raiser, but the FIV room had an outbreak of ringworm, so he is here for a while until that clears up and we can switch him out. There is another FIV boy that mom would like to interview, but he has to be cleared from the FIV room before that can happen. It may turn out that the right fit is in fact Soda, but mom would like to interview a couple more candidates just to be sure.

Oh - and that picture? Mom was feeding the kittens the pate above and Daiquiri started banging on the doors while sitting on a shelf outside the room. Soda heard and then SAW her and was fascinated.

picture thanks to @Emily K
In other news....we have been holding on you all just a little bit. Cardamom went home a couple of weeks ago. YAY!! However, we held off posting just in case it didn't work out. See...she didn't exactly want to go INTO the carrier. And she was going to be at one house for a couple of days before her final home (she was adopted by a retired couple by the husband as a gift for his wife - not something we normally do, but in this case made an exception since they are an older couple and have a great pet history). She was staying with their son until the party. However, since we haven't heard back and she is still with them, we think it is safe to announce she has been ADOPTED!!

Speaking of Daiquiri, if you missed it on social media, she turned 4 years old on Wednesday. And in an apparent effort to give mom a stroke, was missing when mom got home on Wednesday night.

See, on Wednesdays, mom works all day and then has a 2 hour shift at the rescue. Which means she doesn't get home until usually after 7:30 pm. This week hasn't exactly been quiet around here either - trash pickup was Tuesday morning and mom got home Tuesday afternoon to find guys hired by the condo association power washing the siding. The recycling truck came Wednesday after mom left and the more mom thinks about it, it was probably just too much for poor Daiq to deal with in 2 days.

Anyhow, Daiquiri didn't come out when mom got home. Didn't make a sound when mom called her name. Didn't come out for treats. After 40 minutes and turning the condo upside down, mom is freaking out. Then a paw comes out from under the sofa. Keep in mind, mom didn't think any of us could actually FIT under the sofa. Daiq wasn't coming out either - mom finally had to move the sofa and tip it up. Mom also got a new soccer ball out and they played a little fetch and Daiquiri seemed to be her normal self. Still no idea what exactly freaked her out....and why she didn't pick any of the hundreds of beds or cubes in the house for her hiding spot.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

litter review [sponsored]

Cat litter....every household with cats has to have it. 

Pioneer Pets approached us asking if we would be willing to review their Smart Cat Lightweight litter. As you can imagine, with 4 house cats and various foster kittens, our household uses a LOT of cat litter. Keep in mind too that our living space is on the second floor of the building, so everything mom buys has to go UP the steps.

The box arrived and mom pulled out 2 containers. Just like it said, it was MUCH lighter. It made for much easier transport up the stairs. Mom decided to use it with the kittens since their boxes needed to be changed anyhow. Mom poured the entire container into the box. There was some dust, but not nearly as much as some other litters.

How did it work? Like a charm. Though mom will have to admit that it does fly out of the box a little easier - and that Soda guy is a vigorous kicker of cat litter. However, that was out of a low sided box that is used for the kittens. In a higher sided box like the one mom uses for us, it wouldn't fly out like that.

We have switched food suppliers and can't get this online. However, you can buy direct from Pioneer Pets online. This litter is just $12.99 per container with free shipping over $50 inside the US. Be sure to check out their website for the other fun things they make for cats as well from scratchers to fountains.

**disclosure: we got the litter for review at no charge from Pioneer Pet. This did not affect our opinions or this review. All opinions expressed here are our own.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Weekend Report

having a good time

then napping

There was a local multi group adoption event on Saturday. It was sponsored by Pet Supplies Plus, a series of local pet stores. We have cats in 3 of their stores and set up a table at the event. It was their first try, so they need to work on some things, but it was a good first effort. Our group adopted out one dog and one cat, so it was good for us. Mom took Annatto and returned Myue to her foster mom.

Yeah...about that. Mom took Myue to the clinic on Friday. Turns out that "he" is a "she" and wasn't big enough for surgery. Oh well.....

*poke*poke* Mr. Rambo??
Mom then took Annatto to another event on Sunday. The other volunteer brought an older mancat named Rambo who wasn't very interested in the young guy in the next cage.

Goldfish you ask???

Well, mom went to get her for surgery on Friday and Goldfish freaked out. Since she isn't ready to be adopted quite yet anyhow, mom decided to leave her home rather than have Goldfish freak out even more and do it at the clinic.

Mom did take her to the event on Sunday but Goldfish didn't come out of the carrier until they got back home.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Random Fridays

What's he doing here again??

Where am I again??

Looks like they are telling secrets doesn't it?

Well, it is about that time. Goldfish, Annatto and Myue (our 2 day add on) will all be dropped off this morning for surgery. There is a big local adoption event tomorrow and they will all attend that as well and then head off to our adoption center if they aren't adopted. Wish us luck!!