Saturday, July 21, 2018

weekend review

Just lazing around on Caturday....under the you do. 

A front blew through and the temperature dropped quite a bit and the windows were opened!! It was nice to have a fresh cool breeze blow through the house for a couple of days.

The boys continue to do well. The plan was to take the tuxedo boys up to the adoption center this weekend, but the kitten cages were all full. Fortunately, mom is able to get them up online so they can be seen and hopefully that will generate some interest. However, we know that kittens get adopted faster if they are seen in person, so as soon as there is space they will head out. We can't require people to adopt them as a pair, but considering how well they get along, we hope that they will get adopted together.

Annatto is doing well. He is a tiny bug, but he gives as good as he gets. Once the tuxedo boys go back to the adoption center, mom will be on the lookout for companion kittens for him to make sure he stays social.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Random Fridays

Annatto is checking out the Kitty Kasa in the foster room. A local store had them on sale. There is one in our living room too but mom has yet to catch anyone in it (and as she typed that sentence, Daiquiri walked in....).

Chive and Caraway came through their neuter surgeries with no problems. They are ready to go and will head up to the adoption center this weekend. Paws crossed they go together....they are a great pair.

Annatto will of course then be alone, so we have asked the rescue to let us know when a healthy kitten that just needs to gain weight comes in needing foster. Since he is FIV+, we don't want to take snotty kittens and expose him to a cold.

Mom gave the boys a new toy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

he thinks he is tough

Annatto, Chive and Caraway and getting along pretty well. We have discovered that Annatto is a bit of a drama queen - if he decides to pick a fight with the other boys, he turns into a screamer. MOL

Fortunately the tuxedo boys are pretty tolerant of Annatto. While he came in to the vet with siblings that passed away, he has been by himself for a couple of weeks so he is having to relearn some kitten skills. Mom grabbed him the other day and he actually purred for her. He is going to be a nice addition to a family.

Monday, July 16, 2018

weekend report


Also this:
What the???

Who the???

Meet Annatto

He was left at a vet's office. They had him for a couple of weeks, but when he tested FIV+, they said he had to go to rescue. So now he is safe with our rescue. Mom saw him on Saturday morning and kitten-napped him. He is maybe 7 weeks old, so he will hang around here for a while and we will have him retested (not that it matters - if the 2nd test comes back positive he will still be available for adoption).

Friday, July 13, 2018

random Fridays

OK - this was from a couple of weeks ago, but seriously those two are cute. Mom needs to call and get them back on the surgery schedule to be neutered and then they will be ready to be adopted.

It is supposed to be H!O!T! here this weekend, so not too many plans. Though mom mentioned something about a dog in the car on Sunday.....

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Living with a semi feral cat

**a post by the mom
First a little background. Eight years ago now, a neighbor and I spotted some kittens and decided to do some TNR in our neighborhood. The first set of kittens were smaller and socialized really well and were adopted through a local shelter. Shortly after that we caught a slightly older kitten.

Once we had him, I didn't have the heart to let him go back outside. Unfortunately, he was about 3 months old which is about the outside edge of being able to socialize kittens. I will also say that I didn't know as much then as I do now. The downside to my decision is that I have what I term a "semi-feral" cat living in my house. He has been here since we caught him. He has been seen by a vet twice since I can't catch him easily or without stressing him out. He lives a good life and is good with kittens and the other cats that live here (mostly - he has some stalker tendencies with Ivy). But he won't come near me. Recently he has gotten up on the bed every once in a while at night when I am reading and will lay at the very edge, but that is as close as he is willing to get. But if I move - he is gone.

Don't get me wrong - I am a proponent of annual check ups for all pets. However, in Junior's case, it is more stressful to try catch him. However, a few months ago I noticed he seemed to be having some mouth pain when he yawned or ate something. I had to decide....let it go and hope it wasn't serious and knowing he was uncomfortable, or set an appointment for a dental and catch him.

Busted and headed to the vet
I am very lucky that the tech at my vet's office is also a friend. We talked about it a couple of times and I set an appointment.

However, how do you catch a cat that is afraid of people? I went through a couple of plans in my head. The other thing we had spoken about was trying to get gabapentin into him before bringing him to the office. After some thought, I decided to try to live trap him in one of the bedrooms. I could mix the meds in the food and have a safe way to move him. Plus once we got to the vet, the trap could be set up on one end to be able to sedate him with an injection.

Junior had other plans. Tuesday morning I locked the girls in the back bedroom, herded him into my bedroom and set the trap. After over an hour....nothing. I was now down to 45 minutes before I had to be to the vet. I moved the trap to the bathroom. However, once he got out the bedroom (and I shut the door behind him to limit his space), he freaked out. He bounced around the living room and would not head where I wanted him to go. I knew if I didn't catch him, he wasn't getting to the vet and moreover it would be months before I would even be able to try this again.

Finally he wedged himself behind a pillow on the sofa. It was now or never. I put one of the soft carriers on the chair and grabbed a towel. I threw it over him and wrapped him as much as I could then shoved him into the carrier. It wasn't elegant, but it seemed to work. I locked the zippers on the carrier, threw a towel over the top of the carrier and headed off.

The nice part about the mesh on the carrier is they were able to sedate him by injection right through the mesh - I hadn't thought about that but it was brilliant. He finally dozed off and they got him set up for surgery. I did get a chance to pet him a little and also get a look at his teeth.

I will admit, I did fear that we would find something really bad....up to a possible mass in his mouth. They clipped his nails and he had a full bloodwork panel done along with getting a rabies shot. The bloodwork came back excellent. However, he ended up losing 9 teeth. They could have done more but wanted to not take everything now. I joked with the tech that with a 3 years rabies shot, we would be back then.

The only thing that overcomes ignorance is education. I've learned a lot in 8 years. Would I make the same decision today that I made then? I honestly don't know. While he may be afraid of people, showing his feral birth, I know he has lived a much safer life inside. Right now, he seems to be doing OK. There has been canned food left out and while I think Daiquiri is eating most of it, he is eating. He REALLY does dislike me now though - I so much as breathe in his direction and he disappears. Hopefully that will taper off (or at least back to his normal) after a while.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekend report

Short post today. It was SO nice here on Saturday so mom took Chanel and met a friend at a local bagel place. Chanel did great....greeted a few people, took a short stroll (caught mom by surprise) and napped.

Mom had an adoption event on Sunday. She debated taking the boys with everything from last week, but they look and act fine, so she took them. They did very well though the week behaved doodle that passed us did freak them out a little. MOL

Junior is scheduled for a dental tomorrow. More on that later in the week. But please cross your paws and send some purrs.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Random Fridays

Keep cool this weekend....and nap.

Never fails...throw a holiday in and kittens tend to get sick (or worse). Mom dropped Clove and Chicory off at the adoption center on Thursday morning on her way to work. They were all snotted up and breathing hard. They got fluids and some time in the nebulizer at the center.

Unfortunately, Clove and Chicory passed away about 11am on Thursday. Sometimes kittens get an upper respiratory and are fine, other times, they seem OK and then crash all of a sudden. It really is the hardest part of fostering....

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Chive and Chicory

they do enjoy climbing that cabinet and sitting by the birdhouse
(which is now stuck to the cabinet so it doesn't move around)

They were supposed to go for spay/neuter today. However....knowing this particular clinic, there is no way they were going to "pass" with their noses like they are. So we gave the spots back to the rescue and the kittens will go in another couple of weeks. Besides, mom was pretty sure Clove wouldn't have hit the 2 pound mark yet either (there is one in every crowd). They are doing better, but this clinic seems to look for any excuse to kitten rescue cats off the surgery list. We only hope they don't do it to the general public who may not come back.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th

To our US friends, Happy 4th of July.

To our other friends, have a great Wednesday.

And PLEASE...if you absolutely feel the need to shoot off fireworks, be aware of your neighbors, pets and wildlife. Not everyone enjoys the noise.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

new toy

We don't normally get in on the ground floor of new toys or inventions, but our friend Miss Debbie from Glogirly was talking about this toy called Sheer Fun for Cats and it being a kickstarter thing, so mom checked it out and we got in on it. The campaign went through and we got our new toy last week.

some cat wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first

It comes with velcro tabs to hold it in place on a table or chair or whatever. We don't have that many places in our condo, but mom found this one and it is working pretty well. Daiquiri hides behind it and Chanel sits on top and tries to kill it.

We also got some felt toys. So far the girls aren't all that interested in those, but mom threw one into the foster room and one of the boys grabbed it and growled at anyone who came near him.  MOL

*full disclosure - we paid for this new toy as part of a Kickstarter campaign. We have not been compensated for this post. We just like the toy and the concept and wanted to share it.

Monday, July 2, 2018

some sad news

We hate posts like this....

Cilantro passed away on Saturday. He had been fine and then he suddenly wasn't. He cried out about 3pm on Saturday afternoon and mom grabbed him and ran to the adoption center and then off to an emergency vet clinic. He had what appeared to be several seizures along the way. They got an IV in to him and the plan was to leave him with the vet overnight. Mom left and was less than 10 minutes from the clinic when the director of the rescue sent her a text that he had passed away.

Unfortunately, there is really no way to know what happened. It is sad however and mom is heartbroken. This is a group of super sweet kittens and while he was safe and love here, it is sad that he won't have a chance to find his forever family.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Random Fridays

May you have a very snoozy weekend.

Cats of all sizes LOVE boxes.

The kittens are doing better. Mom upped the amount of meds and that seems to be working. Cross your fingers - spay/neuter surgery is scheduled for July 5 and mom doesn't want to move that. Goal for this weekend - clean up everyone's faces. MOL

By the way, Cardamom is at the partner store where mom cleans twice per week. She is doing well and seems to be enjoying no kittens and getting attention from the clerks and patrons. Mom was in on Monday and advised Card that she was to blame for snotty kittens. Card got up, turned her back on mom and gave her the ears of annoyance. Mom cracked up..... That girl is going to make someone a great companion.

Remember these guys from last year:
Foxy and Mallard

Well, mom and another volunteer are working backwards in the paper files for the rescue to try to get old adoption contracts into the database. And lo and behold but mom got the records for these two muffins. They were adopted in September 2017 so it hasn't quite been a year, but mom got a smile out of it.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Junior and Allie

Junior has been having some mouth issues recently and mom has decided it is time to suck it up and get him to the v-e-t. For those who haven't followed us for very long, Junior was caught in a live trap as a kitten and mom thought she could bring him around as tame. Ummmm.....not so much. He is what mom calls our house-feral. He likes the other cats, mom - not so much. However, it isn't OK that he is hurting, so an appointment has been made for July 11. Now mom just has to figure out how to catch him. Without many options, she is planning to put gabapentin in some canned food and put that in our live trap and put the trap and Junior (hopefully) in the back bedroom. From there she and our favorite vet tech will knock him out and then they will do a blood draw and check his teeth and go from there. Since they do surgery on Tuesdays, the plan is to clean or do extractions or whatever needs to be done. And since he hasn't been to the vet in....a very long time...they will give him the once over and update his vaccines as well.

What mom didn't realize until she was giving the vet his information is exactly how old he is now. She estimates his birthday as May 2010 - which makes him 8 years old. Mom was SURE he was more than a year younger than Ivy.

What makes it more interesting is that Allie was trapped and spayed in June 2012 and the vets guessed her age at about 2 years old. If that is actually the case, she and Junior could actually be related. Mom just never put it together until recently. Weird right???

Mom actually saw Allie Wednesday morning. Mom was leaving for work and refilled the bowls and Allie stuck her head in the garage around the back of the car. For being almost 8 years old, she looks pretty good. Mom would like to try to get her inside, but goes back and forth with the idea. She is thinking later this fall when we don't have kittens - just set up the big crate in the foster room and see if Allie adjusts. If not, mom can let her back out. Since we already have Junior the house-feral, mom doesn't mind if Allie isn't friendly. Mom just wants Allie to be OK with being inside and not freak out. That way she can spend her senior years safe.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

kitten update

So 3 of the boys went to an event with mom on Sunday. They got their faces cleaned off and now Chicory (the black boy) looks like he has some weird disease as some of the fur on his face came off with the snot. (oops) They were well behaved gentlemen.

Everyone is mostly feeling better...they look a little rough in these pictures but they are doing better. The boys are all very close or slightly over 2 pounds with their sister Clove bringing up the rear as the light weight of the family. Their surgery date has been set so they need to hurry up and get over 2 pounds....and stop with the sneezing (in case you missed it, they are on meds)

Monday, June 25, 2018

hanging around

So this is her new "trick". She goes up to the top of the cat ladder and hangs off the top shelf.

She also likes to chew on her BACK toes.

Mom has to admit, seeing Chanel bang off the ladder and then hang off of it makes her SUPER nervous. Our cat ladder (and we would love to give you a link so you could get your own, but after a lot of research, we can't find it online) is about 8 inches from our front windows. Which means not only would she fall over 6 feet to the floor, she could bang off the window and window sill if she falls off the back. Fortunately Chanel seems to grab the shelves and save herself more often than not, but she has fallen and it makes mom twitch.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Random Fridays

Mom gave some of the salmon treats to the kittens. They were a definite hit....though certain kittens made getting pictures a problem.

Mom was cleaning the counter in the kitchen and found a toy mouse. She threw it through the pass thru into the foster room. The kittens were amazed:

Thursday, June 21, 2018

just add water

Miss Connie made the comment about "what WOULD happen if you add water?"
So we decided to try it. Turns out you get salmon water along with moist salmon treats.

And still really no more takers than the first time. Junior had one....Daiquiri got the rest. To be honest, she was WAY more interested in the water on the plate after they had soaked for a couple of minutes.

The treats did moisten up some, but weren't flaky like canned cat food though.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


The kittens haven't tried any treats from the review yesterday, but.... They got the box. Best part of deliveries around here.